Kelis Speaks On Divorcing Nas

Last month, Nas and Kelis finally called it quits after seven years of holy matrimony. Earlier this week, the singer spoke with Perez Hilton and said that she and Nas are on friendly terms—sometimes. Tell it to the judge, sister.

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  • Johnny

    Unfortunately I can’t get past how much she was asking for in support…..

  • That Nigga is either gonna live good off Nas Money or wind up Just as Fucked

  • p.dom

    “Tell it to the judge.” Real talk. Ol’ bitter ass broad.

  • Fat Boy

    Damn what happened to her milkshakes smh

  • Loveman15

    Bitch looks old and busted like Ray Allens mom

  • Nina

    they were married 6 years not 3. They married in 2003.

    Kudos to her for moving on with her life and career.

  • Disregard and fuck anything this greasy bitch says…

  • supppp

    I laughed, stayed home, never hung a lot
    A quiet man who used to be alone planning
    Baby moms thought I was too quiet, couldn’t stand it
    She hit the streets, later on she hittin the sheets

    I feel you, NAS…. Damn.

  • At least his old baby moms, Carmen, jus wanted 2 fuck superstars and be famous by capitalizing off of that. This bitch is tryin to milk his pockets to save her own wack ass career and make lame ass excuses 4 it. I mean c’mon?!?!? Who really listens to her music besides gay ppl? Pharrell don’t even fuck wit her amymore…

  • Donn

    Naw mann, i give it to her, my mom is a single mom and we fought for custody of my litte sister for a long time and wen it was finally over and my mother won and recieved child support for all the shit she had done, we thanked God. Y’all are not in their situation so for u to judge from the outside looking in just cus u think someone can rap good is dumb. U dnt kno what was going on in their marriage

  • Fat Boy

    @Donn. Cosign. U are right…. But this is america people will always judge from outside from TMZ to MTO…… I wish everything u said was true but with the kinda people we have in the U.S. Not gona happen sadley

  • Toya

    They have no choice but to stay on friendly terms. They have a child together. The last thing that kid needs is to forever be the monkey in the middle.

  • yerrr

    hahaha ray allens mom …. fuck this bitch … illmatic 4eva

  • pissed

    Kelis, hip hop hates you. That is all.

  • SilkCityP

    @ Donn… This issue everybody has with Kelis has nothing to do with the personal details of her Marriage with Nas. It’s the gold diggin greed she has acted upon ever since shit hit the fan. #1 She can make her own money, has made her own money, and does make her own money… so this bullshit about “maintaining a lifestyle” is a bunch of BS. If she wants to maintain a lifestyle than work like you have before. You had your own lifestyle & livelihood before you got with Nas years ago. #2 No matter how much Nas earns in income no child needs no damn 40K/month for child support. Since Nas makes alot more than an average person, I could reason with 5K-10K a month in child support a month, and as far as alimony goes no more than the same amount that their son Knight receives a month… So Kelis can’t make it in the world with 120K a year for her son and 120K a year for herself???? That’s just flat out greed… That women is a low class sack of shit!!! Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s true… Actions speak for themselves

  • so what!

    @Donn…neither do you know what went on in their marriage! Kelis looks a mess! Nas could careless and you people keep talking about all this support she is receiving from Nas…well according to MTV Nas settled her alimony and attorney fees in full back in April! Kelis has no choice but to move on with her career short term alimony don’t last forever! Nas is more than straight…don’t believe the TMZ hype! If you listen to this chic you can tell she is so pretentious…fake as hell!

  • Thank Me Hater

    @SilkCityP COSIGN!! And if you support this hoe you’re either a woman or a gold digging woman…end of story!!

  • Post no billz

    It sucks seeing one of my hip hop heroes gettin ganked for his dough… Dam why she wanna stick me for my paper?-biggie smalls

  • webstar

    I don’t know what has happened to Kelis….she has become so bitter & pretentious it is sickening. Nas will be better off without her & all of that alimony is temporary though she is a lying bird fir sitting in front of a judge and saying that she was flat broke & couldn’t survive unless she got that much money from Nas. Kelis you can try to act however in front of the media but its clear you are bitter. And how about let Nas see his kid…whats the point in keeping him away from his father?

  • she looks like nas now

  • damone

    “Is it occie wally wally or is it one Mic, is black girl lost or shorty owe u for ice I been real all my life they confuse with conceit so sense I won’t lose theyyp help him cheat plus I will not lose even in defeat it valuable lesson leard so it even it up for me”

  • epinz

    “I will not lose even in defeat” ……Jay admitted to defeat in that line as well as every other time he’s spoken of the battle since ether came out.

  • TYBO2020


  • Black By Popular Demand

    she a bird…

  • damone

    Jay didn’t lose that battle look its Damn near 10 years later jay the goat nas is a after thought.

  • so what!

    @damon…Nas is not an after thought according to Drake, J Cole, Jay Electronica and Jay-z himself…who quoted in XXL mag that “Nas and Eminem are my only competition.” Why are you still stuck on a 10 year old beef that is the past. Why don’t you move on…and grow up while your at! Jay has nothing to do with this post!

  • damone

    I didn’t start this i like nas



  • B. Digital

    Nas shouldn’t have married her in the first place.

  • wow

    @DARKAQUA… the question should be was Kelis worth it…absolutely NOT!

  • jim

    yo, this bitch looks busted

  • BlackHoneyLove

    Nothing Good come from a Greedy Bitch when the only interview your ass can get is with a shit hole like Perez Hiton both of yous can kick rocks ! As a matter of fact why don’t u both crawel up under one !

  • Mike

    Nas Pays A WHOLE LOT of fucking child support for ONE CHILD

  • Mike

    And man Kelis is ugly as shit and shit is ugly very ugly

  • Knawledge Born

    Nas Is A Sucker

    “Popular Thug” 2003- Off The Neptunes Album Clones: Produced By Pharrell
    Originally Featured Pusha-T Of The Clipse

    The Song Was Re-Worked To Custom To Nas And Kelis Relationship
    Pharrell Been Amitted He Knocked Of Kelis And Is The Reason She Left Star Track

    2006 Nas Signs To Def Jam At The Time Hov Was President Again Making Money For A Man Who Fucked One Of His Chicks

    I Love Nas But He Is A Walking L
    Nas Be A Boss You Been In Since 94 and been a slave to Sony

    do a joint album with AZ with all tracks produced by preem

  • wow

    It is funny that someone can call Nas a walking L but he is way more successful than they will every be…LOL! The haters are confused and angry with their own situation!

  • Knawledge Born

    @ Wow i’m not a hater i just stated facts, How am i a hater when i just said i love dude? if im wrong let me know if nas isn’t a walking L tell me how it looks i love the god nasir just like the next man is one of the true and living but i think he lost his way and lost principles based off knowledge of self but let the truth be told Nas is going through it right now. you must be from QB so i understand the dickriding,

    P.S. I Love My Life You Can Go Text While Driving A Defective Toyota And Kill Yourself Please Thank You

    Knawledge Gone!

  • Chris

    Dude kinda voided his point by saying he should do an album with AZ

    I really hope he goes into the next album pissed off and with dope beats in tow and just rips it. He can still get it in as we’ve seen flashes off just this year alone (Nah Mean, Strong Will Continue, Victory, Hey Young World remake). Time for Escobar season to start again.

  • wow

    @Knawledge Born..we all go throw it some times including you and me! Your P.S. statement lets me know how truly LOST your mentality is…and no I’m not from QB! The fact that you can judge a man’s principals and knowledge of self based on no personal knowledge of your own is a true testiment of your ignorance but I guess you being Nas’ internet/blog friend gives you that up close and personal observation of his life!

    P.S. GOD BLESS your wounded soul!

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  • channelexor

    [email protected] these bum, ugly, dick riding Nas stans angry.
    Like they know what went down in their relationship. Kelis is doing just fine without him. Nas on the other hand was begging to get back with her. She’s moved on. Worldwide hit with “ACAPELLA” and new album thats getting rave reviews and being called “The Best album to drop in 2010 so far”.
    Kelis doesn’t give 2 fucks what these lame niggas think of her in Hip Hop. Like really, they don’t matter. Besides, all y’all niggas believing shit on gossip blogs about Nas & Kelis when its NOT true.

  • channelexor

    @Knawledge Born
    Shut yo dumb, misinformed ass in a fucking corner with that bullshit.
    Kelis left Startrak because those niggas didn’t know what the fuck they were doing. There’s no bad blood between Kelis & Pharrell and Chad.

  • webstar

    lol @ Kelis is doing fine without Nas…she sure as hell was begging for his money…so now she is ok since she is getting it handed to her? Puleez…when she learns how to live her extravagant life without begging for a man’s money who she apparently doesn’t need anymore then talk about that.

  • webstar

    lol @ Acapella being a worldwide hit…her album tanked in the UK on the strength of that single & thats where she has most of her appeal. Try again. Now she’s in interviews talking about the divorce because honestly thats the only thing keeping her relevant right now…lol @ her trying to ride the wave of her divorce to get somewhere. Nas gave her career a nice boost when they were married & now she’s trying to get a boost off of her divorce with him as well. She may have been the biggest mistake he has ever made in his life & career.

  • Knawledge Born

    so tell me why they got the divorce? its so quick to say a black woman is a gold digger and a black man is a sex crazed maniac who doesnt handle responsibilites as a father or husband. tell me just because nas has a bigger mic than kelis as well as legions of stans like you doesnt mean kelis is wrong ponder on that


  • Knawledge Born

    all the nas stans know im right and it hurts how am i misinformed?

    im sick of these bloggers treating rappers like gods when these dudes are like wwe wrestlers they are living a lie

    tell me how nas is not a walking L i think yall get real life and rap confused he’s a great lyricist but other than that what?

  • SomeCallMeSatan

    LOL WHO SAID KELIS HAS A WORLD WIDE HIT? Pause for the groupie cause.

    Sadly Nasir does look like a sucker. If that was me I’d be like “bitch ya milkshake wasn’t even all that great, I should went to mcdonalds” but, I guess love makes you weak and so forth et cetera and such. Kelis doesn’t need all that money, she’s raising ONE child. Not eighteen. She just needs to maintain the lifestyle she’s become so accustomed to and will sastify that need with the intent of making Nasir pay. Life is a bitch Nas. You divorced her. Now look what you’ve gotten yourself into. Cha.

  • Of The Wasteland

    Fuck that money hungry hoe.

  • Lay

    No one knows Nas and Kelis’s situation for on.
    Nas hasnt dissed his ex wife and mother of his child so I dont see how its anyone elses place to do the same.
    Nas and Kelis was together for 7 years married for 5.
    For a pregnant woman to leave her husband during her last trimester and doesnt want him in the delivery room must mean something.
    BOTH Nas and Kelis has tattoos of each other, so no he isnt the only sucker.
    When they were together, they both seemed very in love but obvs something happened.
    There is nothing wrong with claiming shit, when you were married to dude for years, PLUS he had no pre nup.
    PS Kelis was in a relationship with Pharrell prior to Nas for 4 yrs.
    AND Acapella was no.1 in the U.K and U.S dance charts so i dont know where you’re getting your info from.