• nyg718

    everything happens for a reason…thank god lol

  • Mr A From Tha T

    EWW WEE, if thats a portion of what LASERS is gonna sound like. . . .

  • Ain’t bad but B.o.B.’s version did the beat justice better, IMHO….

  • This was dope. Still like B.o.B’s better. It fits him more.

  • Eevery other song Lupe > B.o.B.
    This song B.o.B. > Lupe

  • iLLdee

    B.O.b version >>> lupe ha

  • lol

    Well, there is obviously a reason he passed it up. Definitely sounds like a demo.

  • Billy Rae Valentine

    this is my thing with lupe; a pop song SHOULD be simple sometimes. but that’s not his goal; he Wants to make challenging, intelligent music. i get it. towards that goal, lupe’s version is better. but, lupe, what’s wrong with just a fun song that people get the first time they hear it?

    imagine little kids or old ladies wanting to rap along with this abstract, metaphorical stuff. it just is not the type of rap i’d prefer for a record like this. but i only know that i guess because i heard BoB’s mindless, sound-like-he-freestyled-them lyrics-about- nothing that i see how those mindless lyrics work for this song.

    anyway, depending on the goal, lupe’s version is lyrically superior which is clearly not B. Ray’s goal. BoB’s is superior for mass appeal which is clearly his goal and not lupe’s.

    freestyled lyrics, btw, are better for pop songs, which need immediacy (your brain processes the shallow content more easily).

  • Majest

    Wait…I ain’t getn paid off this…fuck this…logs off picks up the pen…the journey begins.

  • dannidavito

    glad he passed it on…doesnt sound like it fit him. but anyway Lupe is the truth point blank.

  • BussaTruss

    woooooww *spechless* I-I-I-I– thought I would have to never say this for my 24 years of living but musically for a song B.O.B >> Lupe
    B.O.B FTmuthafuckinW!

  • BussaTruss

    in my*

  • Faaay1

    All the secret nothin’ on you bumpers are going to come out of the closet for this one lmao!

  • Donn

    YEa, BoB’s is more radio friendly, i think Lupe would have rocked Airplanes tho. I heard that record was his first as well. But on a happy note, BoB and Lupe should do a remix together cus Lupe definitely killed it
    I like rock Lupe 😀 (solar midnite is my shit)

  • Interscope Employee


    whats the point of leaking this shit

  • Tin Tin

    How do we know it is finished?

  • lasean

    @tin tin
    its not cuz its not his song anymore he gave it to b.o.b im glad he did cuz it dont fit him its top popish and he too metaphorical for this type of song

  • SoSoChi

    Yeah, we should probably scrutinize rappers for obviously unfinished tracks. If Lupe was ACTUALLY gonna do this song he’d make it a little more radio friendly, he did it on Superstar, Hip Hop Saved My Life, Kick Push, etc. Just because Lu is constantly on some triple entendre, metaphorical shit doesn’t mean he can’t get on the radio…

  • mikedreamsmusic

    @Billy Rae Valentine

    Man, you hit it right on the nose. I’m one of the BIGGEST Lupe fans, but this is EXACTLY what I was thinking when I heard this. But what can expect from the homey who says “They told me I should come down cousin, but I flatly refuse, I don’t dumb down nothing.”

    I highly agree with Donn too. I thought the same thing about AIRPLANES. That’s when I was feeling B.o.B was kinda in (taking; not in a bad way necessarily) Lupe’s eclectic hip-hop/alternative lane. But it’s all good. Hopefully Lu can get a release date soon.

    It would’ve been kinda ill if he was on the Airplanes Pt. 2 joint. Like a verse from B.o.B, then him and then end it with Em.


  • HIP_HOP_FAN012

    Lupe’s was lyrically better but b.o.b. just added more adlibs and made the beat his with his style, but for lyrically lupe was better

  • Bruno Mars should of just kept it for himself lol
    Lupe puts me to sleep on this with that lunesta flow

  • half a six pack

    lupe >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> bob

  • B. Digital

    For this particular song, B.O.B. > Lupe

  • Afg

    It’s cause we are use to bobbys we like it more hey if soulja boy was on it this would of been no1 too

  • Ear4Muzik

    Wow.. What a difference.. I do like B.O.B.’s version better.. Lupe was very lyrical but so was B.O.B. All in all the original was much better.. Lupe is still that dude though..




  • Cudder


    haha Lunesta Flow

  • slick

    @amazinace yeah that E.T eyed bitch do got a phatty, i’d give her a pair of kool moe dee shades and hit it face down ass up

  • TYBO2020


  • I see why Lupe passed it up…

    *bumps I’m Beamin’*

  • Mars Blackmon

    Glad Lupe passed this up. Got B.o.B the big break he deserved. Lupe still top 5 though.

  • D!A!E

    I LOVE B.O.B’s, but if Lupe would had put this out, everyone would talk vice versa. He killed that 2nd verse tho. still got love Mr. Ray

  • johnny

    whos that chick in the picture? she got a cake anyone know her name

  • Dude(:

    Maybe it sounds like that cause it’s the unmastered version? You never know it could’ve sound better later on… awesome lyrics Lupe I like your version better than B.o.B’s.

  • mikedreamsmusic


    That’s Tracee Ellis Ross, from the hit TV show “Girlfriends”.

    She’s Diana Ross’ daughter.

  • vsgwet

    lupe’s lyrics are dope. if Lupe’s version of Nothin On You was mastered, and adlibs were recorded etc. I think I might dig it. only reason it sounds pale compared to BoB’s is cuz its not finished and we already got so used to BoB’s version…

  • Teddy

    everyone and their baby ma is putting out an album still this guy hasnt even given us shit in years
    “the fan base is disbanding because he dont mirror when he first landed”


    Ms.Ross got 1 of the best butts in the hollywood industry

  • Thank Me Hater

    Tracee Ross ass >>>>>>>>>>>>> this version of “Nothin on you”

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  • Joe Isuzu

    (Traci Ellis Ross voice) “What about the ass, what about all this! Cotdamn I would suck a fart out her ass!

  • Sho Nuff

    Any excuse to show that picture w/ that girl is cool for me…i aint even listen to the track….got damn Tracey

  • !ShootDontPlease

    @ Teddy

    the album has been finished for months but the label is refusing to put it out for some reason. its outta lu’s hands…

  • Barzini Meeting


    You’re on blog cutoff for 5 months for not IMMEDIATELY recognizing the ass of tracy ellis ross. sexiest chick to grace this earth.

  • Uptown Hip Hop Head

    The song? nothing serious but Tracy Ellis Ross now that’s something serious I always had a crush on her since she was on that TV show I Wonder if Tracy Ellis Ross like yung and mature 22 yr old guys ….Im Just sayin….don’t judge me

  • Waaay too many people talkin about the record and not enuff talk about that ass…smh lol

  • The best part of this post is that pic of Tracee’s glorious posterior.

    Lupe does not move me. At all.

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  • It is down right unfair to compare this song to BoB’s because this version is poorly mixed down and obviously unfinished and BoB’s was mixed mastered and even had a dope video. you comparing very little to damn near perfect only similarity was the beat.

    You can barely hear Bruno Mars on this version of the hook.