Eminem & Jay-Z Rooftop Rehearsal Photo

The double R’s everywhere. Here’s a snapshot of the Roc Boys setting up for Eminem and Jay-Z’s performance tonight on The Late Show With David Letterman. We see ya, Guru. Instead of rocking the marquee, the rappers have taken their act to the roof. The performance airs on Friday. Oh yeah, tickets for September‘s concerts go on sale Friday too. Remember: Detroit 9/2 and NY 9/13. Recovery in stores today!

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  • mikey

    gonna be a huge day for hip hop

  • Mateo

    I thought It was canceled?

  • Wow.

    This is going to be exxxxxxxxplosive. Aight.

  • yeah

    fuck jay-z eminem is number one all over the world with recovery and jay-z is only a big thing in the usa!recoveryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • So the tickets DIDN’T go on sale??? Niggaz (vendors) are liars…Somebody told me that the cheapest ticket was $260…oh well, if not, I would love 2 go, but I have shit 2 do. Damn…

  • Word

    Performing what? Tracks off Recovery and….BP3 I guess? Or is Jay just gonna randomly choose a song fro his deep deep catalogue? EMs promoting Recovery so im sure he’s just gonna do those tracks.

    On a sidenote, Em is going hard on the promotion. Performing with Jay Z? Amongst the Tim Westwood shit and appearing on The Soup? Lemme stop before somebody call me a dickrider/stan.

    Drake = Win
    Eminem = Win

    HipHop = Increased life expectancy

  • Wait, is that Ross in the pink Polo with the guitar? Lmao!

  • Word





  • Chris

    Its gonna be a ticketed event – Eminem Put Out An Invite last night for the first 50 responders to come see the performance on twitter, I just didnt know it was gonna be Jay & Em…Sucks that they made it a 25 & Older event tho…

  • hbk

    Anyone know what time they’re gonna be recording?

  • blaqscorpio


  • Mateo

    25 and older?….fucking bullshit

  • bonbon


  • HOVA!!

    @yeah……hater alert, if you haven’t noticed by now, Jay-Z is a pretty big name internationally

    Anyway, the concert is gonna be great and so will the two stadium shows.

  • Word


    Yeah, Jay is a pretty big deal outside the U.S i dunno why people dont think he is. He not as big as Eminem internationally, but when you have the kinda respect Jay has in the U.S. then I guess it doesnt matter as much.

  • Mikey Haze

    Haha Officer ricky on the bass. fat ass fuck nigaa

  • kira

    damn EPIC
    Recovery is also EPIC

  • HOV = GOAT

    @Yeah Are you kidding me? Jay-Z is an international phenomen! Did you not see his Bonnaroo concert? You’re joking. I would say Jay-Z is the only rapper in the U.S. Right now who currently gets international love.

  • damone

    Wow didn’t know about this good look tho. People don’t realize that em and jay real good friends where’s 50 at ain’t that ems boy. Lmao! That has to hurt.

  • HOV = GOAT

    @Yeah As well as Eminem he gets a lot of international love.

  • HOVA!!

    cosign @HOV = GOA

  • damone

    Does anyone who if the greatest hits cd still dropping on the 29th?

  • Fat Boy

    Our Generations biggie & PAC……. Jay-Z & Eminem…. They are both the biggest rappers in the US and Globally Hova and Slim Shady Bitches!!!!

  • Fat Boy

    And o yea Everybody Buy that Recovery CD In stores today!!!

  • your a hater.. be honest



    big ups to the recovery! sick album. last week in hip-hop has been great. drake and em. thank you.

  • Bigspitgame

    That’s what’s up I guess

  • mmkayy

    YEAAAAAAAAAAAA Renegade bitchezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • its gonna air 11:35 eastern time on friday on cbs


    i’d give my left arm to be there

  • Afrtermath Rules

    shady+New york rules

    Recovery #1 world wide
    #1 US
    #1 UK
    #1 Australia
    #1 Ireland
    #1 Canada
    #1 Greece
    #1 Germany
    #1 New Zealand
    #1 Austria
    #1 Denmark
    #1 Norway
    #1 Luxembourg
    #1 Belgium
    #1 Switzerland
    #2 Portugal
    #2 Sweden
    #2 France

  • Word!!!

    @Aftermath Rules

    Susan Boyle >>>> Eminem

    Nuff Said……..

    Top That…………….

  • HUGE


  • Haters/Stans


    Easily- tell her to do it again

    Susan Boyle’s 9,000,000 < Eminem's 31,127,000

  • the one

    Guru you always new things would happen like this! If people only knew how big a part you play in Jay’s success! Stay in the cut bro success is better without the fame!

  • Afrtermath Rules

    @Word!! hh eminem 81 million world wide
    31 million usa


  • DEVIL08

    @Word!!! STFU asshole, and GTFO. Keep sucking kanye’s dick you flaming faggot

  • Haters/Stans

    Actually, come to think of it, Marshall Mathers LP sold 19,000,000; Susan Boyle’s “I Dreamed A Dream sold 9,000,000.

    …Top that @ Word!!!

  • Word!!!

    @Haters/Stans @Afrtermath Rules

    Don’t Give Me Old Shit………

    Who Sold 81 Million Was The Old Eminem Not The New Eminem

    Old Eminem >>> New Eminem

    Now……. You Tell Eminem To Do It Again

    Like I Said……..

    Susan Boyle >>>> Eminem

  • Word!!!


    Go Jump In A Sink Hole ……And Scream For Help………

    If I’m Sucking Kayne Dick At Least I’m Getting Good Music Out Of It…….No Homo

  • Fat Boy

    @devil08. Cosign

  • B.Dot

    i’d give my left arm to be there
    word? how much for the right?

  • Haters/Stans


    Ill make u a bet right now- Recovery outsells whatever the hell Susan Boyle’s second album is. U the one that doesnt want old shit.

  • Afrtermath Rules

    @ Word!!!
    go fuck ur self Eminem is Top Artist in Decade+ make millions £$ and you sucks all day

  • Word!!!


    Bet It Won’t Go Past The 3 Million Mark Bet………….

  • Word!!!

    @ Afrtermath Rules

    You Can’t Take Money To Heaven So Stop Depending On It…….

  • Haters/Stans

    quit tryin to spin this so your random hate makes sense, dude. Neilson Soundscan says Eminem is better than Susan Boyle, and I’m gonna go ahead and assume theyre smarter than u.

    and stop changin the subject- u wanna make a bet on their next album sales, lets do it, but obviously u know your just talkin stupid cuz now your changing shit around


  • Ja

    Em male groupies are the worse smdh!!

  • Haters/Stans

    lol @ Ja yea I was just looking back and realized I came off like that

    Really tho I dont like Em like that- havent copped one of his albums since Eminem Show, hes not in my top 5, and I came to this article cuz of Jay-Z. Its just that stupid people really piss me off lol.

  • damone

    Em fans are just crazy of course he gonna sell mad cds HE’S A WHITE RAPPER….. None of his cds are even close to Rd, blueprint, black album, AG, and bp3 takes a dump on recovery. So stop with stuff it gets real old em could fart on a disc and u people would buy.

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  • Word

    Uh-oh, looks like someones using my screen name(Word!!!) but note the “!!!”…and its safe to say he’s a hater, dunno why you gotta try and convince people an artist isnt good. Why not just let people enjoy the music? If I blast some Eminem, you gonna come to my car, shut off my iPod and tell me why you think hes not hot anymore? No right? Then why do it on the internet?


    Was it really necesary to make those comparisons? And i think we all know he’s a white rapper…but get this though….he’s actually a GOOD white rapper, which makes the difference. I doubt people will just a random white rappers CD as much as EM’s


    Why the fuck was Jay z the best rapper alive.

  • damone

    If jay,nas, or Ti rapped like Em would they dell the same? Em is good no question just stop calling him yhe goat because o will debate u.



    I didnt say Eminem is the GOAT, cuz frankly I dont even believe in calling someone the GOAT, especially in Hip Hop. Music in general for that matter. Shit is always gonna be debated

    Secondly, TI and Eminem do kinda flow alike, but thats irrelevant.

    Thirdly, Yes , Eminem sells because he’s white. Even he knows that (see White America, The Eminem Show) but, the fact that he’s white only accounts for maybe 45-50% of the reason he sells. He’s good, alot of people felt they could relate to him, the controversy he caused earlier in his career, and so on.

    But the way you put, you made it seem like Em sells solely because he’s white. That has something to do with it, but its not the main thing.



    Changed my screen name by the way

  • 8tip

    em is shit anymore, start poppin pills again please

  • Interscope Employee

    Em is definitely a top 5 rapper

  • damone

    Em is a very good rapper this gonna be a good show come Friday. Waiting on that j. Cole video today.

  • 106

    I knew Jay wasnt letting this shit get cancelled.

  • damone

    Is that greatest hits collection still dropping next Friday? Anybody know

  • yesssir

    anyone know what the deal is for tickets this Friday for the Yankee Stadium show? nothing on live nation right now. and i’m assuming they’ll be doing the promotion and sales for it. right?

  • blaqscorpio

    Lol, why isn’t Em showing 50 any love lately?

  • dani

    damn it!
    quit advertising that the tix going on sale….

    i dont want them to sell-out.

  • lovely

    Why does Jay always show up with Marshall I know they have a concert together, but dam can EM get busy alone!!! not hating.

  • CP

    if anyone thinks white people will blindly buy Eminem’s music because he is white is the dumbest arguement I hear every other day on the good ole’ internet. Im sorry but I never bought a Paull Wall, Asher Roth or Bubba Sparxxx album ever….Also White People buy the majority of all hiphop music. Notice I didnt say all white people just the majority. These are facts not opinions. In a city with almost a 50/50 split of white/black population (Philly) every show live been like Wutang, The Roots picnic, Ludacris, etc the shows are about 75% white. Why does everyone love to bring race into hiphop…either you’re a hater or a racist. 99% of my hiphop collection is from black MCs but the 1%is what you wanna bitch about!

    @ Word!!!

    You’re a hater, so STFU…your opinion means nothing. If you died tomorrow not one person here will give a fuck. Why are you comparing Susan Boyle to Eminem???? Susan Boyle is a MASS APPEAL artist who sold her album to ages 7-77 both male/female. Eminem is in the HIPHOP genre with a narrow age gap and with harsh material that mostly MEN buy. You’re comparing apples to ice cream (fuck oranges) you’re not even close. If you’re gonna compare album sales atleast stick to the same group you fucking idiot.

  • Lawlz

    Is Rick Ross playing guitars now?

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