Eminem x Jay-Z Rooftop Concert Photos

Yep, the renegades are back. As promised, Eminem and Jay-Z performed on the roof of 1697 Broadway in New York City. The performance airs this Friday on CBS.  Two more flicks below.

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  • mikey

    gonna be dope

  • bonbon


  • cheekoreckk

    Yeah but if it wasn’t a roof, it would be a floor, but I just can’t belive eminems mom did that! Props to j known!

  • blaqscorpio


  • dat k00n nigga



  • WEST

    the 2 biggest rappers in the world on one stage. EPIC

  • LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUNN!!!!! dang i miss everything cool CURSE RESPONSIBILITIES!!!!!!

  • Lol

    They should do an album together before retiring.

  • Hope he dont lip sync..Come one Jay is a beast at performing Em gots to step it up..

    Side note: I WANT A RECOVERY T!!!!!!

  • 2DA

    Hov and shady doing their thing !!

  • Renegade

    Best 2 rappers alive, especially in terms of success and longevity, no doubt at all

  • Willie_mcfly22

    Hope the renegade performance is dope. The las two performances of that song Em’s mic was always fucked up…

  • D-manded

    “Treat this roof like ma daughters n raise it!”

  • Wow.

    Hellls yeah. Sucks it’s not airing today though.

  • Nickey Black

    Do u listen to music or do u just skim thru it

    1 of the best lines ever

  • Word

    Two of the greatest rappers of this generation. Hands down. Id like to see at least one more collab before they hang it up, just so I can compare it to Renegade and see how their styles have changed since then. If they dont do another collab, the reason would probably be because Renegade was a classic song between the two, and most likely another one probably wouldn’t live up to the hype.

    I kinda split 50-50 on a Em and Jay album, part of me feels it would be dope as hell, but i dunno…it might go horribly wrong too.

  • Drucifer


  • bonbon

    @krack fall back

  • ^no one cares


  • Nickey Black

    @Word .., an album will bring out the Stan effect, the racism, the stupidity and people that hate either rapper debating on purchasing the album. I vote don’t do another collab on a song.

  • six

    @ dumbshit pitri, what the fuck is your dumbass talking about when have you ever seen him lip synch. you sound like an ignorant fuck right now.

  • six

    oh yeah and fuck krack for that gay ass drake shit, this post actually has nothing to do with fucking drake.

  • Doc

    so many dellusional comments in here, neither are the G.O.A.T especially Eminem with his trash bag catalogue n Hov’s hit n miss catalogue plus the fact he’s a clown who think sales (falsified figures at that) equate to artistic skill level and album quality men lie women lie n YES numbers do when your buyin a 100k plus of your own joints cornball.

    2 of the Mos Over-Rated muthafuckas in rap I could name 50 MCs who would eat both of the alive on wax today, at least Jiggas catalogues got versatility in it.

  • Doc

    laughin already knowin some cornballs gonna come in n cry HATER coz I don’t dick ride their mediocre hero/es

  • @6..Fall back stan..Did i say he ever did?? no! i just said i hope he doesent! get of my balls Bitch!

  • nonny

    can’t wait for this! recovery is classic!

  • Word


    Nah no ones gonna hate on you, cuz no one really cares…or should care what you said. It’s all your opinion.

  • lolcoonfaggot

    What’s it like being a disgruntled angry nobody who cares what other folks have to say as to who the greatest is? Does it piss you off that your favorite shit rapper ain’t selling shit, and never will, because he sucks? Does it hurt you deep down that your favorite rapper will NEVER be considered as good as these two? Does it make you mad that people got different opinions than your dumb NIGGER ass?


  • Doc

    lolcoonfaggot <<< typical semi retarded drone. I could care less if my favourite artists sell sales don't equate to skills (that said I'll point out Pacs one of my favourite MCs n has high sales same with LL n both are more highly regarded than these 2) unlike you I don't need mainstream morons to buy units for me to like an artist.

    n I could care even less whether the idiot masses n complete fools like you appreciate truly skilled MCs with far doper catalogues than these 2 like Black Thought n Elzhi

    "not sellin because their trash" lmao STFU,
    by that dumb ass reasoning that sales equal skills souljah boys iller than Royce, Bow Wows iller than Ortiz lmao the dopest MCs are the ones not selling fool.

    But the very FACT you made all those retarded assumptions shows your jus another bitch made intellectually challenged clown who catches feelings whenever someones valid opinion differs from there's, so put ya pom poms away n go sit yo bitch ass in a corner somewhere n quit actin like a lil e-motional n retarded girl

  • mmkayy

    Em x Jay def need 2 do an album 2getha.. name the duo Renagades & tour worldwide….is it too much to ask? Damn

  • Interscope Employee

    The Best RAppers Alive together = FIRE

  • Joshua

    The King of Rap meets the King of that Honkey Shit

  • Steve Mazz

    ahaha thats me in the purple flannel!

  • Teddy

    This generations PAC n big = em and jay

  • lolcoonfaggot


    BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, YOU FUCKIN TOOL. Got you ramblin chump, what in my reply made you get the urge to give me your life story?

    Listen up shit head. High sales =/= talent. But then low sales =/= talent either. In Em and Jays case however, THEY SELL BECAUSE THEY ARE TALENTED. Better yet, they are the two BEST IN THE GAME HANDS DOWN. Fuck your out of the way artist who you think is good, give me his name already so I can make fun of how shit and unoriginal his music is. How fuckin wack he sounds and how terrible the beats he chooses to rap over are.

    Fuckin moron tryin to convince people and shit haha, dumb ass coon you are.

  • wut time are they showing this


    gonna be great promo for my nigga Em!!!

  • dddeeee33

    “I could care less if my favourite artists sell sales don’t equate to skills”

    How much less, exactly, Doc?


    Dont root for a Jay and Em album… i mean what the hell they gonna talk about. They aleady on different lanes with themes. Em is more psychotic, violent, kinda social and weird. Jay is more braggadocious, flamboyant, laidback and thought provoking.

    Em fits good with Slaughterhouse and Jay is good with Kanye. A dual album will bring out the worst in everybody, it wont be good for hip hop, look how people act over Renegade.

    People love the song but Em better and Jay didnt say nothing….lol Now imagine an album

  • Midnite

    Yo Doc ….If it is about skillz ,than you saying Em and Jay are mediocre just proves you have no perception of the word.Em just build syllables upon syllables and punchlines and depth more than ANY rapper!!!Jay has lines for days with double meaning etc.Em has the illest ryhme schemes and MURDERS every other rapper he hops on atrack with so please homey,don’t say your not a hater because it is obvious the hate is wreaking through your pours!These 2 epitomoze skill and longeveity,Pac is Pac,LL is just as important to hip hop as these two are but,They still sell out shows and make GOOD new music.Say what you want but,YOU are a HATER!!!Recovery just bumped Drake from the #1 spot on itunes in 1 day and it will be#1 on Billboard in a week also!Eat a FAT DICK if you can’t see how GREAT this man is!!Eminem=G.O.A.T!!!P.S he merked that cypher with Black Thought right there in the same cypher so,PLEASE don’t compare the 2!!!SHADYYYY Motherfucker!!!!!ARTIST OF THE DECADE!!!!!!Say he bought 80 million of his own records……..Fucking idiots!

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  • Youre completely correct with this piece