Jay-Z “Can’t Knock The Hustle” (Letterman Taping)

So unfortunately you won’t be seeing “Renegade” or Em’s “Not Afraid” around these parts until Friday’s show airing but I got good news for you—Jay-Z didn’t only perform when the CBS cameras were on. Ever the showman, SC ran through some of his classic catalogue for the selected small group. Wish you were there, chumps. Ha. Seriously, here’s track uno from RD and I got two more clips on the way.

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  • DrofromcalitoINDY

    If he did no songs from the BP III fiasco that he released.. I wouldn’t mind being there.. But if any song(even autotune and run this town were aiight but over played.. only two songs worthy of a repeat on the ablum) was played from BP 3 i woul dbe booing and booing na trying to ruin the show for everyone an dhopefully jay-z would not want this awkward-ness at any more of his shows and would stop with the blasphemous BP 3 forever.. God what a way to ruin a set a of cds.. BP3 = SMFH

  • props for this.. wish i coulda got outta brooklyn on time.. l fortunately you don’t have to wait for renegade.. http://www.waterblocknyc.com/2010/06/video-jay-z-x-eminem-perform-renegade.html

  • good thing everyone was over 25 this ish was calm as a mutha .

  • Nathaniel

    lmao that nigga said “put ya hands together…. on beat though” hahaha. classic. i like the way he smoothed that shit on out like that too. nice

  • tom

    ya boy got problems beside rocking letterman


  • brandon

    haha when mary js part went up no one was singing it