2Pac Honored By Library Of Congress

2pac’s 1995 hit “Dear Mama” was one of 25 recordings inducted today into the National Recording Registry. Each year, audio over 10 years old that are “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant” are selected. The recordings are preserved at a facility in Culpeper, Virgina.

This marks the third hip-hop inductee following Grandmaster Flash and The Furious 5’s “The Message” and Public Enemy’s Fear of A Black Planet.

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  • thats phenomenal

  • Hip Hop

    The Greatest Of All Time.

  • Donn


  • Post no billz

    Huuuge.. Rip 2pac

  • Drake aka Captain save a ho

    yo fuck jay z *2pac voice*

  • Ben

    Pac was the truth. He also punked the whole Eastcoast, by himself, ha! ha!

  • TJP17

    Changes was also inducted onto the Pope’s playlist last year. Tupac is a one off, no other emcee can touch him because he has a power that no other aritst has. Pac has at least one track that everyone can relate too.

    Pac 4 Ever.

  • I live in Culpeper,VA

    I know where that buildings at.



    Tupac is Gods secret weapon….i told ya

  • Rhyme

    Never knew they kept that in VA.

  • Barzini Meeting

    This is absolutely amazing. Guess i’d say congrats if he was still here. Cube’s today was a good day should be in there too. lol. will all of that being said as far as pac goes….:

    Couple of CLASSIC TIMELESS songs.
    other than that. overrated. MAJORITY of catalog is average at best.
    Most overrated rapper of all time.
    wasn’t he a backup dancer?
    Were there not alot of questionable things about his past?

  • La’Marcus

    Congrats Makaveli, you deserve it! How we need to give you star on the walk of fame. THUG LIFE!

  • G

    @Barzini Meeting

    Hey..FUCK OFF son. you’re probably counting his posthumous material. which shouldn’t really count.

  • ???? still best rite now!!

    This is why I say 2 Pac>>>>> Biggie

    Yea, Big was a better lyricist, but he had no substance at all!! Pacs albums are filled with substance, that obviously had an impact with achievments like this!


    I respect pac a lot from the day i heard is music till date. Remember how i steal my caus cd of pac and run to school many years back. RIP to to greatest, we miss you pac

  • Yousef

    Even when he’s gone, He still gets awards & honors. Damn!! The greatest of all time. RIP.

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