Drake Explains His Writing Process

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It’s only a matter of time until the suits at Blackberry get wind of this. In this preview from Drake’s documentary Better Than Good Enough, the Canadian says he opts for the PDA instead of the pen to jot rhymes.

“I can’t write my raps on paper,” Drake says. “The BlackBerry keys — my thumbs were made for touching them.”

Uh, write on. The program airs tonight at 10PM Est. on MTV.

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  • kamil

    maybe if he wrote them on paper he’d actually remember his lines

  • i write in notepad on my pc, i hate pen and paper too.

  • 2-Legit-2-Spit

    Drake is the only hope to save hip hop.

    Eminem is almost 40

    If Em is still rhyming about chainsaws and incest after 40 he may be a closet serial killer rapist….. Quote me on that… He will be arrested for murdering a baby or some sick shit after age 40

  • wutahomo

    mayb he shuld write nd take notes on how to rap

  • Aubrey Stan


    Maybe you should do something with your life instead of hate on successful niggas on blogs… Faggot kill urself ASAP


    Mabie it’s just me but when I think about hip hop/Emcees. A pen and notepad are the first thing that come to mind.How staring at that paper and coming up with the illest rhymes you ever heard. That’s real rap but real rap died along time ago.So I guess this makes sence these days.

  • what’s he gonna show his grandkids? I think that’s kind of sad.

    My name is thomas and I DO write in ink and paper. http://twitpic.com/18hvoh

  • jay don’t write. writing ain’t no problem for him.


  • Aubrey Stan


    Just bc u cant afford a smart phone dont hate dumb ass nigga. Broke ass bitch

  • LOL!

    People on the internet are funny. #1 – I have an iPhone 3GS and I’ve every one that’s come out that I PAID FOR WITH MY OWN MONEY. #2 – I like Drake and ACTUALLY BOUGHT his album. I said it’s sad that he doesn’t write in ink. #3 – shut the fuck up.

  • ALSO EVERYONE SAYING JAY-Z DOESN’T WRITE, STOP SAYING THAT! ALL OF THESE *WACK* RAPPERS ARE THINKING THEY CAN FREESTYLE EVERYTHING… JAY-Z DOESN’T WRITE ->ANYMORE<- . Keyword is ANYMORE. If you actually watch interviews with him you'll see he talks about how he used to write constantly and eventually phased into not writing. Stop trying to do shit when you don't even know how he got that point. I swear.

  • Some of you need to get the fuck off rapradar and read a god damn book.

  • Aubrey Stan







    that is all

  • BK

    Drake writes his own lyrics???

  • Jaewon

    Every single Drake post turns into people talking about someone in a negative manner. Are any of you fans of Rap or Hip-Hop? If you are…I am sure no one can tell…all you all do is talk bad about someone. All you do is compare people to other people. Who cares if someone uses a pen and paper to write their rhymes down. Who cares if he uses a laptop, a phone or chalk on a chalk board. How can you really judge someone based on how they chose to document THEIR own lyrics. It is theirs. They can do it however is best for them. And Thomas…Showing his kids the million youtube videos of him with countless interviewers isnt enough? Or how about showing them the Grammy’s he has, already…Or showing them the Magazines he is in. I mean people are people. Not everyone has to be the same or do things like then next. If you want him or other rappers to be like other rappers just go listen to other rappers. It is that simple. Why do you ignorant kids feel like your opinion is the end all be all and that your way is the right way. If any of you had the master plan or knew what people “should be doing” then you wouldnt be here writing in a blog…you would be were Drake is…traveling the world, getting money and making great music. Obviously something he is doing is right.

  • im Me


    Yea, and he wrote for alicia keys, I think that’ll be his first grammy.

  • Thank Me Hater

    Why is hiphopdx saying that Drake moved 447,000 units? I thought it was 462,000

  • Thank Me Hater

    I also think Drake will get the Grammy nod over Em…it depends on how Em sells I guess. But we still have albums like Good Ass Job and King Uncaged on the way. All four are pop stars so they’ll def be in the running

  • Josh/hw

    I haven’t wrote a single bar down on paper in forever. Pen and paper can get lost, while I have back ups of everything.

    Good for drake

  • Aubrey Stan

    @Thank Me Hater

    Official #s are 447 k, earlier soundscan is always off.

  • wutahomo

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  • wutahomo

    u hear me aubrey stan u lil bitch go buy recovery if uwant hip hop

  • wutahomo

    o yeh eminem will outsell everyone this year mark it down now cunts i guarentee it dont put out a album bc em once again has the album of the year

  • Jaewon

    Edit* I meant Grammy Nods.


    okay drake u still suck doe

    JIIZZ ON EM HOEZ biyotchhhh

  • stdltd

    shady got this faggot he took out jay zs album wen he made relapse his worst album and jayz had all that radio play wit empire state of mind like this faggot drake all his radio play ems still gunna rape gunna rape this fagg and ems 37 jayz 43 hes still rippin it ems got 3 or 4 more solid albums sorrry fagggots who like r and b rong site

  • Schottler

    This is sad people… SO WHAT, he writes on a blackberry. Writing on paper is antiquated. Do DJ’s spin real vinyls anymore, no. Do you take notes in class on paper anymore, no they’re on the internet. Lets be real. Today’s people do things differently than our elders did. Today is different than 1980’s rap… hell it’s different than the 90’s. He’s doing things a new way, get over it.

    People saying that he’s wack or not a real rap artist for writing on the blackberry are close minded and just trying to troll on the net.

  • blo

    This reminds me of people talkin about 9th wonder wasn’t a real producer for using fruit loops but regardless of what 9th may use he’s still a dope producer…it doesn’t matter how he writes as long as it comes out as a quality verse

  • I didn’t say it was wack I just said it was sad. I think anyone who’s written in ink has a special appreciation for it.

  • im Me

    He’s gonna win a grammy for writing “unthinkable” for alicia keys but i dont think he’ll see a solo one untill about his 3rd album,

  • Drake uses a ghost writter…. He has 2 use his BB 2 get the emails from his ghostwriter http://www.hiphopnewsdaily.com/archives/10675

  • thatdude

    i write my class notes on my phone.. not the biggest drake fan out there, but who the fuck cares if he writes his lines on his dick or his phone. if that shits fire you gonna swallow it.. woah where was i going there? WTF!? lol no joke though who the f cares? as long as he is making up his own shit i don’t mind.

  • Donn

    Its 2010, these artist dont have time to be carrying around paper that gets wrinkled, wet, lost, ripped, i would use my brain or blackberry to. I am a fan of music, long as u makin good music and wat u like is ur personal pref. And those who dont like Drake, why even click on this post if u have already created a ur opinion of dude. So u clicked on here to write he’s a fag, blah blah. Do u feel betta now. Hate is cancer. Stop it

  • six

    aubrey stan you really sound like you fuckin drake right now getting so emotional about some of theese posts. what the fuck is wrong with you you say every one else is hating but what the fuck is your homo ass doing shut the fuck up and swallow that jew nut and get the fuck over you self. “aubrey stan” for real? the fuck outta here. your prolly canadian too huh? fuck canada and drake and your mama , and your faggot ass, fuck boy.

  • Aubrey Stan


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  • ThaDude

    That last post by “Aubrey Stan” was ridiculous…

    In other news, good shit Drake…

  • Aubrey Stan


    in a good way tho right? Lmao

  • The Illest

    @ Aubrey Stan

    How you gon threaten somebody with a name like Aubrey Stan? smh

  • Aubrey Stan

    @The Illest

    Cuz I am a walking metaphor my nigga…. Niggas think that listening to Drake is some fag shit. But I rep harlem. been dealing drugs my whole life, but I fuck with Drake. His shit is real. About relationships. Unless you niggas are faggots you had your heart broken by a bitch before or you dealt with getting your girl preg and shit. Nigga is real… I SMH at you for lying to yourself. And instead listening to some white cracka ass nigga who talk about gay ass pedophile shit.

  • Foots

    Metaphors wrote on my hand, some are just stored in my mem-ory
    Some are wrote on a napkin, i do what I have to to win – Eminem

    Key thing is, I do what I have to to win. If Drake feels more comfortable writing things down on a phone, then thats him. Thats what he does to win in this game…and the results are in the numers



  • Sin

    i use paper, iphone notepad, basically anything i kan write on if i dnt wanna forget something i jus thought of

  • pissed

    I don’t care if he uses a pen & pad or phone to write em(most people I know use both), but dude needs to memorize his bars at least…dont get caught up again spittin off your phone Drake…thats not hiphop.

  • blowyaheadoff

    let me let ya’ll drake stans in on a little secret. and Im close to the project. DRAKE does not write all of his shit. His ghost writer even tours wit him..damn shame..

  • Waha

    Drake on his intimate relationship with gaylord Lil’ Wayne.

    And y’all know Drake doesn’t write his own shit, dem Degrassi fags just suck banana’s!
    And this guy can’t freestyle as fuck whatta shame, and to y’all saying Drake is the best ya he is, he’s the GRA = GAYEST RAPPER ALIVE WAHAHA!

  • Waha

    Aubrey Stan says:
    Wednesday, June 23 2010 at 4:50 PM EST
    @The Illest

    Cuz I am a walking metaphor my nigga…. Niggas think that listening to Drake is some fag shit. But I rep harlem. been dealing drugs my whole life, but I fuck with Drake. His shit is real. About relationships. Unless you niggas are faggots you had your heart broken by a bitch before or you dealt with getting your girl preg and shit. Nigga is real… I SMH at you for lying to yourself. And instead listening to some white cracka ass nigga who talk about gay ass pedophile shit.

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  • mcg

    Drake is not the only one to save hip-hop. Lupe would rip drake apart… anyday


    Recovery. best album of 2010.


    Drake explains his writing process,

    Aubrey: We’ll First i listen to the beat. Then I listen to it again. I start writing. Its garbage and i realise it doesnt even rhyme. I crumple the paper and cry. Then I send it to my ghost writer and he writes me some other garbage, but atleast this time it goes to the beat and it rhymes as long as i do a higher nasal sound.

  • @ Thomas

    I’ve seen Joell Ortiz use his Blackberry for his rhymes and I would say hes 1 of the coldest cats out there. I’ve also seen footage of Fabolous and other cats doing the same thing. Aint nothing wrong with it. As long as YOUR message is getting across,nothing matters.

  • six

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  • I cant write my rhymes on paper either. My hands get tires and I’m such a meticulous bastard that I like my handwriting perfect. Plus when I’m on the go, I need to jot it down asap. Nobody’s gonna carry around notebooks and napkins of shit in rhymes. I jus use my Samsung Moment and let tha writing take its place. I commend Drake for relying on Blackberrys, eventho I hate BB’s. Lol.

  • shady


  • Whatever

    What a good promotion of BlackBerry man. Surely they pay you to say that. Surely your whole career is made of steps you took because they paid you to do so.