New Video: Tha Dogg Pound “Sky’s The Limit”

No guns drawn here this time around. Instead, Daz and Kurupt take it to the roof and look toward the sky above for their latest. Keep pressin’ on. 100 Wayz coming soon.

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  • Oj Da Cornball

    This is nice.
    Reminder: These dudes sold 3x platinum their debut before yall favorite, biggest hottest rappers out now. Pay some respect.

    Dogg Food=Hip Hop Classic


  • mr rd

    This was pretty sick. The beat isnt ur typical gansta rap beat so it was nice they switched it up. The 1st 2 minutes was just bars on top of bars.


    Ooo Kay!!! Im ReLoaded!!! Hear Comes the Pain!!!
    Thiz iz not the CUT!!! Thiz iz some Gangsta Sh!t they had 2 get off thur chest. [email protected] [email protected]#% U

    [email protected] with “All Blue & Gray.” Even the P.I.R.U. Bloods R Bumpin [email protected]!!!
    Talkin Bout “If U want me 2 stay, I’ll stay around Yo Way az Long az I get 2 Bang all RED &Gray.”
    The E$Es changed it to “All BROWN & Gray.” The Deciples Changed it 2 “All Black & Gray.”
    I think Tha Dogg Pound iz on the Brink of a Great album, again. They just need to Reach out to all there Fan Base. With a Hit $ingle, $ome Dope A$$ Video$ & the Mu$ic will take care of it self. Just Lyke the Old DAyZ!!!100 WAYZ

    Dont’ Trip or Slip, The Still Ridin’ Mix Tape iz Bangg!n’ D.P.G.? 4 LIFE DOG!!!