Drake On Using Supa Dupa Flow

These days, it seems as if nearly every song utilizes truncated similes. The style pioneered by Big Sean has been used by Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and most notably, Drake. In an interview with Allhiphop, Drizzy says he regrets adopting the flow, but doesn’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade. Macy’s!

AllHipHop.com: How much do Young Money artists bounce off each other? I noticed you have similar inflections and cadences or rhyme patterns. I noticed this one thing that Nicki said, “It’s going down. Basement.”
Drake: Well, that flow has been killed by so many rappers. And, I never want to use that flow again in life. [Laughs] I wanted to take if off my album, because I was like, “I shut ‘em down. Onyx.” I hate the fact that that rhyme is still in there. To be honest, that flow, you can trace it back to like…I trace it back to Big Sean (artist on Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music). That’s the first guy I heard utilize that flow throughout the duration of a verse. I’ll give him that credit. I think Kanye got it from him. Me and Wayne found a dope way to do it. I don’t want to sound cocky, but the best way its been used was on “Forever.” Those lines just all individually make so much sense. They’re all punchlines. Then a bunch of rappers started doing it and using the most terrible references in the world. I don’t want to offend somebody…I hate that rappers picked that flow up. I wish they had left that for people that know how to use it. [They go like] “It’s a parade! MACY’S!”


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  • yo

    Was Big Sean the first to use that? I could have sworn I heard it before… never back to back to back like Sean, but I know I heard it before…

  • WORD!!!





  • Jaska.

    Shots fired at Luda.

  • Matt

    Luda would shit on dude.

  • WORD!!!

    @ YO


    “Getting brain on the top floor, Higher learning”- BIG SEAN

  • E_

    I Heard “Lloyd Banks” Originated That Shit, I Don’t Know About That…….Any Lloyd Banks Fan Over Here ?

  • The Illest

    “I’m blowin up. Balloons!” – Ludacris

    That’s the worst one lol

  • Yup. Big Sean did it first. On this track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsBcprNEZL4

    I’m glad they’re finally acknowledging it!

  • Can

    ha, no shots.

    Luda did really ruin it for meon My Chick Bad. “I fill her up- balloons!”

    it almost seems like he was trying to parody it. my least favorite Luda verses ever. I was convinced he’d fallen off. still not too sure he hasn’t.

  • ronnie_moe

    Shots fired @ Luda!!!!!

  • SOOOOOO FUCKING TRUE!!! LMAO! I’m glad he admitted it. Nicki used it the worse. I admit, I’m even guilty of using that shit. Not proud of it. Lol. Big up to Big Sean for startin a trend errbody picked up on. Lol. I also wanna say, Kanye jacked Sean’s flow for that “Ego” remix. That’s my mans but sorry ‘Ye, its tha truth.

  • flow J

    OK will all get it luda’s verse on my chick bad suced sooooo bad……..but ludacris is better on features like all we do is win, they know remix, pop champagne remix, and etc

  • Hahaha. “I fill ‘er up…BALLOONS!”

  • GotKush

    I would love to hear Luda’s response to this!

  • WORD!!!

    @ Jaska

    THERE WAS NO SHOTS FIRED AT LUDA . That was a way he can acknowledge how horrible that verse was. BALLOONS! MACY’S! I’ve never heard punchlines that bad from Luda. It’s a style he just doesn’t know how to use.

    Now Jay-Z with that, “I should be ducking these clubs, Tiger Woods” is proper use of that style. Big Sean (I heard from quite a few people that he originated it) with “getting brain on the top floor, higher learning” is just beast use of that style. It ain’t for everyone, but damn near everyone tried it.

  • SMH

    big sean had a whole fukn song like that!!!!! smh. wack ass elementary flow, who would wanna take credit for that shit?! Thas y yu gotta admire flows from people like eminem, nobody can match it.

  • hasan1

    Ye didnt get that shit from Sean. Ye been sayin it since 07. “good life”

  • Love All Music

    So he’s just gonna call out Ludacris with that Macy’s line?

  • pifflighty


  • B.Dot

    So he’s just gonna call out Ludacris with that Macy’s line?
    that shit was wack….garbage. But let’s not get it twisted, Luda is nice….nasty.

  • Jordy

    “what the fuck these rappers sound like? Just a whole bunch of my sound bites!”- Big Sean

  • Word

    GOOD! Its about time someone pointed this shit out, and I like the way the interviewer phrased it. “I noticed you have similar inflections and cadences or rhyme patterns” Drake didnt even answer why everyone in Young Money sounds exactly alike. This punchline this sucks, Luda overused that shit and used it in the most trash ways, thats why Battle of the Sexes is his worst LP to date. And kudos to Drake for realizing somethings wrong here.

    I like to run….marathon
    Eat her out like a sandwhich….picnic
    She give brain like a professor….Yale

    “I got her nigga….grocery bags” <——WORST ONE

  • AndrewB

    Thats Not A Diss @Luda We Know U Can Do Better

  • flow J

    @SMH knowbody will ever do eminem flow….that shit is uncopyable….nobody can do it like he can….its nice that EM can hold his own and not copy other peoples flow

  • Ultrakid

    hasan1 speaks the truth.

    But I will say this artists inspire/influence other artists so I don’t wanna who he jacked his flow and all that bullshit.

    Kanye inspired Drake, Kid Cudi, J. Cole, Big Sean, Wale & Diggy Simmons
    Jay-Z inspired Lil’ Wayne, Talib Kweli and yada yada yada

    Artists inspire other artists even in the studio. People inspire/influence other people all the time too{{I speak with alot of slang because of my friends}}

  • Ultrakid

    @flow J,
    You do know Eminem uses Masta Ace’s flow, right??? Masta Ace is Em’s biggest influence.

  • that shit was wack³.garbage.

    ^ Haaaaaaaaaaa!

  • pifflighty


  • WORD!!!

    Comin’ down the street like a parade, Macy’s – Ludacris





  • ronnie_moe

    “Yo ass must be gassed, FARTED….”

  • flow J

    @ultrakid @hasan1 cosign kanye west been using that flow

  • Word


  • Can

    these comments are funny as hell

  • Yea Ultrakid, people think that “inspire” and “jack” go hand in hand.

    “that shit was wack….garbage. But let’s not get it twisted, Luda is nice….nasty.” <—– Who knew B.Dot could spit.

  • RealNigga Speaks

    That wasn’t a shot at Luda. Luda was making a parody of that flow because everyone was doing it, n he showed how wack it is while making a hit record at the same time. If anything Drake wants to gv credit now that flow is wack, which is a diss to Big Sean who shouldve got credit longtime ago.

  • Thank Me Hater

    Even though an artist is influenced by another artist doesn’t mean he doesn’t develop his own flow. Eminem and T.I. were influenced by Rakim….but they both, in my opinion, have become better at the craft and even expanded.

  • Can

    ha! listening to that Bun B/T-Pain joint RR just posted, Bun says


    haaa, looks like it ain’t dead yet motherfuckers

  • Thank Me Hater


  • B.Dot

    Yea Ultrakid, people think that “inspire” and “jack” go hand in hand.

    “that shit was wack….garbage. But let’s not get it twisted, Luda is nice….nasty.” <—– Who knew B.Dot could spit.
    Album in stores soon…Never.

  • But yeah you can trace that shit back to Kanye. “Lawry’s.”

  • flow J


    you might as well post your whole verse on rapradar and start promoting lol

  • LOL

    Thank you Em for not using that corny as shit. And Eminem was influenced by one of the greatest. RAKIM!!

  • Stu

    Eminem did it on Won’t back down as well

    “How you douche bags feel knowing youre disposable? Summers eve Massengill”

  • @B.Dot

    Change “never” to “detox” and i think we have a hot line

  • AndrewB

    LMAO @hasan1

  • flow J

    @hasan1 LMFAO!!!!! damn that was cold

  • sideshowRaheem

    @flow J

    “knowbody will ever do eminem flow….that shit is uncopyable”

    Really? You need to go back and listen to some Naughty By Nature because you can clearly hear Em’s flow is heavily inspired by Treach and I believe Eminem has said that himself.

  • Post no billz

    Word.. Erryone used that played out flow.. Fat joe killed that flow and not in a good way..

  • reganjr

    whats with all the bullshit Drake/EM/Jay post, Does RR get paid to Publish their names

  • TJP17

    Drake isn’t even a good rapper, I have his album and he sounds the same on every track. These young money fags these days really hide behind their commercial success.

    If Wayne or Drake were to try themselves against the likes of Andre 3000, Black Thought, Lupe, Nas, Eminem or Mos Def they would be in serious trouble. I would for one love to see them get the shit slapped outta their mouths. These fags only act like they are any good because they don’t have to defend themselves as Mos Def once said. Drake and Wayne exposed themselves as to being wack as soon as they tried to do live radio freestyles…

  • Rick Rozay

    all you idiots dont know that funeral fab invented the fuckin punchline flow if anything he was and is the best punchline rapper their ever was

  • Can

    @reganjr yes, they do, every publication does- because they’re the three most famous rappers in the game right now. and they’re always making moves, so duh what they do is going to get mentioned. seven years ago it would have been 50 Cent. that’s how being an icon goes.

  • spitler

    by no means am i an expert on this ‘flow’ but hasn’t this shit been around forever? i know lil wayne was rocking this flow in 05, and he was definitely not the first.

  • Jimmy

    Drake, Kanye, Lil Wayne, Nicki, all these cats have the wackest most simple-ass flows ever, they’re not even flows, they’re just talking slowly with corny punchlines so that 11 year olds can catch every… slow… ass… word… they’re… saying… and then go, “lol, wow, did you catch that hot shit they’re saying”, which is only hot shit if you’re under 12

    If you did that back in the day, people would think you had some sort of disability, but now it’s like the hot new style

  • Ultrakid

    Drake is decent and I think you’re a hater. Who cares if Mos Def or any other rapper is better, right??? If Lupe was in Young Money and was the most overhyped rapper you’d probably hate him too, right??? I don’t see why people can’t listen to Mos Def and all that and still listen to Drake, T.I., Kanye and other good mainstream artist. You guys act like Drake is the new Soulja Boy but he’s actually pretty good and as long as you don’t pay attention to people who overrate him or give him too much credit then you would be listen to dude like I do. I don’t think he’s the best rapper alive or even close to being one of the best but he does make good music and good music is all I need in my life.

  • westcoast Rules

    drack sucks fuck crapper bullshit

  • Can

    Mos Def can’t even been compared to Drake. if they were in a freestyle battle, or if I’m in the mood for something ethereal and/or about the movement and the struggle I’m gonna go with Mos.

    but I’m NOT finna be rocking to “Quiet Dog Bite Hard” in the club and neither are you so I don’t understand why even try to put them in the same discussion.

    It’s like comparing Denzel to Tracy Morgan.

  • Mulato Gato

    It’s about to get nasty…..pork rines

  • die fast…(pause)..car crash

    Running thru the forrest….pause rambo. Annoying dumb down punchlines.

  • Drake + Metaphor

    lmao… this is Exactly like @Drakaphor on Twitter… Check it out.

  • Mulato Gato says:
    Friday, June 25 2010 at 7:12 PM EST
    It’s about to get nasty…..pork rines

    That line had no reason…or rhyme.

  • Jus blogging so i can read past the 50th comment

    just blogging so i can read past the 50th comment

  • killakev

    Big Sean Wasnt 1st Weezy,Cam,Jay Used That Flow Back 05 – 06

  • will

    ball till i get a mill a checc Darko
    i just give em line after after line after line BAR CODE
    They Looking for my Work NARCO
    cuz I just blacc out in the booth CHARCOAL

    Kanye used it too “Seasoned haters give me them salty Look LAWRY’s”-2007

    Banks use to used it alot in his Prime-“I give them kids hot shit Dr.PEPPER”

    and I know wayne uses it too

    but Big Sean is like the T-pain of it nobody uses it better

  • @killakev

    Word? Name some songs


    His forever verse didn’t utilize this type of “flow” well. Most of them were bad and the balled/chemo line was awful. Was Paris Hilton ghost writing these “punches”?

  • will

    lol luda verse was terrible

    “guns get drawn like cartoons DOH but i aint talking about homer”-the waccest rhyme i ever heard from ludacris ever

    “I feel her up BALOOONS”- its like somebody please stop this nigga

  • flow J


    yo rapradar im off topic but did you hear nick cannons diss song against eminem lol……its in the second verse http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhj32AJS4ueA2rDfkw

  • So Icy Boi!

    Lil Wayne the Metaphor KING!!

  • RRcoolJ

    Bout time someone pointed this out…snitching
    I was getting sick of it…throw up
    Time to switch it up…tranny
    And yes Drake did take a shot…pistol

  • will


    “I got something for ya face fucc pro activ Imna Pro at this Round The Globe,ATLAS”-Succ it or Not ,Camron ,05

  • will

    he says I dont want to offend anybody but he still does the line I say Luda smash on this nigga thats fucced up

    remember Ludacris Verse on Stomp and his I get Money Freestyle

  • iM ME

    I cant lie, a Drake VS luda battle would be very entertaining

  • And Freeway did that once on “Two Words.”

  • black gallagher

    luda is going to to smash this motherfucker

  • I love and agree with this critique, as a music fan and an English major. Bachelor’s.

  • Throw’n Drake&Em cd’s out the window

    Luda will murder Drake even if he did say them wackass punchlines

  • DIES

    punchline lines all done by lil wayne

    i shit on niggaz with ease/.nachos n cheese
    stackin my money where it mingles/pringles
    nigga neva been scared/bone crusha
    young money millionaires/ ny stock exchange
    ak on my side/osama

  • Duffy

    lil wayne lines are wack and lame…
    i guess the delivery makes it better but just readin it it sounds lame

  • bob dole

    “Fuck that canadian bitch Drake, Jewish”

  • Hope he really ditches it…last day of school.

  • @whatsupson

    I understand ur probably not a rapper, but the best word there wouldve been “hookey”

  • Verdas

    Sean Price did it 1st, not Big Sean

  • @hasan1 Hahaha I thought about that but I wanted to use more than one word.

  • epinz

    Does pusha ts line on we got it 4 cheap line count?

    ” i sell nose candy, willi wonka”

    Thats the first time i ever heared it and that was 05. Now that i think of it, alot of these nggz been bitin the clipse. Just made they style gayer!

  • re-yo

    LMFAO @ u guys thinking you know about Hip-Hop. Sean Price was doing that shit back in 2005.

  • epinz

    wait, didn’t pusha t do it on we got it 4 cheap vol 2 in 05?

    ” i sell nose candy, willi wonka”?

    now that i think about it, these rappers been bitin the clipse for years!!!!!!

  • bob dole

    Gonna listen to Thank Me Later. Garbage.

  • beanies author

    first time i think i heard it was kanye dead. coffin

  • epinz

    pusha t did it on we got it for cheap 2 in 05

    “i sell nose candy, willi wonka”

    first time i heared it. it was the best use of it too!!!

  • epinz

    how come i post shit and then it disapears? my bad on the tripe comments

  • “Two words, no guns, break arms, break necks, break backs, Steven Segal.” – Freeway

  • thebullfrog24

    Ultrakid says:
    Friday, June 25 2010 at 7:00 PM EST

    Drake is decent and I think you’re a hater. Who cares if Mos Def or any other rapper is better, right??? If Lupe was in Young Money and was the most overhyped rapper you’d probably hate him too, right??? I don’t see why people can’t listen to Mos Def and all that and still listen to Drake, T.I., Kanye and other good mainstream artist. You guys act like Drake is the new Soulja Boy but he’s actually pretty good and as long as you don’t pay attention to people who overrate him or give him too much credit then you would be listen to dude like I do. I don’t think he’s the best rapper alive or even close to being one of the best but he does make good music and good music is all I need in my life.

    I co sign that. good music is good music..bottom line

    DON”T HATE ON MY OPINION (gay mac voice)

  • OhSyx

    No shots fired…He said, I don’t wanna offend anyone. Drake was @ Luda’s Conjure party in Toronto last weekend at Ultra

  • D-manded

    luda>>>>>drake man drakes too cocky throwin luda under the bus sorry but luda would kill him

  • Chris

    well Eminem used it a couple times in Recovery… but in a good way lol. off the top of my head i remember him on You’re Never Over saying “There’s no stoppin the force, Obi”…. d the one pointed out by Stu in Won’t Back Down.. as long as u know how to use it well its all good

  • mcielandish

    How about You Know I Ball<–Visine


    Y’all must be gettin a promotion cheque for pushing this lame nigga, Rap’s Radar Must Be Broken, It aint about selling out.

  • mcielandish

    How about You Know I’ll School you In How I Ball<–Pupil

  • hasan1


    Dog, u gotta stop.

  • Yall giving props to Big Sean?? Nigaas been doing that shit for YEARS!! Im surprised you NY niggas havent brought up Sean Price. Dude been on that. Hell I wouldnt be surprised if that style dates back to when Big L was rippin it.

  • i still say that’s Kanye’s style. but since Big Sean is on his label, i guess you could theorize that he got it from Big Sean.

    but as i’ve said here b4, Kanye was doing that on Graduation. can someone post Big Sean using it b4 “Good Life”?

    anyway, “she got the ass, i got to look….sorry”. “because i’m seasoned haters give them salty looks….lawry’s”. maybe big sean ghost-wrote that for him. it’s possible.

    plus honestly who has heard of Big Sean outside our hip-hop super-fan world Here? and waaay back b4 Good Life came out? i just think Kanye, the global top-tier superstar is the more influential person.

    it’s like Madonna didn’t come up with the vogue dance back in the day, some gay dude did. but Madonna is the one who is the reason everybody knew what voguing was.

  • !ShootDontPlease

    Ooo drake firin shots at luda

    shit just got real… mr hankey

  • mr rd

    This is too funny ive been thinking about how wack this style is recently. I just dont get what it has to do with rhyming at all. Its just let me throw some shit together and see if it sounds good.

  • will

    Lol @ !ShootdontPlease

    thats a good line LOL

  • Sin

    At then end of the day:
    drake style changed drastically since he started working wit Wayne.
    He molded into a kanye/Wayne style and it’s obvious. Listen to how he breaks and pauses and he even ad lib on the same track as the verse like Wayne (yeah).
    Them niggas even borrow lines from each other and make whole songs.
    Or in Aubrey kase take a hook and add it to a verse.
    “I would fuck wit all of yall and all of yall are beautiful”
    Wayne jus take a line and make it a hot song.
    On that young money shit….when u look up to a nigga better than you and he always recording and u get to see that ALOT then u soak up shit. Jay z young chris. Proof em. Etc

  • C. Baines

    Drake= commenters losing their minds.

  • 106

    Looks like Luda gotta have something to say about this. Luda nice I doubt Drake want that.

  • Sin

    1st: I heard of big Sean loooong before good life kame out. But he was kinda local then. Then he really started poppin

    2nd:I read this a long time ago and who’s to say what’s true and what’s not but I jis found it and it’s worth wasting a kouple minutes of ur life I guess. U ain’t doin shit anyway.

    Well I used to stay in Toronto now I’m in NY. Drake and Nickelus F. used to be seen everywhere in TO together about 6 years ago. He used to have a white Range Rover. He used to fly Nick out and bring him to Raptor games and s**t. If you search hard enough you can find all of these pics.

    Nickelus F. is the one who got Malice on that song with Drake. Drake used to throw a lot of money around to get into the industry which is why him and Trey Songz is cool. When Drake was getting more known in TO he wanted more radio friendly less edgy lyrics so he switched up writers because canadian audience is really conservative. I know cats from Illusive Media who worked with Nickelus F. and they showed me that Drake paid for many of his videos and things of that nature for the songs he was writing. Also, Nickelus F. hooked him up with many connects in the game especially when he was in talks with Def Jam.

    From what I heard from VERY reliable sources in the Drake camp and from NY is that this IQ cat was negotiating selling songs to Drake. Drake would buy hooks or entire songs (concepts and verses). IQ is Rakim’s protege, his pen game is mean. IQ helped him on a couple of records but Drake got pissed when he wouldn’t give him his personal records that he was gonna use for his own career.

    Numerous guys in Toronto have contributed to Drake’s music. Richie Sosa being one of them, not a big collaborator but he did help Drake.

    This information wasn’t too confidential because the studio sessions had many people present so everybody saw Drake and 40 asking for the rhymes. Another thing you can ask people is if they’ve EVER seen Drake actually write/think/freestyle/type/ or just overall create a song on the spot. NEVER.

    There are possibly others that I don’t know of so I can’t give out any more info. I will leave you with this, Drake is not new, he’s actually paid top dollar for meeting with the biggest industry execs and he was shut down.

  • People got this game twisted – Twizzlers.

  • Sin


    “F’s (Nickelus F) one of the most gifted people I know at finding flows. I like to write for myself, though. He’s helped me before, just not on a consistent basis. But yeah, F (Nickelus F) is dope. .” – Drake (Complex Magazine Cover Interview Jan./Feb. 2010 Issues)

  • Sin

    To each his own I guess:

    Complex: Have you ever helped him with a verse?

    Nickelus F: Yeah, I’ve contributed. I’m a team player. I won’t say I wrote a verse that he spit verbatim, but I’ve contributed. I helped out with the hook on “City Is Mine” the hook on “Overdose On Life.” I didn’t do anything on the verse at all.

    Complex: Oh, so it’s like sometimes you might help write a hook, or if it’s part of the verse you might help start off a verse, or write some of the verse?

    Nickelus F: Yeah, I’ve done that. I know the rumor going around. I don’t want anything I say to be misconstrued. I helped out, you know. [Laughs].

    Complex: So anyone who says, “Nickelus F writes for Drake” would be mistaken?

    Nickelus F: Yes. Have I done work here and there? Yes I have. Do I write for him on a regular basis? No. Have I written for him on a regular basis? No.

    Complex: But you have written for him before?

    Nickelus F: Verses?

    Complex: Yeah.

    Nickelus F: Yes, I have done a verse. Not a bunch of verses. I have helped out with hooks and one verse in particular. But I don’t write no verses for him.

    Complex: What was that one verse in particular?

    Nickelus F: I don’t want to say! [Laughs].

    Complex: Was it well known?

    Nickelus F: Yeah, it’s well known. I don’t know if I necessarily want to put that out there. That’s my homie at the end of the day.

  • mcielandish

    How about you know I’m so Fly I’m always on the Red Eye<—Visine

  • @ Sin

    Wow,so do you think Drake is the cat Pusha T was going at on “Illin” when he said that ghostwriter line?

    And I dont remember the post,but a couple days ago somebody put up a link to proof that Drake uses a ghostwriter. I didnt bother clicking it because I thought it was some gossipy type shit but who knows. But that was interesting tho

  • iM ME

    If Drake uses a ghostwriter how did he manage to write such a great song for alicia keys? No extra names in the liner notes either, which means he’d be getting sued for back royalties right now. Common sense people

  • ^ I dont think he was saying he uses a writer for EVERYTHING,just that he has used 1 before. I personally could care less tho lol its tons of shit that goes on behind the scenes that ppl dont know about anyway

  • mmkayy

    yo wat drake on about.. that punchline flow on Forever gets more corny everytime i hear it

    why he gotta throw Luda under the bus that nigga will eat him up

  • Thats what im sayin!

    Yo, but they are also talking about that shit where they say like this like a, like that

    “The globe is warming up when we fire up the blunt, and put it in the air like evil kenevil stunts”-luda

    Or shit like

    I go to work on a beat call it employed- lil wayne

    Shit is dope if ya put it in a couple of bars or at the end of a line or two for a punchline effect but not when ya hear it over and over and over.

    That’s why I can’t listen to ludacris. Since theater of the mind came out he OD’d on doing that shit. Listen to roll out and then undisputed and you will seee what I’m talking about.

    After awhile rappers start sounding predictable.. know what I’m sayin??

  • Thats what im sayin!

    thats why you see drake, wayne, young money, new boyz, ludacris, and every other artist who flows that way nowadays parodies ALL THE TIME! Id love to see some1 try to parody mos def, freeway, eminem, rakim or common ya know??

  • “Drizzy says he regrets adopting the flow but doesn’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade. Macy’s!”

    Nice…lol…I knew the Drake lovers would jump ship after Beans laid it out like he did. SMH…still funny though

  • Mars Blackmon

    SMH Luda will end this nigga’s career. Drake needs to stop it.

    Next Drake line for his album.

    “I’m sick of all the haters
    Luda will rape me…Lawrence Taylor”

  • Sin

    God bless Marshall for always tryna reestablish instead of being content


    Im officially done with this fuckboy – he is gettin way to cocky, it aint even hip hoppers buyin his shit – its teenage girls. NEWSFLASH DRAKE and BIG SEAN it is NOT revolutionary to remove the single word “LIKE” from a simile , ITS NOT A FLOW EITHER YOU FUCKIN DUMB ASS POSTERS, a FLOW is how you ride the beat, gd kids! the shits been goin on for decades….oh and Aubrey – absolutely NO hip hoppers will buy your shit if you stop using punchlines. Period.

  • Itcantbe

    dude jacks a guys flow but then complains that other niggaz started jacking it too? haha no talent fucks all over. Big up big sean!

  • Sin

    I agree but I also wanna knw why ppl misconstrue his overall style. This nigga rap about the same shit everybody else rap about, he sing about the same shit Trey songz sing about. The only difference is he does it together. If u ask me Quan did it better kuz he was in his own lane. Aubrey kinda merged other niggas lanes into a highway lol. And in his own words: “This Is not hating my nigga we kall it karma”


    I put these niggas in the wash-LAUNDRY
    You extra super gay- AUBREY


  • bong

    “Ye didnt get that shit from Sean. Ye been sayin it since 07. “good life”

    Big Sean’s first tape also dropped in ’07.
    “Finally Famous: The Mixtape”
    he used that flow throughout most of the tape…trust me, that’s Sean’s flow

  • “Smart kids that smoke weed….honor roll” <—- That was a pretty good one.

  • nigga you mad

    this nigga is mad

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  • Gsg

    To Ultrakid, you’re on point with your comment that Eminem uses Masta Ace’s flow. I’m glad you said it. Don’t get me wrong people, i like Em, but respect where respect is due….to the Masta Ace.

  • Bugzybaby

    Luda kills Drake Drake is a young cat he better look at ludas good shit and half yal to dumb to even understand the punchlines!

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  • Is Big Sean selling records? If not others will keep taking from him for their own prosperity.


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  • Elijah

    this fool is trying to take credit for inventing commas. in 10Th grade we learned this in English class. rappers need to educate themselves. linking independent clauses to a phrase is nothing new to writing of any form, poetry, journalism or rap. independent clause is a clause that can stand by itself, also known as a simple sentence. A complex phrase consists of several words, whereas a simple phrase consists of only one word. A Absolute Phrase Modifies the entire sentence and is linked with commas.

  • Mike

    drake sucks

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  • Sauzay

    Y’all are stupid ass fuck. Big Sean didn’t start shit. Method Man and Cam’ron are just 2 examples of rappers who used that WAY before. Luda killed the 2 on “Bada Boom” and on “History Lesson” he proves it. These 2 big-headed niggas need to humble themselves and keep it shut.

  • jaay.g

    U don’t even know the beat and flow of fuckin spit abut that’s shit yo pussy nigga..”