Drake & Nicki Minaj On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Last night, Drake took over Jimmy Kimmel Live. Up top, Aubrey and Jimmy perform a skit inspired by Twitter. After the jump, you catch Drizzy’s interview and recitals of “Over” and “Bedrock” with Nicki Minaj.

Sidebar: Game & Drake Collab On The Way

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  • My nigga!

  • Thank Me Hater


  • Miky mike

    what it do, nephew ?

  • So Icy Boi!

    Drake done took over the whole internet blogs, websites, etc…… He aint that good

  • Yousef

    fuck a drake!! yes, Im a hater when it comes to destroying Hip-Hop!!! fuck this clown.

  • freeworld

    welcome to drakeradar.com wtf to much r&b on this fukin´ site

  • freeworld


  • Midnite!


  • Mr.West

    first time i see Nicki minage live, GARBAGE! & she beefin with lil kim??? ha ha

    And drake is a cool cat, but i don’t like the music that much! skip skip

  • Frontrunner

    Advantage YN

  • Frontrunner

    OR IS IT YM?

  • All ya’ll niggaz are dumb hoes. Rap radar posts Drake bc look how many of you closet fans comment on every post with his Canadian face attached. You indeed are the dick riders giving rap radar more motivation to post his shit. Look at Big Boi and Lupe Posts. They get like 10 comments at the most. Drake stay getting dick ridden by haters and fans alike so shut the fuck up and keep it movin.

    Word to my nigga @Big Homie. Good post

  • wow haters,,,


  • Chi-Town

    Drake and Nicki have good chemistry on stage. I can see the stage performance improving. Keep up the good work.

  • tom

    drake up next, see what he do with it – Jay Z

    obvi hang out with kimmel


  • Belize

    lol @ bowwow’s tattoo

  • Belize

    holy crap..this fagniga did that 4 real?


  • killakev

    Looooooool Aint Gna Lie Shit Was Funny

  • Jordy

    “tweet tweet” was funny as hell! Nicki and Drake r so cute when they preform together.

  • piffstah

    someone was ridiculously high.

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  • keepitreal

    its sad people hate on a young kid trying to acheieve his dreams..how wud it feel if people were hatin on u for doing your 9 to 5 a certain way?? its just stupid…u aint gta like the kid but to go out of ur way on blogs and post hate is just dumb and pointless…hes not going to stop making music regardless of what haters think…lets see how many of u can write radio ready songs and get play the way he does….its not as easy as it looks

  • CjaySmith

    In the long run…this kid Drake will become a legend…he is jus starting and he has achieved soo much…thats why i jus sigh when people go and compare him to legends like Em, Kanye, and Jay… he is jus actually beginning his journey in this industry… and what i really like about him is that he is really willing to improve and grow unlike a lot of these fake artists you hear nowadays….all i am saying is that him and a bunch of other rappers and producers in this new wave will also have their time to shine and go down in the history of this music genre.

  • this shit is hilarious!

  • drizzy


  • Oscar

    Seriously, a Jew?

  • Yousef

    fuck jews.

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