Jonathan Mannion Speaks On Drake Photo Shoot

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This didn’t air during Drake’s documentary, Better Than Good Enough. Here, photographer Jonathan Mannion recounts Drake and his grandmother’s interaction during the rapper’s photo shoot for FADER magazine. A replay of the doc airs today at 4 PM EST on MTV.

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  • Faaay1

    Fuck it, I used to be an immense Drake hater but I’ve come to realize I gotta take the dude for who he is, and better yet i commend him for being himself in a FAKE ASS GAME, aka the music industry. You can tell who he really is through his music and then it reflects on him as a person, and i find it crazy as hell that years ago we were all saying Hip Hop sounds the same as well as these characters aka artists are the same we want originality. So we finally get it. A nigga who is a complete outkast from what we know rap/sings black/white isn’t the hardest dude on earth but yet, makes better music than the BS we’ve been hearing thru out this decade. So with that being said in my long ass paragraph, on some real shit I think we should commend the brother for one on being himself and 2 for bringing quality music back to the culture of both Hip hop and R&B

  • COSIGN^^

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  • clee

    faaay hit that shit on the head. boo you haters!!

  • Joshua

    @Faay1 Thank you for speaking the truth, Honesty is missing in our Hip Hop Society

  • Donn

    cosign…Dude is definitely somethin new and ppl wanna hate it. He sings, he’s jewish, and he’s from canada. How outta the ordinary can you get. So i understand the uproar over him but if we ask for diversity then we should accept wat We’re given

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  • thebullfrog24

    LOL i love drake and i like eminem to. but this place has officially become

    drakeradar and shadyradar lol

  • how many fucking scenes they delete? i seen about 3 now, they mussa had enough for a 2nd special

  • Ro

    I’m a better photographer than jonathan mannion (he is the man though). Check it:

  • mikedreamsmusic

    That’s why I’m excited about hip-hop right now.

    It’s becoming more respected as a MUSIC and status quo is getting back to making life music; not worrying about being what you’re “supposed” to be, but more about being the person you already are.

    It’s ironic, while people are hearing new hip-hop from the likes of guys like Drake and Cudi and calling it soft and not real (in comparison to the early 2000s and before, where it was really about tough, gangsta and street personas, which people dubbed REAL), it’s actually some of the REALEST music out now, because people are being themselves. I’m starting to think the “real” era of street music was actually some of the fakest times for hip-hop ever.

    The only streets dudes I respected in hip-hop were the ones who were able to keep it real and socially reflect, like a 2pac, or a Jadakiss on “Why”, etc. They were street cats, but still weren’t afraid to show themselves as human beings, with emotions and compassion. (“Dear Mama”, etc). A lot of dudes who kept this real hood persona just for show and used it as a gimmick were the phonies.

    Dang, sorry for writing a whole long post, but I just thought it was relevant to this…

    Just think about it. What people are calling “emo” music nowadays, really is the realest music out. “Emo” is short for “emotional” and emotions are the biggest traits a human being has to reflect.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up