Kanye To Open BET Awards With “Power”

Kanye is scheduled to make his return at this weekend’s BET Awards and he plans to to usher in the night with “Power” as the ceremony’s opening number. The Awards go down Sunday night at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A. You don’t wanna miss it.

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  • AlbanianLookinBoy


  • ronnie_moe

    Yeezy’s back. It’s a muthafucking wrap!!!!!

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  • Duffy

    good stuff
    ye one of the few that can put on a performance

  • iam2smooth

    Ye is bakkkkkk!!!

  • oh yeeah

    its going to be awesome, cant wait

  • After Kanye performs, I’m changin’ tha channel. Fuck BET…

  • WORD!!!



    NUFF SAID………

    DON’T HATE ON MY OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WORD!!!




  • RICH1






    SOULJA BOY PRETTY BOY SWAG>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Ultrakid

    Those two people up there don’t know what good music is…Power is the best single of 2010. It’s original and refreshing unlike any other Hip Hop song that came out this year. Power mixed Rock with Hip Hop and tribal sounds=BIG WIN!!!

  • The Illest

    @ [email protected]!

    You not watchin the rest? What about Drake, Em, and T.I.? I don’t like BET, but they got a nice lineup of performers this year.

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  • @Ultrakid..Speeak for yoself kid..

  • Ultrakid

    You can’t name any other Hip Hop track as original as Power and you better not say Not Afraid because that single had typical Hip Hop production with cheap drums and everything. The only singles that have come close to the originality of Power and overall awesomeness of the song are the singles of The Roots’ latest album How I Got Over and the Distant Relatives but besides that nothing else.

  • I refuse to watch anything on BET. I’ll just watch a clip of the performance when it hits the web.

  • @The Illest

    I’ll watch it 4 those guys, but anything else in between, like the Grammy’s, I’m changin’ tha channel on that shit…the BET Awards always seem to overdo it at times, but the crowd never seems to be in it. U know how black ppl are. We gotta be impressed by everything or that shit is wack. Lol…Plus they NEVER seem organized…

  • LOL

    @ULTRAKID Shut the fuck up!!! you always come on here dickriding Kanye just as bad as the fucking Eminem Stans. I got one for you Eminem lyrically >>>>> Fucking Kanye West. Now argue that shit while you listening to the beat of the song instead of the words. And anyway Jay >>>>>>>> (insert favorite rapper)

  • bic boi

    fuck kanye man the song power isnt that good the beat takes over his voice and its gay so
    EMINEM >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> kanye
    RECOVERY>>>>>>>>>>>> kanyes whole career
    dont hate on my opinion

  • ^^Naw im just sayin speak for yoself..quit talkin like what you say is Fact! its all Opinion homie..

  • Jimmy

    @Ultrakid Actually Talkin to myself >>>>>>Power

  • Melissa

    Kanye is cool….when he has a great beat behind him. Other than that his rhyme scheme is pretty simple. He rhymes syllables at the end of bars and his delivery is pretty weak. He always seems like he’s reaching for words to rhyme. Sometimes they make since and sometimes they don’t. His subject matter used to be much better as well. I actually like Power though……but that’s mainly because of the beat

  • @Jimmy..He’s talking about singles bro..

  • Trevor

    Kanye West is back!!!!!!!! Power is an amazing single. It has an amazing beat with awes-mazing lyrics. Kanye holds nothing back. Kanye’s new album will be one of the best of 2010 if not the best. #TEAMKANYE

  • Official

    Its Official Its ‘Ye Season. The Best All Around Artist In The Game Is Back!

  • Ultrakid

    I’m not a dick rider infact lyrically Em is better than Kanye and Em will always be the better rapper and I shit on Em’s dick riders because Recovery was mediocre and the only people who overrated the album were his dick riders. I don’t how I’m a dick rider too when I always say Kanye isn’t the best rapper and I never go on every damn just to say something about him.

    Kanye is a better artist in general than Eminem and that’s a fact. Nobody ever said Kanye was a better rapper than Em.

  • Ultrakid

    Anyways look how I manage to stay civil and sophisticated even with all the bashing…It seems like Em stans get butt hurt when somebody disagrees about how great Em is blah blah blah. I mean please it’s ok if you dig Em’s music but why get agree at someone who doesn’t him to the extent that you do??? Why whine everytime someone says something negative about him??? Also I never even said anything negative in the first place but of course a stan is a stan if they even think you’re saying something negative about their favorite artist they’ll diss you like there’s no tomorrow.

    *Look ma, no curse words*

  • WORD!!!



    IF NOT STFU !!!

  • Trevor

    Exactly, Eminem probably is a better ‘rapper’ but Kanye makes much better music. His albums are always quality. Props to you Em fans for showin your support. Recovery is gonna do some big numbers. Just wait til Kanye releases his new album.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @WORD!!! EVERYTHING that’s dropped from Sir Lucius Leftfoot…….

  • Melissa

    @Trevor Yeah Em is a better rapper and Kanye is a producer so he does make better music. I just wonder what happened to the days when rapping and lyricism used to mean EVERYTHING. Now a hot beat can get you over. And he’s not gonna sell more than Em

  • Ultrakid

    Also I dig Em I enjoyed some of the songs on Recovery but I just didn’t enjoy most of the tracks and it’s not due to Eminem it’s really just the production and weak choruses. Recovery to me is not a good album but it does show that Em still has skills on the mic and that he’s still one of the most talented rappers ever so which leads me to believe his next album might be better. I’m no hater my dudes but I do hate his stans.

  • Melissa

    @Ultrakid but you’re a Kanye Stan though. I’ve seen you lose your cool over Kanye. Just an observation

  • Ultrakid

    Now when is Em going to ask for a Kanye beat??? It’s going to happen one day…

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Ultrakid I agree there. I really didn’t like the production that much. I feel that Dr. Dre beats are just more memorable for some reason. I’d choose Timbaland and Kanye over Dr. Dre any day as far as production goes. Dre and Em just have that chemistry

  • supppp

    My favorite rapper is Makaveli, Nas and Jay-Z , Eminem, Mase, Biggie Smalls and me – Kanye West (Me and My Girlfirend Freestyle)

  • big homie says…

    from “now that’s power” to “you dont wanna mis it” ?

    cmon son

  • Ultrakid

    When have I ever spazzed out over somebody disliking Kanye??? Now I might say something negative to somebody because somebody might say something ignorant or something that’s untrue but I don’t go around shittin’ on people who say Kanye sucks or he’s mediocre.

    Look I even kept my cool after you just called me a stan…Hell I’m just a fan. I’m probably not even going to buy Good Ass Job on the first day like Em stans did with Recovery and I won’t even be pre-ordering the album becuase I knew the album won’t be going anywhere and I’ll get it when I can get it. Also I finally downloaded I’m So Appalled like a few weeks ago even though the song leaked early this year…I’m far from a stan.

  • BL

    Yesssiirrrr Yeezy is back.

    @Word!!! it’s “cruel world” not cool world

  • EscoHov


  • Trevor

    @Melissa I’m a Kanye stan, too…but I’m realistic with numbers. I know with what Kanye has done and with the economy, it is hard to put up big numbers. The only people that have put up big numbers lately have established fan bases. Eminem, Usher, ect. I never said Kanye would sell more than Eminem, but I bet it will be close. Kanye has a huge fan base. He has a lot of closet fans thought. They don’t really like him, but they love his music. Many of his fans abandoned him when he left rap and started singlng. With his return to rap and all this hype surrounded his comeback, he will do huge numbers. His second is always more of a mainstream song, so we will see how that does.

  • Melissa

    @Trevor I agree with you. I think that music incorporates everything though. Kanye makes great beats but his lyrics are subpar to me. This is just my opinion but I think a lot of people are just obsessed with with his production which they should be. It’s pretty awesome. But I’m a lyrics person so to each his own

  • Melissa

    @Ultrakid and everyone that defends Em is NOT a Stan. You just gave me that unnecessary background story and I’m sure the ones you call “stans” have the same story. I applaud you for keeping your cool. It wasn’t meant as a diss anyway. I was just stating a fact. A stan doesn’t have to lose his cool when their favorite artist is questioned. But when they come on a site spouting off about Kanye ALL THE TIME….then I’m inclined to believe that qualifies them for stanability

  • K-Lam

    Comparing Eminem and Kanye is stupid. Kanye won’t sell close to Em’s number this year, facts is facts. Yeezy will be lucky if he breaks 400,000. Not hating, I copped Recovery and I’ll buy Kanye’s new album too. Only reason Drake sold that 460,000 is cuz 400,000 of those sales were from 12 and UNDER!

  • Ultrakid

    I think Kanye is a good rapper and he’s a way better than he was before infact he’s been killing it on them features but I just don’t consider him to be one of the best rappers. He’s not on the same level as Nas, Jay or Em—Right now I would say he’s better than alot of other rappers in the game and he’s definitly better than some of the kids he influenced{{Big Sean, Kid Cudi, Drake, Wale}}.

  • Thank Me Hater

    I’m not gonna lie. I actually bump Power from time to time. It’s a dope ass song. I just wish Kanye had the flow to go with it. That’s just my opinion. Kanye is not my cup of tea….just like Eminem may not be yours.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Ultrakid I think you’re right about Kid Cudi and Wale. I don’t know if I agree with the Big Sean statement though. I know that Ye is his mentor but I feel that Sean has outdone him on some features. On G.O.O.D Music mixtape in particular. ehhhhhh Drake? That’s a hard one for me

  • Duffy

    Is doing numbers the measure of a dope artist now?
    How does Em selling more than Ye take away from Ye’s music?

  • blaqscorpio

    Y’all KNOW that this opening is going to be a SPECTACLE!!! lol

  • ronnie_moe

    Kanye’s discography>>>>>>>>>>>>Eminem’s discography

    Say what you want about Ye, but he has two undeniable classics (College Dropout, Late Registration) to Eminem’s one (MMLP)

    And Yeezy hasn’t dropped an album as horrible as Encore or Relapse.

  • Ultrakid

    88% of Em’s fans on the internet are stans…I mean no offense but everytime I go on a forum I read something about Recovery or how great Em is.

    Fans say something about their favorite artist when their favorite artist is mentioned and they never give them too much credit and they except their flaws. They also wouldn’t also never bash somebody just for the fact that they didn’t like their favorite artist.

    I give the stans props for actually buying his albums and supporting him but I find that creepy too. You don’t see me counting down the days to Good Ass Job. I’m sitting here patiently anticipating albums closer to this date like Big Boi’s, M.I.A.’s and Rick Ross’ new albums and I’ll be buying them towards the end of July so I would have them all at the same time. The only album I bought on the first day of release was How I Got Over and that’s only because I just happen to be at mall that time and I just happen to have a few bucks left.

    I respect you for not coming at me{{besides calling me a stan}} and not acting cocky like the stans I’ve faced on this site.

  • sideshowRaheem


    “Yeezy will be lucky if he breaks 400,000.”

    Check your history Kanye has NEVER sold under 400,000 in his first week. But watching niggas numbers as if that has anything to do with anything in this day in age is stupid from jump street so anybody arguing about that shit is just fucking retarded.

  • Ultrakid

    @Thank Me Hater,
    Nah I think Kanye really outshined Big Sean on Glenwood but Sean is almost as good as Kanye in my opinion.

    I like how Sean really doesn’t use alot of Kanye beats and has different producers.

    G.O.O.D. Music>>>>Young Money is something we can all agree on.

    With Drake I feel like he’s good but he needs to tone it down with those punchlines and switch up his flow.

  • supppppp

    Fact, Recovery is great and so is Em. He’s not some fuckin’ hipster rapper than just got into hip-hop ala Drake. He’s been a fan since the start of hip-hop (grand masters, run dmc, etc.). 88%? You got statistics to back that up, or did you pull that out of your ass?
    Want to know what you’re describing? Human nature, the psychology of how we work. You will come across a lot of different type of people.
    Music is powerful because it touches the listener, that’s why people have strong emotions when it comes to Eminem. People who have been die hard fans of Em haven’t got something of Recovery’s caliber since 2003, and as a FAN, I am happy to see him on top of his game.

  • Duffy

    @ sideshowRaheem

  • K-Lam


    Yeah and Eminem has been doing high numbers since the MMLP and then with Relapse and Recovery he only did 600,000 with Relapse and Recovery is on its way to 750,000. Music is in a bad place right now, and I stand by my statement, Yeezy will be lucky to sell over 400,000, regardless of the quality of his music

  • …Artist…

    … annnnnnd I’lll be watching TheBoondocks lol //

    I support Kanye West and all … but I don’t watch BET like I used to :- / …

  • supppppp

    It’s ironic how rappers with that pro-black attitude sold the most. 2Pac talked shit about black men marrying white girls, but then most of his fan base was white. They were the main reason he was doing huge numbers.
    Kanye does huge numbers because white people support him. Whether you like it or not, it’s FACT. You cannot do huge numbers unless you tap into the white fan base. Kanye fucked his shit up with that Taylor Swift stupidity.

  • Ultrakid

    “Fact, Recovery is great and so is Em.”

    *Face palm*

    Em stans even gave Relapse some good ratings and they claimed that Recovery was an incredible album but when I finally got to listen to Recovery I was like the only thing that should be praised it’s Em’s lyrics but not the production on most of the tracks or the weak choruses on a few of the tracks.

    Like I said before Recovery showed that Em still had skills on the mic and that he’s one of the best rappers alive and hopefully his next album will have production that’ll match his skills on the mic.

    Also Kanye’s song have so much emotion and heart but you don’t see me saying FUCK YOU for disliking him. I feel emotional when I listen to Family Business and Never Let Me Down still gives me chills but I’m not going to shit on a persons opinion because they disliked Kanye’s music.

  • sideshowRaheem


    And Vanilla Ice’s debut album “To the Extreme” sold 11 million copies, does that mean he was the greatest rapper of his generation? FUCK NO!!! but I guess if we go by your measuring stick he is. I like what I like and I don’t need 500,000 to 1 million people to cop a record to co-sign my opinion that shit means nothing to me. Stop counting these nigga’s units as if you’re getting some kind of cut from every copy sold, if fucking stupid…….I blame 50 for all this bullshit.

  • supppppp

    All boils down to taste my dude, I think Rvy had some dope production. But in the hip-hop world, it may take some time. People need to realize you don’t need a DJ Premier 90’s sounding beat to BE hip-hop. I know what you’re trying to do, it’s frustrating to see people be ignorant and act stupid when it comes to their favorite artist, but let it go. Some people are just stupid.
    I feel you, and I like that you mention “Family Business”. It might be one of my favorite tracks, ever. “Who would’ve thought I’d be lookin’ at you through a glass” is extremely touching, and one of the reasons why I check for Kanye.

  • K-Lam


    Stop getting your panties in a bunch. You’re like one of those critics who takes everything I say out of context. Did I say numbers matter? NO! Did I say because anything about Vanilla Ice? NO! Did I say because Yeezy WILL NOT sell as much as Eminem means he is horrible? NO! So shut your mouth and quit your yapping. I AM SAYING KANYE WON’T SELL MORE THEN 400,000, REGARDLESS OF QUALITY BECAUSE OF THE INDUSTRY AND ILLEGAL PIRATING! Retarded idiots on this site now adays, smh at you people who read comments but don’t understand. Go back to high school

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Ultrakid I’ll agree to that. I still don’t understand all the hype around Drake. And it’s not even because they’re trying to make him the next big thing. I’ll admit that when someone becomes successful they attract a lot of hate. It’s not even that with me. He’s just……not dope. Even though I’m only a mild Ye fan I can understand his appeal. But with Drake I beg the question….WHY?!

  • Ultrakid

    Hmmm….See we need more Em fans like you around because every though we just had a disagreement none of us swore at each other and started dissing one another.

    We have to keep it civilized folks but i guess most people can pay for school but they can’t buy class.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @K-Lam LMAO!!! Some of these people on this site may actually be in high school

  • WORD!!!

    @ ronnie_moe

    NUFF SAID………….

  • Ultrakid

    @Thank Me Hater,

    I dig Drake and I can see what he’s trying to do but the masses don’t get him even though they think they do. Drake got his hype because he’s signed on to Young Money it really has nothing to do with his talent because Nicki Minaj sucks as a rapper but she’s one of the most hyped rappers in awhile. So basically their fame has to do with Lil’ Wayne who is also a very flawed and overrated rapper.

    I know alot of people got into him through the song Fear including myself but he hasn’t released a track as good as that since. MTV is also to blame for the huge amount of success.

  • I don’t get it

    I don’t get why everyone who backs Eminem is called a Stan….oh I know why. It’s because he made a hugely successful hit called STAN. It’s strange that the very word you use to insult Eminem fans for being too fanatic is and indication of how much influence that he’s had on you and the hip hop world. I don’t hear anyone calling anyone an Aubrey (drake) or a Sean (Jay-z) or whatever Kanye is. Just a thought

  • itsawrizzie2010sheeeeiiiitt

    surprise ya dont got that new dip set song salute up shit is fire

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Ultrakid See I think it takes more than someone backing you such as Lil Wayne. You also have to have a gimmick. Em has one. 50 has one. Even Nicki Minaj has one. You either have to have a gimmick or make really poppy music. I guess Drake does make poppy music though

  • itsawrizzie2010sheeeeiiiitt

    #DIP SET bitch #SALUTE

  • sideshowRaheem


    And my point is all this armchair analyzing of the number is FUCKING RETARDED!!! Do you work for Interscope or Def Jam nigga did you do research, take a look at trends and conduct focus groups, I’m guessing you didn’t. So what the fuck makes you or anybody else a fucking expert. Niggas take a look at Soundscan number somebody posts every once and a while and are quick to tell you what’s gonna move and what’s not STFU. I’m sick of hearin this shit from people, it’s like the nigga at work that comes up to you on a Monday morning and tells you what the fuck the Cowboys coach should have done to win that game on Sunday and you just wanna say “if you know so much about football then why the hell is your stupid ass working here with me instead of being in the NFL.” Same thing hear a bunch of no nothing mother fuckers taking shit about shit they don’t know.

  • “But with Drake I beg the question….WHY?!”

    THE NIGGA RAPS AND SINGS!!! lol! And on top of all that he has the “machine” behind him. With that,hes gonna get pushed in all different places,be on the radio 24/7,song features etc etc And of course with the oversaturation thats gonna make the little 14 yr old girls like him because anything they hear on the radio a million times,they automatically adapt to.(crank that soulja boy is an perfect example.terrible song but a hit due to it being bashed in ppls heads)

    I dont have nothing against Drake,dude is aite with me,just saying. When an artist has a machine behind them,it always happen.

  • jimedwards

    i dont know why people liked power so much? it was good, but not as good as some of these clowns make it out to be.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @CantGetRight I agree with that…..he DOES have the machine behind him. But this nigga is doing NUMBERS FOR REAL!! Like more than Justin Bieber numbers. I’m at a loss. I guess he’s got the females though…???????

  • Thank Me Hater
  • Foots


    Did you realize you insult people without trying to insult them? or maybe you do. You said you didnt insult anyone, but then turn around and call people STANS. By now, im sure we can all agree Stan is a derogatory term, in other words an “Insult”. How bout we pretend Stan is a curse word and never use it. “You Em stans get so offensive….but, i wont insult you stans though, i’ll be civilized” Thats basically what I read from you

  • Foots




  • kofi



    What are you talking about like 5 or 6 artist(Dave Matthews Band, Jay-Z, Taylor Swift etc ) have sold more then 400k in there first week in the past year Ye should movie that easily.

  • Interscope Employee

    Kanye AND Eminem??? this shit gon be dope!!!

  • Oh my god, why do yall niggaz always gotta start comparing rappers!!! This was a post about Kanye opening up the BET awards, and now we comparing singles, rapping, etc. If you like Em better, fine, if you like Kanye better, fine. It’s irrelevant to the topic of this post anyway. Power is the best single of the year so far, but Eminem’s presence this year, has been undeniable regaurdless of that. On the other hand, I can’t wait to see Ye open the show, he gon’ shut that sh!t down!!!

  • bic boi

    the whole comparing rappers started when a ye fan said power was better than any em song so it all heat up and i agree with FOOTS

  • fag kanye fans

    Want to know what’s funny? This article has absolutely ZERO to do with Eminem, yet here we see fuck knuckle morons arguing about him. That isn’t the sad part though, it’s that the ONLY PEOPLE BRINGING HIM INTO DISCUSSION ARE HATERS.

    This post is about Kanye West and immediately Ye’ fans start bashing Eminem FOR NO FUCKING REASON. Then when people defend Eminem the GaYe’ fans act like the victims. It’s almost like they’re insecure or some shit about how their favorite rapper will never be as talented as Em or somethin.

    You want to spit some facts?

    Eminem’s Talent > Kanye’s

    Eminem’s Lyrical ability > Kanye’s

    Eminem’s respect in the game > Kanye’s

    Eminem’s Flow, Rhyme scheme, and general cleverness > Kanye’s

    See I like Kanye, I really do, and music is very much subjective, but I’m so sick of people giving Kanye verbal head because he can produce some good beats. The fucking idiot SUCKS in almost every category besides producing some astounding beats. His lyrics suck, his flow is fuckin stock generic, his rhyme scheme is unoriginal and generic, and his content really doesn’t reach for the sky. Sorry, but he isn’t that great.

  • ronnie_moe

    @ Kanye fag fans Eminem has made two of the worst albums in the history of rap music (Encore, Relapse). The same cannot be said about Kanye West. It’s all about quality and yes, Kanye has a better body of work than Eminem which makes him the better artist. I don’t give a fuck how good of a rapper Eminem is. You supposed to be a rapper, and you up here talking bout getting fucked in the butt by yo Stepdad. Da Fuck? Making fart noises and shit. Da Fuck? I don’t care how many great albums Em releases from here on out, He will never be able to live those two abominations down.

  • Breezy

    Eminem’s Flow and lyrics >> Every rapper.

    80 million records sold doesn’t lie when Kanye Gets to 50 million well talk.

  • westcoast Rules

    who the fuck compar The king of rap with kanye

    kanye is producer not rapper

    wack rapper

  • westcoast Rules


    EMINEM = Super Man of Music Industry

  • random

    Im watching kanyes performance and then im watching J. coles performance I cant beleive im saying this but THANK YOU BET

  • Urinating on RECOVERY cd

    Em can rap but what he says never impresses
    ME. Tupac, Jay, Nas, Big, Big L, Rakimand many others have cuz they have substance, Em just gAthers up words that rhyme but he has no substance, no meaning just natural whiteman anger.

  • Throw’n Drake&Em cd’s out the window

    When Em starts saying relevant shit like Tupac or Krs 1 or DEAD PREZ then ill put him on my shoulders and walk thru a parade with him, otherwyz he’s on DAS FX level, DA SEWER!

  • Love Kanye, but I’ll watch the performance on Rap Radar.

  • Foots

    @Urinating on Recovery

    You ever think maybe your racism has something to do with not picking up on the substance Em spits? Do you even listen to music, or do you just skim through it?

  • Ultrakid

    I see your point.

    Kanye is a better artist than Em because he has a huge influence on the mainstream and he’s the biggest trendsetters. If you ask Wale, Kid Cudi, Drake, J. Cole and Diggy Simmons who influences them as a rapper they’ll reply with saying Kanye is their biggest influence or one of their biggest influences. Also Kanye had orchestras on his albums which we’ve really haven’t heard on a Hip Hop album before, he spoke about things that wasn’t heard in Hip Hop before, and the whole Electro rivival sound going on right now is because of Kanye. He is the artist of our generation….Eminem to you guys can be called the rapper of our generation but that’s debatable. To be the artist of a generation you have to be original and be a trendsetter and that’s exactly what Kanye is. I consider M.I.A. to be the female artist of our generation too.

  • slimshady

    @ ultrakid, cosign.

  • slimshady

    @ fag kanye fans, is a FAG. KANYE AINT AS ORIGINAL/CREATIVE AS EM? GTFO dude, kanye is a trendsetter, and like some have said, the artist of our decade. he’s a fucking artist, pushes boundaries like no one else. Recovery’s a fucking embarrassment and this is coming from someone who thinks em’s the g.o.a.t. Shit, Relapse was the best of the bunch (Recovery, Encore, Relapse) and Im sure alot of you can agree with that. But aside from Eminem Show and MMLP, Em hasn’t made classic albums. Kanye makes quality works, fuck it if he’s not the greatest rapper, he makes CLASSIC ALBUMS. its just the way he puts shit together, no other rapper does the same. Late Registration still the album of the decade.

  • slimshady


  • Hate having to comment just to see the rest of the comments!

  • Ultrakid

    I wouldn’t say Recovery was an embarrassment because Em had good intentions and the album being mediocre to me had nothing to do with his skills on the mic. I wouldn’t call these Em fans/stans fags either but besides those comments I have to co-sign with you because Late Registration was an amazing album. People either say Graduation or The College Dropout but Late Registration was far more superior to both—Lyrically and production wise. Even the subject matter is deeper than both of those albums…Roses was deep, Crack Music was deep, Hey Mama and Heard Em’ Say was deep…man the album was a classic and a step up from The College Dropout that’s why it recieved so much universal praised at the time but of course Late Registration was just too good and too dark for the masses so Kanye went back into his College Dropout roots for Graduation and gave us an album that’s more Pop than Late Registration. Either way all three of those albums were classics and 808’s was an underrated album and most of the people who’ve dissed 808’s haven’t even listened to the album.

  • Eva Miller

    Well all I have to say is that the beat to power is awesome and I think that Symbolic 1 did an awesome job on producing it for him…so just keep up the good work its gonna be a fun night to watch the BET awards this year as it has been all the other years…..Thanks S1 you did it….

  • Ultrakid

    S1 is probably getting calls from every rapper right now trying to ask for a beat.

  • forceavenger

    How is POWER the best single out???!!!!!! Are you kidding me??? Other than the first few seconds where Kanye comes in, the song loses its flow in a hurry. The music of the song drowns Kanye out half the time. Just face the facts Em haters, Em has put out a QUALITY album for the first time since the Eminem Show.

  • slimshady

    @ forceavenger, you fucking trippin fool. power is the best single out this year, whats better? def not anything on recovery. if you call an album with songs like “white trash party”, “wont back down”, “almost famous”, “not afraid” a quality album, theres something seriously wrong witchu. kanye maintains the momentum throughout power and ends it perfectly with the choir singing at the end and the car crash. its got a message and a narrative. nigga makes dope records, and stop comparing the 2, the post was about kanye, just watch dude kill it tomorrow. Haters.

  • Ultrakid


    *Giant face palm*

    I that that subject was already talked about in the last few pages and most of us agreed Kanye had the best single. It was the most original and it definitly doesn’t sound your typical Hip Hop/or Pop song{{Not Afraid, No Love, Love the Way You Lie}} it brought a fresh new sound which Kanye always brings. Nobody is saying Em’s new singles sucked but those song are anything but original because we’ve heard production like that before. Power had Rock, Hip Hop and Tribal influences and what did Not Afraid have besides Em’s crazy lyrics??? The best single has to have a fresh new sound and that’s what Power gave us and like I said the only other singles we can debate on are the singles off of Distant Relatives, How I Got Over, El Che, and Revelations Per Minute. Good Ass Job will most likely and I said most likely I’m not just going to claim it’s going to be the album of the year like most Em fans did with Recovery but the album will most likely be the best album of the year or one of the best albums of the year. Kanye always brings classic and his albums always takes Hip Hop to the next level which makes him the artist of the decade, TRENDSETTER my dude look it up—To be the best artist you have to be a trendsetter and that’s what Kanye, Outkast, and M.I.A. are. Those three are the artists of our generation all of them mixing genres together and making music like no other.

    Peace out I made my point
    *Waits patentially for Inception*

  • Ultrakid

    *Waits patiently for Inception*

    My bad.{{HA!}}

  • Word

    So, unless the single is refreshing, it’s not good? If you do the same ol thing, but really good, theni see no problem.

    Power = No Love

    You can’t tell me that haddaway sample isn’t orignal, took a song like that and made it a banger. That’s pretty original


    EMINEM RECOVERY SINGLE “NOT AFRAID” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>POWER BORING ASS SONG. EMINEM >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> KANYE.. EASY GETS MY POINT ACROSS LOL @ ULTRAGAYKID ^^^

  • @ULTRA FAG……


  • John


    The fact that Eminem even gets brought up in this thread that has nothing to do with him is a testament to the threat Kanye is to Eminem fans.

    I love both artists, I bought Recovery and think it’s fantastic, but every time Kanye news comes out, stans pounce on it and start shitting on Kanye. Why? Because they know that he’s an artist at the same caliber as Eminem (and maybe some are still butthurt when Ye beat him at the grammies for Rap Album of the year, something Kanye has won with every rap album he has made, Eminem used to be able to say that before Ye was the only person to beat him) and they try proving that Eminem is ‘so much better’. But are brilliant artists, I prefer Kanye because his music speaks to me more and I think he is way more creative, and has made a ginormous impact on Hip-Hop, and paved the way for people like Drake, Cudi, Fiasco, etc… From his style, to production, to his own albums. But both artists have done a lot for the genre

    Look, will Ye sell as much as Em? Probably not, but remember – “Let’s do the math, if I was black, I would have sold half, I ain’t have to graduate from Lincoln Highschool to know that”. But quality wise, Ye’s albums are always top notch. Power is still my favorite single of the year and I can’t wait for Ye to drop his album, it’s going to be amazing. This performance will be one of his most important, I know he’ll rip the stage.

  • Foots


    Em as 4 Rap Album of the Year Awards, Kanye has 3. They both lost one, Em lost with Encore KAnye lost with 808s. Lets see them go head to head with two top-notch albums then talk.

  • John


    808’s wasn’t even rap lol. It’s hard to find a spot to put that album. And everyone knows Ye got snubbed last years grammy’s. His album was one of the most successful, Heartless sold the most out of any Kanye song ever. It went three times platinum (like Stronger), but it edged it out for more. It spawned a BILLION remakes, by very popular artists that also got success. The fact that the song didn’t get nominated is a testament to the snub hahaa. But I ain’t mad, I know Ye is going to just grab em’ again soon =P.

  • Word


    I didnt like Heartless personally….dont fucks with autotune.

  • John


    I feel you, I loved 808’s, but the auto-tune was a weak spot on Heartless. On every other track though he tweaked it so you could hear the emotion he’s singing in so it was creative and I actually felt like he was singing because of his runs. On Heartless it sounded like any other track though.

    But that aside, you can’t deny it’s success, some of the singles nominated were unknowns. Grade A snub IMO lol.

  • John sucks D

    @ John

    Hey dumb-dick-fuck-head-nigger-spic-queer-honkey-chinc-dolt, why don’t you go back to the beginning of this stupid post about GaYe’ and see who shot first? It was the GaYe’ stans who brought up Eminem for no reason, not the other way around. And Kanye a “threat” to Eminem? Don’t make me fucking laugh. Kanye can make great beats, cool. Great job, I’ll give you that. But your lyrics, flow, content, and “substance” sucks. Eminem trumps you in too many categories.

    Secondly, Eminem makes music for his FANS. He doesn’t try mainstream bullshit like you faggot fuck Kanye fans are obsessed with. Relapse was fan service. Recovery is, mostly, fan service. So of course you won’t like it if you’re not a fan.


  • John

    @ John sucks D lol

    Your post is a testament to why I don’t even have to reply back. Non factual ‘facts’ spewed with random hate. My points being twisted. I didn’t say Kanye was a ‘threat’ to Eminem, I said he was a threat to Eminem fans. And I did look back, are you blind? Where the first person who started it was an Eminem fan – damn you can’t lie about stuff like that – anyone can just look back and check. Kanye West has so much more than ‘beats’, you saying that should make your post disregarded. His impact is huge and his lyrics are the main reason – than you can break that down into so many other things he is a major influence on (style, beats, personality, etc..). The fact that you say ‘substance’ and ‘content’ while trying to prove why Eminem better is laughable, because that is what made Kanye huge. He has the album of the decade (2 undeniable classics) and was hailed artist of the decade by Pitchfork, EW, and Rolling Stone just last year. All these new cats are all influenced by Kanye. But of course you wouldn’t know, no one but Eminem exists out of your bubble, clearly it’s yours that should be ‘bursted’.

    Recovery is one of the most mainstream albums I bought this year so please man STFU. Relapse wasn’t and I will give you that, but 808’s wasn’t mainstream either. Because it has auto-tune on it, it becomes mainstream? The album was fucking emo, and Kanye was respected because he DIDN’T use auto-tune, a lot of his fans were pissed he used it. In turn, he still made a successful (commercially and critically) and creative album.

    And like I mentioned, I bought Eminems album and thought it was fantastic. Your post proves my point exactly. You don’t even know how to read you pathetic fool, and your grammar + lies just show how much of a douche you really are.

    You’re entire post was a fucking joke. Now please sit down and STFU – the more you type, the more you’re just embarrassing yourself.

  • Toussaintthefree

    ^^Thank you Duffy someone finally gets it…

    What bothers me when “true fans” hear music and don’t listen

    Kanye said in this song what people on this blog are arguing about…
    “in this white man’s world, we the ones chosen, so goodnight cruel world I see you in the morning” for a mediocre rapper, that was real deep

    Em is extremely talented, and has sold numbers for hip-hop that no black rapper can ever meet….white will buy white, and white will buy black if he’s not “too black/deep” and almost harmless, that’s why Lupe won’t sell, and the white world was mad at ‘Ye for his “Swift attack”


    It’s like the reverse of the golf game right now: we maybe winning, but it’s still Tiger’s world…