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In observance of the one year anniversary of his passing, we decided to re-post this. We miss MJ!

In tribute to the best to ever do it, I personally put together seven comps of some of my favorite MJ joints. Shout-out to EMZ for the help out. R.I.P. The King.

YN’s MJ Music Vol. 1

YN’s MJ Music Vol. 2

YN’s MJ Music Vol. 3

YN’s MJ Music Vol. 4

YN’s MJ Music Vol. 5

YN’s MJ Music Vol. 6

YN’s MJ Music Vol. 7

UPDATE: Tracklists after the jump.

Vol. 1

Call On Me (Original Mix)                                       Michael Jackson
Euphoria                                                              Michael Jackson
Darling Dear                                                         The Jackson 5
2-4-6-8                                                                The Jackson 5
We’ve Got A Good Thing Going                               Michael Jackson
One More Chance                                                  The Jackson 5
People Make The World Go Round                           Michael Jackson
Ain’t No Sunshine                                                  Michael Jackson
I’ll Bet You                                                            The Jackson 5
Maria (You Were The Only One)                              Michael Jackson
It’s Great To Be Here (Kenny Dope Remix)              The Jackson 5
Walk On / The Love You Save (Live Indiana)           The Jackson 5
I Want You Back (Instrumental)                             The Jackson 5
Maybe Tomorrow (Indiana Version)                         The Jackson 5
I Wanna Be Where You Are                                   Michael Jackson
I’ll Be There (Alternate Version)                            The Jackson 5
Never Can Say Goodbye                                       The Jackson 5
Don’t Know Why I Love You                                  The Jackson 5
With A Child’s Heart                                              Michael Jackson
Goin’ Back To Indiana (Live Indiana)                       The Jackson 5
Got To Be There (Acapella)                                   Michael Jackson

Vol. 2

Nobody                                                               The Jackson 5
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town                              The Jackson 5
ABC                                                                     The Jackson 5
Rockin’ Robin                                                       Michael Jackson
Little Bitty Pretty One                                             The Jackson 5
Feelin’ Alright (Live Indiana)                                    The Jackson 5
Sugar Daddy                                                         The Jackson 5
Mama’s Pearl (Acapella)                                          The Jackson 5
Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing                            The Jackson 5
You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me                                 The Jackson 5
I Want To Take You Higher (Live Indiana)                     The Jackson 5
Sing A Simple Song/Can You Remember (Hollywood Palace) Jackson 5
Superstition (Live Japan)                                             The Jackson 5
Lookin’ Through The Windows                                       The Jackson 5
Just Because I Love You                                                The Jackson 5
Uppermost                                                                   The Jackson 5
Reach in                                                                      The Jackson 5
The Boogie Man                                                            The Jackson 5
Girl Don’t Take Your Love From Me                                  Michael Jackson
Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool                                         Michael Jackson
Happy (Love Theme From “Lady Sings The Blues”)          Michael Jackson
Who’s Lovin’ You (Live Indiana)                                     The Jackson 5
When I Come Of Age                                                    Michael Jackson
Music And Me                                                             Michael Jackson

Vol. 3

We’re Almost There                                             Michael Jackson
If I Don’t Love You This Way                                The Jackson 5
It’s Too Late to Change the Time                          The Jackson 5
I Am Love                                                          The Jackson 5
Forever Came Today                                           The Jackson 5
Dancing Machine (DJ Spinna Remix)                     The Jackson 5
Body Language (Do the Love Dance)                    The Jackson 5
Hum Along And Dance (Uncut)                            The Jackson 5
Whatever You Got, I Want                                   The Jackson 5
Moving Violation                                                 The Jackson 5
Get It Together                                                  The Jackson 5
Dapper Dan                                                     Michael Jackson
Dear Michael                                                   Michael Jackson
Just a Little Bit of You                                      Michael Jackson
You Are There                                                 Michael Jackson
I’ll Come Home to You                                     Michael Jackson

Vol. 4

Shake A Body (Early Demo)                            Michael Jackson
Enjoy Yourself (Extended)                              The Jacksons
Show You The Way To Go                              The Jacksons
That’s What You Get (For Being Polite)            The Jacksons
Good Times                                                 The Jacksons
Blues Away                                                  The Jacksons
Think Happy                                                 The Jacksons
Goin’ Places                                                 The Jacksons
Man Of War                                                 The Jacksons
Destiny                                                       The Jacksons
Push Me Away                                             The Jacksons
Find Me A Girl                                             The Jacksons
Even Though You’re Gone                             The Jacksons
Heaven Knows I Love You Girl                       The Jacksons
Bless His Soul                                              The Jacksons
Dreamer                                                     The Jacksons
Style Of Life                                                The Jacksons
All Night Dancin’                                          The Jacksons

Vol. 5

Opening / Can You Feel It (Live)                    The Jacksons
Workin’ Day And Night                                 Michael Jackson
Things I Do For You                                     The Jacksons
Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough (Demo 1978)   Michael Jackson
Rock With You (Acapella)                               Michael Jackson
This Place Hotel (a/k/a Heartbreak Hotel) (Single) The Jacksons
Give It Up                                                        The Jacksons
Get On The Floor                                          Michael Jackson
Everybody                                                   The Jacksons
Walk Right Now (Instrumental)                      The Jacksons
I Can’t Help It                                              Michael Jackson
She’s Out Of My Life                                     Michael Jackson
Your Ways                                                   The Jacksons
Time Waits For No One                                 The Jacksons
Ben (Live)                                                   The Jacksons
Lovely One (Live)                                         The Jacksons

Vol. 6

Thriller                                                               Michael Jackson
Off The Wall                                                       Michael Jackson
Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’                                Michael Jackson
Bad (Dance Extended Mix Includes “False Fade”)   Michael Jackson
Billie Jean (Demo 1981)                                      Michael Jackson
Dirty Diana (87 Mix)                                           Michael Jackson
Beat It                                                             Michael Jackson
Smooth Criminal (87 Breathing Mix)                     Michael Jackson
Human Nature                                                  Michael Jackson
P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) Demo                        Michael Jackson
Liberian Girl                                                     Michael Jackson
Speed Demon                                                  Michael Jackson
Another Part Of Me                                         Michael Jackson
Leave Me Alone                                              Michael Jackson
The Lady In My Life                                         Michael Jackson
Man In The Mirror (Live)                                   Michael Jackson

Vol. 7

You Rock My World (Remix)                              Michael Jackson feat. Jay-Z
Who Is It  (Beatbox on Oprah)                          Michael Jackson
Remember the Time                                         Michael Jackson
Jam (Acapella)                                                 Michael Jackson
Scream                                                           Michael Jackson feat. Janet
They Don’t Care About Us (Unedited)                 Michael Jackson
Will You Be There                                            Michael Jackson
Give In To Me (Acapella)                                  Michael Jackson
2 Bad (Refugee Camp Mix)                               Michael Jackson
This Time Around                                           Michael Jackson
Unbreakable                                                    Michael Jackson
Invincible                                                       Michael Jackson
Break Of Dawn                                              Michael Jackson
Butterflies                                                     Michael Jackson
Dangerous                                                    Michael Jackson
Gone Too Soon (Acapella)                              Michael Jackson

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  • L’Moe

    I need a track list so i know which one to download

  • cupcake

    thank you a lot

  • iagree

    thank you so much. It’s a great collection. you should be proud…

  • toronto’s finest

    Out of 7 volumes, 30 joints i didn’t have…….much appreciated

    I can not get stevie wonders words out of my head from yesterdays memorial….”God needed Michael far more”…..

  • JON-B


  • Mindbender Supreme

    holy flying fuck, this looks exhaustive and awesome.

    I’m about to go even deeper into MichaelMania.

    words cannot express my appreciation, Elliott.

    this is the sound of Magic, not music.

    MJ has the Voice of God, f’real.

    eternal respect from Mindbender

  • c_lux

    these lists have completed my itunes!

    i know i can depend on yall!

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  • Thank Me Hater

    Preciate that YN

  • DrofromcalitoINDY

    Well I won’t be the first to say it.. but that 20 million that he settles out of court with that jordan kid tells you he was guilty and that he did have children suck his dick.. i mean the kid explained mikes dick in vivid detail.. But he did make some damn good music.. Too bad he will always be tainted and i hope that noone actually pays for his music anymore.. I mean he is as bad or worse than the catholics priests who are pedophiles.. but michael gets a pass because he had a fucked up life.. tsk tsk.. paying 20 million mean syou are guilty.. it doesnt mean you didnt and never did anything with children.. why did he settle for any money at all if he wasnt guilty? but reat music.. but SMFH at the man

  • DrofromcalitoINDY

    and dont say we shouldnt remember him for that sick stuff he did with that kid.. because really we shouldnt be remember or praising a pedophile at all

  • DallasTx_Groveside

    Fuck this y’all go to datpiff and download a chopped & screwed MJ Cd mix it’s dope

  • Chris

    awesome collection thanks YN

  • will

    only MJ can have 7 volumes of hits with like 18 on every list

  • !ShootDontPlease



  • So Icy Boi!

    R.I.P MJ

  • R.I.P KING!

  • shakur

    L.O.V.E miss you mike

  • Renegade

    Wtf Dro you’re retarded. If you actually knew what happened, he settled out of court because at the time he was having big problems in his life, plus he needed to focus on his career, the last thing he needed was a lengthy court sentence with it being shown all over the news. By settling it was over and done with quick. When he did go to court he was found not guilty on every charge. Even in death people continue to slander his name, but I suppose the same happens to all true geniuses.

    R.I.P. MJ, truly the greatest musician ever.

  • Jizz in my pants..

  • killakev

    RIP MJ
    YN Good Looking

  • Eminem Fanatics Society

    Rest In Peace! gone, but never ever forgotten

  • Mr.fuck mike Harris mom from mto

    This dude was bigger than just a cat trying to sell records…reflected human determination to reach perfection.in front of the eyes of the world around he reached it & held it there for ss long as he could. Rip mj

  • Oj Da Cornball

    Wait… YN, you pirating music on this site openly? WOW

    Can’t wait to see what Sony thinks.

  • Money mitch

    Yo yn imma let you Finish, but mj was one of the greatest child molesters of all time!!!

    and mr chappele would you let your children stay with mr Jackson?

    Fuck no!!

  • D Assassin

    you the man for this one yn! no homo

  • phil

    Don’t want to be mean, but all of you called him a fucking weirdo before he died, and now, you all are like “he’s the fucking king of pop, better ride his cock hard”. Two faced idiots.

  • phil

    And I’m not saying I liked him before either, I’m just saying that it’s gay for people to treat people differently after they’re dead. And yes, I’m probably leaning toward what ya’ll do, but regardless.
    Human nature is odd.

  • Mr.Man


  • To honor the 1 year anniversary of his death, we download his music for free, but would bitch and complain if Jay-Z or Drake’s album leaked and be like “aw naw…support the artist and buy that shit when it comes out”

    Isn’t that ass backwards? Jus sayin

  • *contradicts self and proceeds to download my black ass off* Shhhhh

  • DrofromcalitoINDY

    @JUS SAYING Mikes already sold like 250 million albums worldwide.. haha fuckin pedophile that he is.. all those asians LOVE HIM

  • mmkayy

    damn thnx.. i duno why u dont have the original Dirty Diana tho..

  • j

    RIP MJ.

    Without a doubt, the best entertainer to ever live.

    Glad I got to see him on the Victory and Bad Tour.

  • Mr.Man


    Suck a AIDS-infested dick and die,bitch.He wasn’t a pedo,those little kids’ parents plotted to make him look bad and get his money.The whole world loves him,you fuckin bitch ass piece of shit.


    Good lookin out on this one YN, beautiful music. Although we normally argue about who the greatest MCs are, Michael was the greatest of any genre to ever breath on a microphone. There will never be another

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  • Tangimiestamn

    hey, Whats up guys. I ran into a site for nudism. It is a brand new area to find all kinds of nude teenagers, kids, parents that live their life together in a nudist community. Can anybody tell me if its a attractive cite to go to or if its just another scam. I thought it was great because none of the torrent sites have anything like this.

  • Eminem

    Me and Kim’s favorite is “Shake a Body”… Yowza 🙂 LOL

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