• Ultrakid

    Fuck it’s G.O.O.D. I’ll waist every penny just not at the same time, lol.

  • Trevor

    YESSSSS!!!!!!!! I’ll be buying all 3!

  • BL

    Yessirrr I will def be buying all 3.

  • LOL

    Kanye stans in here now….but so quick to call out Eminem stans. Jay>>>>>>and YES I am a jay stan and will admit that!

  • sb

    Excited for Kanye’s album ONLY!
    Why do those do have to share a release date with him?

  • Thank Me Hater

    Big Sean is actually really dope

  • Thank Me Hater

    I’m talking about lyrically. Probably the dopest out the bunch

  • sb

    Excited for Kanye’s album ONLY!
    Why do those 2 have to share a release date with him?

  • ddave

    Excited for Big Sean, and Kanye’s album.

  • Ultrakid

    Man, I know Big Sean and Kid Cudi are going to give us great albums but Kanye along Common and J. Cole are the ones who I think will bring us classics. Last Train to Paris will be a good listen on that month too.

  • John

    OMG YES G.O.O.D TAKEOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    And PLEASE guys, I fucking BEG you not to turn this into an Eminem thing. We’ve already got some dude trying to get people riled up – “Kanye stans in here now….but so quick to call out Eminem stans. Jay>>>>>>and YES I am a jay stan and will admit that!” Ignore him. Leave this place for Ye fans please.

    I can’t wait for this day guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m buyin all 3 no doubt, but I’ll believe this shit when I’m at home crackin the plastic off of all 3 albums on 9/14. Lol.

  • slimmmmmmeeee

    G.O.O.D Music > Young Money

  • Gordon B.

    You mean just like how every hater plays nice and stays out of Em posts?

  • ronnie_moe

    Only copping Kanye’s joint!!!!!

  • John

    @ Gordon

    Dude, to be honest I never go into them, so I don’t know if Ye fans trash the place up, and if they do, fuck them. I love both artists and I’m sick of everyone turning every thread into a competition. It’s all hip-hop and they all put out quality music that defines our generation.

    So if any Ye fans do that, seriously tell em GTFO, there just being douches. But I still ask to not turn this place into a Em vs. Ye or ANYTHING like that. I just want Ye fans to discuss and be happy about this without fucking going nuts trying to defend him or insult other artists. Of course all I can do is ask, maybe next Em news that comes out the haters will reciprocate, someone has to make the G.O.O.D step forward lol.

    But yah, like I said I can only ask, but I guess it’s just in people’s blood to hate.

  • kofi

    Interesting concept, Kanye uses his album to boost the attention on his G.O.O.D. Music family’s projects. Not sure if it will work but in the climate of today’s music industry I guess you have to think outside of the box. Looking forward to Ye and Cudi….but Big Sean I can take or leave.

  • Post no billz

    Will be coppin’ kanye fa sho.. Big seans dope but im not really sold on him quite yet.. I need to hear more joints.. Cudi’s too much hit or miss for my taste..

  • Gordon B.

    Next Em post will probably be first week sales and that’ll at least drag out them Wayne stans yelling “LOL CARTER 3 DID A MIL FIRST WEEK”.
    Kanye will give Em a run for the money on first week sales though, nothing like a bit of healthy competition. 🙂

  • Gordon B.

    @ Kofi
    Well marketing like this doesn’t cost them any additional money so every additional record they sell with this stunt is just more cash in the pocket.

  • Ultrakid

    @Gordon B.,
    Kanye will sell alot but not as much as Em. Em has the whole CD sales on lockdown and no rapper is outselling him even if Kanye drops another classic.

  • Damn


  • Thank Me Hater

    Somebody get @Damn of the mic “where the fuck is Kanye when you need him” -Em

  • Thank Me Hater

    I’m sorry…Kid Cudi is straight ass. He’s horrible

  • kofi

    @Gordon B.

    But it could backfire on them. There could be so much attention on Kanye’s project that Sean and Cudi could be overlooked.

  • pFROMt

    That Big Sean album is gonna be fire

  • DAMN

    @thank me hatter

    “where the fuck is Kanye when you need him” -Em

    Good Ass Job is going to be the next album to buy after recovery

  • DAMN

    Hold up let me change my name somebody else using it SMH

  • will

    well looks like Game album is going to get pushed bacc to xmas LOL becuz if they shit coming out in Sept its gonna be a G.O.O.D. Hot Summer real talk these niggas can change the whole tone of the game right now and could have Diddy Game and Even Daddy Fat Saccs shit pushed bacc

    That High Rise joint by Big sean is Buyable

    Power is a Amazing

    and them white people is going crazy about rev of ev

    i got Kanye at Gold 1st week

    Cudi at 175 K 1st week

    and Sean at about 95 K 1st week

  • SupremeSkillz

    What if they drop all three in one pack and make people pay $30 for all three? I can see the music biz doing something like this in the near future. That way they all do big numbers.

  • DAMN

    @SupremeSkillz says:

    Cosign…..might as well put all 3 CD’s as a package deal

  • Donn

    Who cares if ur a stan or a fan, whateva, as long as u support ur favorite artist. Its about GOOD music, if u like Em, support em’, if u like Ye support Ye. Lets all grow up. Support the music u like, whoever it is
    Positivity In HipHop, Love For All 😀

  • Can’t wait. I’ll be buying all 3 albums.

  • Iceyjesse

    They prolly gonna be all over each others albums too which can be a good thing

  • abuja19

    KANYE IS BACK! Got to start saving up!!!

  • Joshua

    I like Kanye but his BET performance was lame. What was up with that chain ?

  • will

    also yall niggas most be really broke if you got to save up for forty dollars a nigga could make 40 dollars in 3 hours some niggas get 40 dollars on 2 rolls

  • mescudi4o3

    G.O.O.D MUSIC IN THIS BITCH ! KLIVE STAND UP . Coppin all three

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  • Pay Jay

    Would have loved if Cons was dropping that day too. I’ll still support

  • HOVA!!

    I’m glad that they gave all of them he same release date but it would have been more logical to give Cudi a different release date so that he could have a chance at having a number 1 debut.

  • mmkayy

    ahah wha 3 albums… fck that lol kanye dont care he knows he gettn that no1 spot

  • Ultrakid

    @Pay Jay,
    Yeah Cons needs to drop that album soon cuz that mixtape was fire and it was the most slept on mixtape of the year.

  • Barzini Meeting

    LMMFAO @ the nigga WILL for calling people broke, but in the same breath bragging about needing 3 hours to make FORTY DOLLARS?!?!?!? LMFAO!!! aaaaaaaahahahahahahaha. ok. ok. ok. damn. that’s funny.

    package deal would be veeeeery interesting, just don’t see Ye going along with it….ESPECIALLY with this being his “big comeback” and all. I cant imagine any 3cd package deal marketing scheme that could top ANY direction kanye decides to choose for marketing.

  • will

    ok making forty dollars in 3 months is better than Making 40 dollars in 3 hours Nigga

    Nigga I can Make for dollars in Seconds if I wanted to i wasnt getting at that nigga

    What Im saying is If a Nigga gotta Save up for 3 months to pay for 3 albums then they have bigger problems then not being able to listen G.O.O.D. Music like its the summer school is out so what the fucc else are you doing to where you have to wait save up 3 months for 40 dollars

    so your dumbass obviously missed the meaning of that like what nigga brags about money over the internet

    And BarzinI Meeting Youz a Mark Cuz whats Yo Statement Slip is like cuz exactly nigga corny assfuccing tenth grader who laugh at his own jokes get no pussy but is motherfuccing steven jobs when the Wifi get connected get outta here cuz

    corny ass faggot putting caps on letters like he shouting some of you niggas … eh fucc it SMH feel sorry for yo momz

  • woah

    Buying all three NO DOUBT IN MY MIND! G.O.O.D Music Represent!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Trevor

    BREAKING NEWS: GOOD Music Day, September 14th, just got bigger!!!! Consequence just confirmed he is releasing on September 14th, too!!!!!


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  • isaac

    where the fuck is kanye when you need him! SNATCH the mic from him, bitch ima let you finish ina minute ya that rap was tight but im about to spit the greatest verse of all time so u might wanna go back to the lab tonight and um, scribble out them words you gonna spit and start over and scratch and write new ones

    No rapper is better than Eminem, but no label is better than G.O.O.D. MUSIC!!