Fabolous Releasing TINC 2: The Funeral Service As EP

Yep, Fab’s heading back to the lab to make There Is No Competition 2 twice as nice. More than likely, “Body Ya” exceeded the label’s expectations.

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  • AndrewB

    Damn i’m Copin That Mixtape Was ….. Nice

  • I’m disassociating myself from anyone who pays for this…

  • killakev


  • Ultrakid

    Fabolous is nice.

  • Shit, this SHOULDA been “Loso’s Way”. How tha fuck is ur mixtape gonna be better than ur album??? Wait…don’t answer that. We’ll let Drake, Trey Songz, Jadakiss, and a couple other artists chime in on this conversation…Must be the new thing to do…smfh…

  • I hate it when shit like this happends… Trap or Die 2, So Far Gone,Movies on Demand all on itunes…You gave it away and now you want me 2 pay for this shit… gtfoh.

  • itsawrizzie2010sheeeeiiiitt

    you wont see #TRAPORDIE2 as an EP thats a #FACT this is Just fab trying to see if this shit can sell more than Loso’s Way

  • AlbanianLookinBoy

    @Ivan @getmoney007
    Nothin worst than a nigga workin hard than gettin paid off it huh?

  • ivorytower

    Loso can’t make complete albums, but he got bars for days


  • GettinMoneyBothWays

    @itsawrizzie2010sheeeeiiiitt umm, naaaah this is just some LA Reid hair brain scheme bull shit. 20 bucks he only heard it two days ago and said “really? p-p-eople put out music this good for no money!? Let’s sell it!”

  • flow j

    DREAM TEAM lol……jk LOSO

  • @AlbanianLookinBoy I’m not saying that… What I AM saying is how can you say his is a FREE mixtape and then go and say BUY the same shit on itunes and kill all the freeDL links?

    @itsawrizzie2010sheeeeiiiitt Trap or Die 2 is on itunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/trap-or-die-2/id376616980

  • tysonz

    TINC 2 Sucked compare to the first one WHy bother releasing it again????

  • nyg718

    this mixtape was trash 1st 1 was way better, fab need to find sum gud talent,sign em n become a brand not sum unfullfilled potential like tmac..thats y the ludas ti’s n waynes surpassed him cus he not a official boss..FAB WAKE THE FUCK UP!

  • JohnBlack


    I agree TINC2 was weak compared to the first tape. But I’m glad he’s working on some new songs.

  • Crown_Me_Bitch

    He just just work on songs and release a part 3 or a new mixtape cuz aint nobody buyin that shit.

  • Post no billz

    Tinc2 got some bangers but aint no so far gone… This seems kinda pointless.. Didnt fab jack beats on the majority of the tape..

  • devante

    lol the mixtape only had 2 original songs, he might as well make it an album

  • FAB is that nigga.. losos way was fiya

  • mac WEASEL

    Don’t hate my opinon I’m the gayest blogger ever

  • Where Wallace At?

    [email protected]! Good point.

    His mixtape was better than the album.

  • jimmy jams

    ys niggers!¬¬¬!

  • ???? still best rite now!!

    the industry following that Drake model i see…..So Far Gone Ep is almost fkn Gold!!!

  • Clos1881

    I don’t understand this move the album the wasn’t that good they had to original songs it would be better to release them as singles without drama and make new songs for a new album. SN I hate djs who talk through songs if I was a dj I would start all my tapes off like sue knight at the source awards “if you want to make a mixtape and don’t want the dj all on the record screaming come to Carlos lol”

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  • teddy

    Los0s TinC 2 was stright fucking Fiya looking to Çheck thÀt 0ut agaig Brooklyn stand up


    What are you guys talking about? #TINC 2 was beter than the first one in my opinion. I got introduced to the First one and then decided to check out the first one. Its just not the same. The bars he has on TINC2# are just so much better.

  • Loso

    While ya sitting at your computers hating he’s getting money & has more then half of us go figure. If you can do better then shut the hell up & do it!!!!!!

  • yap u re the blades man u re cool nigga