Nicki Minaj Earns Billboard Number One

Barbie scored her first number one record this week with “Your Love” . Salute. The last female solo rapper to top the Rap Charts was Missy Elliott with “Work It” in 2002. It’s been a long time coming.

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  • lil’ NeGroid

    Can hear Nasirs “You can hate me now” suddenly playing….


  • that’s something that i can’t stand, on the billboard they consider this crap rap…
    but Em’s musics, are not on the rap chart… only not afraid…
    if Em it’s not rap, this crap Nick Minaj it’s the new madonna…
    fuck it, and haters, don’t come with that shit, saying em is pop…
    cuz if he’s pop, there’s no more rappers in the world…

  • Good for her.

  • someone

    barbie is a slut

  • B.Dot

    DJ HzD – Brazil
    i think more top 40 stations are playing Em’s records than Urban. I thnk that’s why he’s listed on Top 100 and not Rap.

  • Time to Recover

    Good for her but that song aint rap sorry to break it to ya but that shit to me is considered pop and garbage

  • Rhyme

    She not #1 on Itunes, and thast what really matter these days.
    Its a direct reflection of your buying consumers. Billboard positions can be achieved by radio alone.
    Most of Em’s chart numbers are from Purchasing rather than radio play.

  • Time to Recover

    Wired 96.5 in philly is always playing eminem and even before recovery they ocassionaly played lose yourself

  • oook…
    now i can stand that…

  • mac DIESEL



  • hec1979

    Hey DJ HzD Eminem may not have a song charting on billboard #1 slot but he has 6 that’s an accomplishment in itself.

    2. “Love The Way You Lie”

    11. “Not Afraid”

    23. “No Love”

    62. “Won’t Back Down”

    71. “Cold Wind Blows”

    88. “Talkin’ 2 Myself”

    92. “25 to Life”

  • @hec1979
    thanks bro, but that’s not the case..
    i was talkin about the rap charts…
    that songs are hot 100…

  • Africa


  • iHATEhaters


  • I enjoy the song, but all a #1 song on the radio means is that her label spent more money to get the spins. #RealTalk

    On another note, my friend in D.C. emailed me this morning about how he wants to wife her. lol

  • FAB


  • realtalk

    that’s the LABLE PAYING to get spins the SONG is SUB PAR beleive dat

  • B.Dot

    yeah, the song does suck tho

  • Single sales don’t count for shit nowadays. Let’s see where the album lands before talking.

  • lOL

    This not a good photo of her she kinda look like my Granny

  • So Icy Boi!

    Lmao at yall niggaz hating on her but all on Eminem dick…@realtalk same with Eminem the label payin to get him all that air time …and they brought all his CDs


    congrats Nicki!….thats hip-hop! Why everbody gotta be the same? Nicki is different! She is a STRONG BLACK WOMAN!!!!! Im new this site and i see a lot of animosity but hey do u….peace.

  • To bad I haven’t heard this on the radio at all.

  • phil

    She is a slut and ABSOLUTE TRASH. My god that song is horrible.

  • MiloD

    sexy itch

  • @BDot

    I wouldn’t say it sucks because the beat is pretty dope. “Shawty you the ILLLEEEST” or whatever is kind of catchy, too.

    But yea, labels are paying big bucks to for those spins. Gotta make up for that “Massive Attack” disaster and save face.

  • KenKro

    Most of her fans are the teeny boppers that got nothing else to do but hit redial on their phone requesting her garbage songs. The older hiphop heads know what real hip hop is.

  • Had to check the song out, good for her but the song is lame.

  • flow j

    im reall y trying to not criticize here but WELL DAM!!!!!!!!!(gucci voice) do yo thang nicki make the most money as possible

  • Kenya Adams

    Damn y all the hate? lol

    Congratulations Nicki!
    Since 2002, that’s a major accomplishment for a female rapper.

  • Money mitch

    It’s not hard to have a number one when umg is paying for all those spins

  • ReppinHard

    Man I’m startin to think some of you don’t really live in the real world! Lol because as much as we may hate to admit it the song is a popular song! It may not stand out to us but it does with her fan base which is females as a matter of fact there are several girls that I know who have this song as their ring tones so please let’s tone down the hate on this woman. Also, could you stop with all the Eminem stannery because the recovery was just average at best Em hasn’t made a really good album since The Eminem Show, all he does now is scream in a fast double timed flow.

  • silky johnson

    “congrats Nicki!….thats hip-hop! Why everbody gotta be the same? Nicki is different! She is a STRONG BLACK WOMAN!!!!!”

    since when is rapping about how good your pussy and head is equated to a strong woman?

    c’mon son

  • actually the last person to hold number 1 was lil’ kim in 2003 with “magic stick”

    oh the irony.

  • Nina

    Congrats to her. She’s shining let her have her moment.

  • Donn

    Congrats Nicki. :)…im not mad at the ppl who dont like her or her music. Your entitled to your opinion but as you can all see your opinion doesnt really count does it. And ima 19 year old black male. I love that song and Massive Attack

  • So Icy Boi!

    @Donn u ga!

  • Wow.

    Uhh and example of a strong yet beautiful black woman, Mary J fucking Blige, or even Eve.
    fuck that “I be on that barbie shit” garbage. Slut rap has got to stop.

  • Mr718

    come on son….lol….get off the nigga eminems dick…this post is about a female rapper earning her first #1 record…and like half the comments are about comparing her to em….u niggas are EXTRA corny…haha…i wish these comments had the pix next to them like mto…i would be fukin dying…haha

  • Aaron The Great

    Wow, that’s crazy, not a big fan of the song but that’s wassup for her


    wtf you fags talkin about em for?


    @silky johnson….she IS a strong black woman bcuz she is handling her business…no diff from Queen Latifah(STRONG BLACK WOMAN) playing Cleo in set it off….same concept for Nicki…its all entertainment! If cussing diqualifies a woman for being strong than the whole list is absurd…NICKI MINAJ = STRONG BLACK WOMAN…

  • Mulato Gato

    So is this what it comes to? This is considered hip-hop? I couldn’t believe when I heard this song that they would put it out as a single now it’s #1. That goes to show that kids are buying her image cuz that song is shit even for a commercial joint. I guess lip syncing doesn’t bother them either I’m afraid of the future……


    How did that wack ass auto tune bullshit song end up becoming #1 on billboard ?

  • !ShootDontPlease

    wtf happened to nicki’s tits? her silicone dissolve or somethin? next thing we know the bitches lips will be deflated

  • Courtney

    At first, I didn’t know what song this post was talking about. Then I youtubed it…everytime I hear this on the radio, I turn to another station. It sounds like a horrible rnb song. Any why is she singing with autotune? People let ANYthing become no.1 these days.

  • Jordy

    i freakin’ love this song, it gets stuck in ur head!

  • Barzini Meeting


    Keep it 100….ur a 19 year old GAY black male right? You “love” this song and massive attack? lmao. Two of the worst songs in the history of music? Nikki has her moments lyrically, though they are FEW and far between, but these two songs are absolute trash. Period.

  • vee

    im proud of nicki espeecially since its been since 2002 since a gurl on a song all by herself has made it it #1 it is a cute lil cathcy sweet song very radio friendly and girly and why is some of yall comparing nicki to eminem …. and @wow how is nicki not a strong black woman she is working hard to accomplish wat she doing and believing in god to help her though .. so she is no less of of a strong black women than eve(who had a sextape and use to be a stripper) or mary jblige you just really stupid for that comment and nicki has changed her image alot and does not rap slutty escpecially on this kiddy “your love” song and how does her saying she is barbie makes her not a strong black woman a barbie is a independednt girly woman who can do anything .. i think some ppl for got wat the orginal barbie repesented theres nothing with calling yourself one .. i dont call myself one but i dont see wats wrong with it

  • silky johnson

    Queen Latifah didnt rap about how much of a whore she is. and no one said anything about cussing brada, it’s the slut shit she constantly raps about. that aint a strong woman

    “Mix Melyssa Ford, with Maya Angelou
    Become a top model and Sojourner too” (c) lupe

    that’s a strong woman. makin paper off of sayin how much a bitch and ho you are aint. its a principle thing

  • My shorty play this song toooo much! It Iight though

  • That’s song is more annoying than Massive Attack. I wonder if she paid up for that sample..

  • Frontrunner

    The victory lap is jus startng…YM

  • ..itz a C-O-Nspriracy..

    ..2010 is ofishaly tha year of tha whore..

    ..congrats, i guess..

  • Donn

    Lol i have no desire to respond to such ignorance, i respect everyone’s preference, but i am a person who loves hits and that song is a hit and is on my ipod amongst artist like Em, Nas, Jay, etc, so crucify me if u want, its just a blog site, ur not hurting my feelings lol
    GO NICKI 😀


    @silky johnson…so queen latifah playing a gun toting gansta is different from Nicki rapping about sex…pleeeeeaaaaaseee….that role boosted her acting career!


    @Donn…i agree completely…i listen Nas, Jay Elect, Lupe, Damian Marley…but that song is a hit…and rap has always had a silly side….remember 2 live crew, the fat boys, digital underground, etc….c’mon man….

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  • lOL

    @ silky johnson REAL TALK

  • saab428

    I am sure lil kim is not going to like this. She will surely turn up the haterade. Well done Nicky don’t even trip over that wack, washed up, and played out lil kim.

  • action

    nicki fans are about 12, 13, 16, just kids thats why she can put out bullshit and thats why rap music is bullshit now cuz kids dont know wat real music is p.s. em good looking 4 leting us know that they are still real mcs in hip hop………………… young money suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they dont rap 4 real they just be matching words

  • Kym

    she needs media training and home training dissing her mother on national tv-really please someone help this child she needs it and after that she will never get a dollar of mine.

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  • Mmmmm .. Ayy Ayoo Ya’ll Need To Stopp Hatinnq Onn Nickki <3 Shhe's Workked Hard For All Dihhsz To Happeenn !. & Whhy Yuhh Comparinq Her To Eminemm ?? Yeahh Eminemm Ihss Doppee. Buhht He's A Duddee ! Nickki's A Gurrl , Iht's Alott Harderr To Bee A Gurrl & Havee Dihsz Muchh Success ! So Stopp Hattiinnnqq ! Cuhhsz Youur Guhnna Be Seeinnq Alott Moree Of Herrr ;D #TeammMinajj<$$ '

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