Big Boi Finds Suge Knight

Well, looky here! Earlier today, it was reported that Suge Knight was wanted in L.A. for missing a court appearance last week. But it seems as if he isn’t too worried about the law. In fact, he posed for a flick outside of Big Boi’s Los Angeles hotel. No telling where he’ll pop up next!

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  • BNevo

    snitching? #justsayin

  • OnMyYayo

    LMAO ^^ snitch.

  • tron

    looks like bun b.. snitchin???damn fools

  • Likewise

    Big boi works for the Feds !!!

  • young hov

    album of the year

  • Rick Rozay

    this nigga look scared

  • Dope

    LMAO at big boi’s face nigga look like he seen a ghost.

    Damn suge look at ur damn watch bigger than my girlfriends titiies damn Nigga.

  • Bl

    Sir Lucious Left Foot – – Great Album! Album of the year ?

  • Thank Me Hater

    That’d be funny if he turned that nigga in

  • LOL

    I can just imagine suge before they took the pic “you better not say shit. just stand there and take this picture”

  • Midnite!

    Nice album but,not album of the year.relax yourselves.Thats Recovery!It’s just that simple.

  • coco loco

    suge got that old ass jacob watch, who even wear that anymore??? i dont even think bootleggars on canal carry them shits.

  • chosen

    kanye “good ass job” will be album of the year


    BIG BOI [email protected]@ks shook as shyt floatin on water if you ask me. Suge Knight to BIG BOI…”Smile Nigga, Smile, and If this shYt gets leaked to the news, Imma find you and smack yo punk as around, understood????” BIG BOI to Suge…(in his ATL [the movie that is]) “…boy stop playin”

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