New Music: Pharoahe Monch x Mela Machinko “Shine”

This year, Duck Down Records are celebrating their 15th anniversary. And now that Pharaohe Monch is added to the roster, he’s adding to the label’s legacy with his new album, W.A.R. Here’s the first leak featuring Mela Machinko. Produced by Diamond D.

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  • Chris M.

    “Produced by the late Diamond D”

    Uh… the late? When did he die exactly?

  • Your Father

    The late Diamond D?
    C’mon now, cuzzo…you slippin’.
    Diamond D ain’t dead.

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  • Diamnd D aint dead!!!! Someone please tell Elliot Wilson to take that shit down, thats not cool YN!!!

  • damnsonyoutrippin

    diamond d aint dead

  • Thank you Pharoahe Monch.. thank you. Can’t wait for the album.

  • B.Dot

    my bad, im thinking of Disco D. *kills self* Apologies to all.

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  • Ultrakid

    Pharoahe Monch=Underrated

  • Matt

    B. Dot, you know how Disco D passed away I hope…. Oy.

  • JayReckless617

    Pharoahe Monch still got the word play and the lyrics are top notch 2

    Rap Radar give a nigga a job

  • B.Dot

    B. Dot, you know how Disco D passed away I hope…. Oy.
    yeah i do. i didnt mean *kill self* literally tho.

  • gmoney

    Pharoahe Monch is a hip hop God, lyrics, delivery, flow, subject matter, not may better than this guy after all these years!!! Ready for W.A.R.!!!!

  • coco loco

    sound like sadat x for a sec. and machinko is a FUCKED up name lol…

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  • don-p
    check out hot new mixtape, get on what the industry has been on

  • Tupac is more relevant than ever b4

    @ Coco Loco………….sure did sound like Sadat X lol but i wish he just went in on this track instead of doing his flow like that. Some parts i was feelin the flow and then i was like it was alright.

    OVERALL: The beat is dope, Monch got skills and i didnt know DuckDown records was still standing……4/5

  • Mr A From Tha T

    Go ahead and call me a yungsta, only hered pharoahe monch’s name before, but this is some damn good shit!!!

  • Hey U

    Very very niiice!

  • Keeper

    Rap Radar getting their sewer rats mixed up!!! Diamond D, Disco D, Dinco D, Davy D….one of ’em produced it LOL