The-Dream & Christina Milian Separate

Guess this means the honeymoon’s over. After tying the knot last October, The-Dream and Christina Milan have apparently called it quits. Earlier today, photos of Dream frockling on the beach with his assistant emerged on the net. According to US Weekly, a rep said the couple threw in the towel before the New Year. The singers also have a five-month-old named, Violet. Might be time to break out that make up bag, bruh.

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  • IM ME

    That pussy was mine anyways.

  • NuNu

    This dude has been caught on camera with like 40 different bitches since she had that baby….of course they aint together. He could at least be less blantant with it tho….just sayin…

  • Dead Prez


  • “I ain’t going nowhere. Who the fuck is gonna replace me? And just for you, I’m a drop another CD.
    You don’t care; I don’t care. We can do this any, everywhere. 6.7.20-11, I’m a drop that Love Affair.
    She don’t care, I don’t care. We can do this any, everywhere. 6.7.20-11, I’m a drop that Love Affair” – The-Dream, Sex Intelligent Remix

  • Dead Prez

    sorry… couldn’t hold that back.. but seriously, do any of you REALLY think that this dude is straight?!?!?!

  • KenKro

    Publicity stunt cuz he only sold less than 60K of his album. He cant be a man and tell her that he dont want her. How hard is that. Plus this dude is a tool. Hes more into handbags than beautiful women. Hes gay if you ask my opinion.

  • RICH1

    what a lame fuck. hes still a young boy, still wanted to put his dick in everything. dude has like 3 baby mamas and still wants another one. his career is over stick to making beats and producing and get back in the gym

  • ronnie_moe






  • H2H

    Man if this dude wasn’t “The Dream”, no bitch would want his fat ass.

  • koa29

    Fat nigga’s can’t score christina milian type chicks…. see: this

  • mmkayy

    he has to be the stupidest mothafcka……………….

  • Fa-Q

    Girl aint even got an ass….hit up that bitch from “find your love” video,,,,I saw that today on MTV I was like DAYUM

  • gerold

    That is what happens when singers [email protected] for beats…


    gerold says:
    Monday, July 12 2010 at 3:49 PM EST
    That is what happens when singers [email protected] for beats…



  • sideshowRaheem

    Can you say downgrade.

  • Ben

    I heard it was her homegirl too. Fucked up. Play on playa.

  • cristina call me girl

  • haha

    Christina was with Dre two weeks before she got with Dream…she played herself thinking Dream was gone to jump start her mediocre career! These women are just are wrong!

  • iam2smooth

    @dream obviously ur not the love king cuz u can’t keep yo marriageS, clearly ur like da rest of them trickin cuz u got it lmao!

  • dee

    Dats sum bad shit u a dumb fool if ya gonna cheat atlease find sumbody dat look betta

  • BK

    Not to bring the negativity but i called it. I said a year… this motherfucker couldn’t even last that long! SMH.

  • ddave

    I’m guessing this is the real reason why he shut down his twitter account. Wow, as if Christina Milian wasn’t enough. Females go for the wrong nigga’s, and the result are things like this.

  • Andre “Dre” Lyon

    That faggot Dream saw that hoe leeching off me and went and fell in love. T.I. Told me B.E.T. looking for a Tiny replacment. maybe a reality show could save her career

  • Black By Popular Demand

    he’s a homo anyway… she did it for the money. he did for the publicity. she got a big check coming for the next 18 years… so she’s good. dream better go make some bigger hits.


    The problem iz stuid hoez think money=happiness

  • belly

    all because of nikki

  • NuNu

    She should have known he wasn’t the one when he told her that she looked good as a blonde…..

  • Hollywood

    Fuck what these ppl think Dream. Keep doing what you want, you been split up with Milian since end of last year, so who gives a fuck who you’r fucking. That chick look like a slumdog Kardashian, I still smash though.

  • Donn

    Everyone got something to say about a relationship they kno nothing about. Let that man do him and Xtina do her, no one knows why it didn’t work but them. Get out them ppl bizness

  • who fucking cares B.Dot. This is suposed to be RAP RADAR not TMZ. Fucking dumb shit.

  • Barzini Meeting

    LMFAO! I’m not a Dream fan or anything, but the ignorance surrounding all of the hate of this dude is mind f***g boggling?!?! lmfao!?!? HE WAS SMASHING, GOT PREGNANT, AND MARRIED CHRISTINA MILIAN, ALL THE WHILE SMASHING DOZENS OF OTHER BAD ASS CHICKS?!?!?! LMFAO. So regardless of being fat, dramatic, or blah blah blah, dude is straight pimpin deez hoes, but you jeolous ass, spiteful ass, hateful ass, niggaz and b***tches still wanna hate? Damn that dude must’ve pissed in your Wheaties or somethin?

  • Why is this shit considered newsworthy.

  • B.Dot

    conspiracy worldwide radio
    stick with worldwide radio and we’ll handle our B.I…capeesh?

  • your mom cougered me

    it was all good not to long ago…

  • TdOthIPpY

    Barzini meeting. If what you said wasn’t a church moment i don’t know what is? Quit bashing the man so hard he makes millions ans smashes bad bitches who cares what his music sounds like.

  • Thank Me Hater

    WHAT?!?!?! A celebrity couple separating?!?!?!?! Big shock!

  • fast

    wow. WOW.

  • mac DIESEL



  • unconform_normality

    SMH….its jus sloppy on how this man operate…this how you let the world know you and christina are separated ( she couldnt save face? had to disrespect her like that?)…not divorce…and fool she can use the damn pictures against you when it comes to “irreconcilable difference in divorce proceedings. And Im sure you know any monetary gain you got while you was with her you have to split with her. UNLESS…he was smart enough to have an articulate pre nuptial.

    Christina gets cursed out too..christina you only knew duke for a year..a year!. Everything is good the first year, its the years after the first year that you base your decision if you want to marry sum1. Everybody take heed to what Im saying. There are examples everywhere not just in celeb world.

    @ Donn, its public business when you put it out there…you know when you do a vibe cover and she buttnaked and he in boxers all hugged up. Ppl will comment. If you want ppl do mind their damn business you keep ur personal…personal, like Jay and Bey.

  • xyz

    He’s the Love King, what did y’all expect? Radio Killa! Keep killin’ ’em Dream!

  • dfsfe

    Girls, find your man on TOTALLY FREE CLUB Men-Mart.c/o/m where women control the dating .

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  • okdoagg

    how can such a fat nucca have such a high pitched voice XD

  • Cmurdah

    Dream is a homo. End of discussion. He bag bitches 2 keep a non gay profile. But dream is a lady!

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    Yes hes a girl. I said it. And wat.

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  • donald

    i dnt reali knw wat is wrong wit the dream how can he b playing with dis beautiful lady(christina milan). i tink he needs to go into rehab………

  • donald

    he his a goat!!!!!!!!!!! am beginning to dislike him…………………

  • Wow………………….

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