New Video: Monica “Love All Over Me”

Co-staring Maino and Lakers’ Shannon Brown, Monica is caught in the past and present with her latest visual. Who she walks down the isle with still remains the question. What would you do?

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    la mosca ….

  • Boom

    She looks so gorgeous in this video! Maaaaaaaaan!

    Good directing and editing as well! Props to Shannon and Maino steppin the acting game up.

  • iam2smooth

    Monica always drop the perfect example of a R&B video.. Nd Shannon Browns is bomb he can get it <==== I am a female by da way:)!!

  • yeah yeah

    now why would I pick Maino? He already said he’s tiger woods.Shannon all day. Maino you’re broke papo!

  • A lot of thanks for sharing

  • MXL

    Not bad. Title sounds like a romantic bukkake flick. Monica looks delicious. Shannon Brown looks like Chris Brown with shoulders.

  • J!

    @MXL lmaaoooo @ “romantic bukkake flick”

    Good vid btw. I wasn’t really feeling Mon’s album, maybe this’ll help it.

  • NEW LOVE!!!

  • chitlin coon