• Haters/Stans

    Takin it back to when music was really music… great song, definitely looking forward to this album

  • Nah, I rather SLEEP on this, lol!!!!!!!!!

  • teejay

    I like.

  • yesssir

    Please tell me how Fat Joe has more comments than this post, ha!
    You don’t even have to listen to this track, just look at the lineup and you know its a classic!

  • Justin

    Some real classic old school hiphop… not 90s old school 70s old school type goodness!

  • Ben

    Is it boring? My sound drivers are gone. Is it boring?

  • Mr A From Tha T

    No, its jus positive, that makes people not want to comment, cuz they aint got nuthin positive to say, i cant say tht i LOVE this yet, but i really REALLY like it, i might actualy pick up this cd, i like all of the rest of John’s stuff, but i got a lil worried when i herd he was doin all the album with the roots, id really just like to see a whole album thts Kanye produced

  • Jenny

    Love it.

  • hiphoplover

    I Love This Remake In Middle School Every Morning They Used To Play The Original