50 Cent Might Scrap Black Magic

Do you believe in magic? Apparently, 50 Cent doesn’t anymore. In an interview with RollingStone Brasil, Fif says that he’s not sure if Black Magic will be his next album. To hear him tell it, the sound no longer fits the original concept.


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  • well it’s not like the public needs to know this, we don’t even know what black magic sounds like, so this is pointless, really.

    I just want a dope album

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  • @SargeWP

    Listen to the interview,he explains how it sounds.

  • mac DIESEL



  • NewMoney


    i just want a dope 50 album not BISD

    drop sumthin like da massacre joints like god gave me style ski mask way n position of power

  • Hollaatchaboy

    This nigga is over with.

  • phil

    Yeah. If he drops a massacre or GRODT shit he’s back; without his next album being hot he’s fucked.

    Eminem had two bad ones, but he is a much better artist. Fif will never recover from BSID and Curtis; he has an option to recover some of his career though.

  • phil

    and floyd mayweather (or however the fuck you spell the faggot’s name) rapping on your album isn’t thee answer.

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  • petey wheatstraw

    he puts too much thought in things like “the sound” and the marketing…just make good music fif and let it do what it do.

  • teejay

    He did drop a grodt and massacre style album, it leaked way early and got slept on.

    No, it wasn’t a classic like grodt, but it had some bangers

  • @phil

    You want his old album, buy his old shit

  • studiothug 2010

    bisd was the next best thing since grodt!

  • Cool!

  • WATCH: 50 Cent (COMPARES) Music To Fashion… Talks – “Black Magic Album,” “G-Unit Roster,” “Eminem,” “East VS. West,” “Acting” & More!


  • cease

    at this pt i do think that the Unit as we once knew it, is def over. Just as RocAFella, Bad Boy, and other mega labels/groups etc are. Individuals from those entities may still go on to be successful but the grip that those entities once had on the industry is long goine. Same for 50. I think the Unit is done. Banks proved he could still come out with some hotness with BBB but more and more i feel like he got lucky with that track, there has yet to be a followup to such a smash record. Even the video concept was tired and blaaah for it.

    50 has plenty money He’ll be fine. But niggas arent checking 4 him like th ey once were. This could be attributed to various factors .. But that would have me writing an essay.

  • Micheal

    He’s trying to come with an album that will suit his age followers. I’m pretty sure he has tons of GRODT, Mass., joints, but if you think about it, he wants to put out songs that will move older generations. Picture him @ 45 talking about being in the PJ’s all day, or still murdering fools? , it’s not gonna have that mass appeal. That’s why dudes hate Jay, cause he can go out on stages or arenas & drop joints like “get ya mind right, can’t knock the hustle”. He’ll move the crowd. But I bet 50’s next joint will be for a mature audience.



  • LukeCage

    Damn, they don’t have anybody over there that can actually speak english to conduct these interviews?

  • blazen

    He’s too much caught up in bull shit. He needs to get some features on his album. Get Eminem, maybe Lil Wayne or Drake. He’s got to get some bangers he can get on the radio or his career is over. If he can get rel

  • Teddy

    what an idiot man he always trys to sound so smart but look at him man talking about mixing genres and bullshit rock n shit same things he was mocking lil wayne kanye for now his realised his a failure and copying them i see weakness in him not in diddy desperate times for curtis shouldnt even bother dropping another album no one will cop it and those terrible straight to dvd movies
    u know ja rule had some movies to and now his nowhere to be seen curtis is headed down same boat thats why his launched his new anti diddy shit to try his very hardest to stay in the headings and be relevant, why dont u try and be a real artist and stop doing interviews where all u say is material

  • haha 50 really needs to re invent himself real fast.

  • jeeeeeezzer

    fiddy used to be one a tha best, what happened 2 u son???

    need 2 team up wid gucci n kick start ur career.B-)

  • blaqscorpio

    lol, poor 50!

  • NewMoney

    gud comments man

    sum hate sum real talk.. i jus want gud music

  • Wow.

    If he teamed up with Coochi boy..his career would be worse than it already is.
    Bad idea!


    Damn, I almost feel sorry for 50. I was really rooting for him, I really wanted him to crush Rick Ross but as much as I hate to admit it at the end of the day they are musicians and good music will prevail and Ross is making better music. I’m not talking about lyrics or anything in particular just the overall sound, the beats, the melodies, the overall product Ross is putting out is winning over 50’s material. Damn it pains me to admit that! All the battling, clowning around, making fun of, baby momma drama, etc means nothing if the final album isn’t better than your opponent’s.

    I will give 50 some credit in that he’s remained true to himself. 50 knows “The Formula” to a hit album is a lot of big name features, a few R&B collabos, a song for the females, a club banger, etc. but he didn’t follow it and tried to deliver a gritty, street hip hop album and that’s not really selling nowadays, but then again what is selling right now?

    From the beginning of his career 50 took on the whole music industry, he called out everyone, and as a result has really dug a hole for himself. 50 is too honest for his own good, he really says whatever is on his mind and sometimes you can’t let everyone know what you’re thinking. You think Jay Z doesn’t think half of these artists are clowns? But he doesn’t burn any bridges by saying it, he’ll just write a song like DOA and lets the world figure out who he’s talking about. 50 on the other hand says it, he calls people out by name in interviews and has alienated most of Hip Hop at this point with his comments. Now he’s painted himself into a corner where few other artists might be willing to work with him, especially if they consider his popularity to be declining. Any artist of 50’s caliber that wants to make a quick hit knows they just needs to get 16 bars from Jay Z but obviously at this point that’s not possible. If he wanted some hype he could throw Diddy on a remix but that’s not possible. When a NY artist wants to appeal to the South they usually get T.I. on a track but that’s not possible, and Jeezy’s won’t do it on account of his allegiance to Jay and Kanye. If they want to appeal to the West then they get Game, or Snoop or if possible Dr.Dre but it seems they rather work together than with 50 at this point. Nas is out of the question. Kanye won’t work with him. Lil Wayne won’t work with him. I don’t think anyone in Miami would work with him. I think he really missed an opportunity on his last album by not doing a record with Jadakiss because it seemed Kiss was willing, at the time, and that would’ve been great for Hip Hop and him, their gritty styles would’ve been a good match. All 50 can count on now is Eminem at this point and their styles, subject matter and fanbases are so different that it would have to be a very unique record to bring out the best in both of them.

    I’m really rooting for 50, I want him to succeed. I think a victory for 50 is a victory for Hip Hop because I think he personifies Hip Hop. I think the way he carries himself, that fuck you attitude, his honesty, etc. is more Hip Hop than most of these fairy tale rappers. I hope he gets back to focusing on the music and gives the world some good music. I also hope he realizes that this next album will determine the rest of his career, this is his “make it or break it.” If he flops, it’s over. Already most of the media and fans are doubting his “appeal” and many view him as an artist in decline, so he has to view this as his last chance to turn the tide and silence the critics.

    However interviews like this worry me a little. All this second guessing about album concepts, sounds, songs, etc. it seems 50’s mind is clouded and he’s not sure where to go next. if I could give him some humble advice it would be not to rush this project until he has a clear indication of where he wants to go with it. Please 50 take a break from touring, from interviews, from the whole industry, do a Camron or Eminem and just disappear for 6 months to a year, and get your mind right. Please don’t rush this next album just for the sake of putting out new material, your longevity and career is riding on this one.

  • iHATEhaters


  • bigjay2501

    valid points made @dj nitti

  • L-Dubb

    To make a high quality concept album, an emcee has to have the songs already laid out with his or her respective producers. It is not about this single or that single. It is not about word play or lyricism initially. It is all about the sounds. Like the reason why Jay-Z “American Gangsta” was so ill, it had coherence musically. All of the songs blended in very well together. That is what 50 Cent should have done first instead of naming the album and then making a song individually. A concept album is like writing a novel. You need a canvas and an outline.

  • Dez

    @ DJ NITTI

    that was long as hell but co-sign

  • @teddy that just sounds like some hating shit. if you think he’s trying to sound smart, maybe it’s because he actually is you know….SMART, it’s not like he got to where he is by accident.

    how is is heading down the same path as ja rule? he’s not broke, he still has an artist with a buzz (banks). He may not have as much buzz as 2003 but who’s selling more than him? what like 5 people Jay, Em, Drake, Wanye(barley, rebirth anyone? lmao), & luda (had hot singles but barely moved passed BISD, Think about that…..).

    He’s still relevant because if he’s not most of the rap game isn’t either lmao

  • NewMoney


    just youtube 50 cent n gunit n youll c the amount of classic joints they made when they was hot

    but 50 fell of musically alot he tryna do 2much shxt at 1 time n that shxt is hurtin his music career

  • iHate

    I want something dope from this nigga. At least 50% of The Massacre.



  • ross is about flop 50 did that niggas whole career on his worst album lmao

  • Teddy


    its not hate its a fucking opinion on a garbage artists music and theatrics, yes he does try to sound articulate im sorry not smart if u watch enough of his interviews u can see it again an observation if i wanted to hate id say some shit like i hope u develope aids in ur sleep, i didnt say that i critiqued which is what comments section is for doosh bag

  • blazen

    50 needs to start releasing mixtapes. Just some shit to get a buzz going in the streets before he even releases an album. Get some features with Eminem maybe Cashis Get Banks on it for sure maybe some dope un heard of undergound rapper hell I think 50 and Slaughterhouse would make some dope tracks. Get Alchemist to make the beats… I think that would be dope and help 50 to become relevent again.. help him get back to his street roots.

  • Black Shady

    50 my nigga for life, but damn he seems confused…musically..

  • tre

    @DJ NITTI excellent post.

  • @teddy go suck your mother’s titties you bitch ass nigga, you really do sound like a hater and that is MY opinon lmao

  • Donn

    Fif should challenge himself musically and explore a different sound. Do some electro stuff like Ayo Technoligy which was his second biggest hit after In Da Club. Its 2010. Pop music rules the charts and ppl just want somethin different and fun. He can keep lyrics and just explore a new sound 🙂

  • i know he’s working with wiz khalifa’s producer Johhny Juliano so you can expect sound “kush and orange juice” sounding stuff from him and maybe banks .

  • Mr. G

    @Teddy co-sign @ dj nitti co- sign as well except for the part were ur rooting for 50!! That punk bitch burned all of his bridges! Let that muthafucka fail!

  • Nickey Black

    It’s up to Fif, either make some hotness or just engage yourself in other business ventures. It’s that simple!

  • Sin


    honestly I didn’t read it but damn y u review this nigga. That was a blog article

  • fuck_50haters!!!

    damn yo, you on the money, co-sign @djnitti…

  • Samsohn

    im down with fif letting the fans in on his creative process

  • 50 has the potential to turn this game on its head. Make your move man.


  • Joshua

    To bad you already destroyed your self before you knew your career was over.

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  • thetruth

    50 die already become a martyr everyone will like u again

  • TheTruthIs…

    Damnnnnnnnnn Homieeee In ’03 You Was The Mannnnnnnnnnn Homieeeeee…


  • thetruth

    haha and that is the truth homey

  • Mega

    50 Cent is one sorry ass kneegrow. RIP

  • Teddy

    and you sound like a dumb nigga who probably didn’t learn the word opinion until 5 minutes ago

  • g


  • That’s fucked up, when in such a decline, he is
    still bigger than 99% of those rappers.

  • v


  • TH

    This dude is a clown, he has a straight up excusses for everything. Actually this is the same excuse one as “BISD” didn’t he pause on that to make Curtis??? People want “aggresive content”??? How did that work out for ya!! Notice how he is not on Em’s cd….oh got an excuse for that.


    teflon don 20th july! its out already in london and the streets love it..oops are we talking about 50 cent here..damn he used to be the man homie, what happened to him?

  • sight

    HOW ABOUT SCRAPPING UR MUSiC CAREER ALTOGETHER, each bullshit song he puts out takes away from the GRODT era’s legacy stop it fam ur done!

  • 50 versus the industry fuck what u heard 50 got dedication 50 is still that nigga world star be hatin

  • therobot2011

    50 still thinks the people are checking for him. LOL Go ahead an put out that album homie- entertain us with your lack of originality and and desperation. I’m waiting on you to drop something so I can blow every blog up with hate on your name. G-Unit is FINISHED

  • BrooklynRaw

    i like Fifth but jst imagine if he didnt beef with everybody some of the people he could have made songs with. diddy seems to bring everybody together whats wrong with unity in hip hop

  • FromMiami

    50 did it to himself. He didnt realize that artists share fans. He kept badgering other artists over petty stuff then feeding into Rick Ross thing didnt help one bit just made him look like a bullying clown and it backfired. He been more G if he would have took the Jay-Z approach and told Ross to get on his level and left it as that. But nope he went into all the foolish antics that cost him cool points even though it was entertaining. 50 need to just chill and I don’t like Diddy neither but leave it alone. Fif’s worse than the people who jump on Facebook with the BS. Back to what I was saying he needs to honestly chill then boom with a HOT, UNDENIABLE RECORD. That’s all then it’ll all come around again. See Em chilled then came with a hot album.

  • FromMiami

    And another thing that bothers me with him is his perception that THE PUBLIC wants aggression, this, that and the third. We want honest music and whatever you want to write a song about just do it and the consumer decides if they wanna mess with it or not. GRODT and TM were honest albums on what he wanted to say and people bought into it. I never heard or read people saying 50 want this and that just MAKE MUSIC YOU FEEL FIF.

  • Mega

    50 Cent dug a deep ass hole and fell the fuck in it.

  • obi-jaun

    G-unita niggas thats wats up.

  • obi-jaun

    wit all the hate on here against him thgat nigga must be doin somethin right. LMAO

  • @ to all people who think 50 is done
    Do you actually use your brain?
    50 doesnt say he is done with music
    he says that THIS ALBUM black magic might be not good
    but its a sure thing that he will produce music this or next year
    by the way WHY should he put out music when Banks is dropping his album soon ?

    People PLEASE learn to use your brain and stop hating

  • BAHAHA 50 produced so much music
    im sure half of you know only The massacre GRODTcurtis and BISD but this is like only 30% of what he has produced, the other material is classic to good
    50 has probably the largest hip hop cotolog
    so many mixtapes , POWER of the dollar + unreleased songs
    so many group albums + feature songs
    but no one sees it
    50 is one of the few rappers who actually care about hip hop unlike rappers like Jay who have never put out a mixtape for their fans

  • WOW its amazing to see that even an interview keeps 50 relevant
    it just proves that 50 is still one of the biggest rappers right now
    without no promotion his “gangsta” album sold around 500k

  • FromMiami

    BTW, I am a 50 fan and want to see him because I bought GRODT and TM so this is sincere from a fan. JUST CHILL THE F*CK OUT!

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