Shyne Covers XXL (September 2010)

Lord have mercy, Jesus Christ. Despite the string of underwhelming tunes, Shyne covers one half of XXL‘s September issue. The other features Young Jeezy. In an excerpt given to MTV, Po speaks on shootin’ the club up a decade ago.

“In my life, when I make decisions to roll, I roll. And I don’t give a fuck what the consequences are. If I’ma defend myself, I’ma defend myself. If somebody tryna kill or hurt one of my partnas or my comrades, that’s with me, there is no, ‘Yo,’ or, ‘Damn, well, if I pull this shit out, this is what’s gonna happen.’ No! I don’t wanna die. I don’t wanna be laid up in no fucking hospital with a tube runnin’ through me, hurtin’ and sufferin’. Pain is real. So you know what? I’m not doin’ that. You gon’ do that, motherfucker. You gon’ roll and say hi to Satan, not me. And that’s that. Your survival instincts tell you to protect and preserve, and you deal with whatever later.”

Sidebar: Now With Footage

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  • iHATEhaters

    “”the last real rapper alive””
    ha yea, real over rated . .

  • JayReckless617

    you taking to far the last real rapper alive ? i dont have nothing against po but this nigga needs to put out an classic album before you crown dude

    give a nigga a job !

  • itsawrizzie2010sheeeeiiiitt

    the last real rapper alive is young jeezy

  • Oj Da Cornball

    ah, what payola and but kissing will get you in this industry.

    realeset cause he shot a gun? jokers! lol

  • BIZ

    sounds like a moron

  • Mr.Ireland

    Sounds like he is kinda saying that he is so real with his “partnas”, that if i were to happen again, Dopey, excuses me, Shyne would do the same thing all over again! Yeah right. I believe you but hundreds wouldn’t!

    Last Real Rapper Alive?? *smh* Come on son!

  • I’m rooting for Shyne, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that his next album will most likely be garbo.

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  • I’m a little disappointed Shyne didn’t bring out his Harley for the cover shoot.

  • mac DIESEL


    …..IN TERMS OF WUT???


  • SilkCityP

    I still don’t understand Shyne’s explanation of his whole switch in his voice & style… B/c that’s what makes his new music terrible… But nobody can throw shots at his credentials… Dude took a stretch bid, he is a real nigga for that!

  • Ben

    Yeah that Harley picture was awful. Shyne’s first album was a banger.#2,#3, #7, and #12 were my shit back in junior high.

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  • Johnny


  • NewMoney

    im dissapointed in the music hes dropped its been awful xtremely awful


  • Hollaatchaboy

    nigga when you was in jail time didn’t stop.. we moved on. Sorry I have to be the one to tell ya.. but niggas ain’t checkin for you anymore.. truth be told niggas wasn’t really checkin for you in mass before you got tossed in the pokey. Before you just sounded like puff was trying to replace BIG.. now you sound like you took to many cocks to the throat in jail. And the shit you sayin (lyrics) ain’t really blowin no one away.. if they were they would overlook the voice thing alittle.. 9yrs in the pin you shoulda picked up a pen.. cuz your lines are forgettable right now.

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  • mnka

    its not a comment anymore if you dont say something negative

  • Black By Popular Demand

    it’s easy to get on the cover of XXL… all you gotta do it pay for it… ask the light skinned nigga… G-Unit had a long term lease.

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  • pissed

    I can dig it, been waitin to see what he has to say for a while…i hope he addresses that fucked up voice shit…i really wanna se dude’s potential but that voice is not gonna work.

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  • cpmedia81

    im waiting for the lp must buy firstday release dnt give a shit a fan is a fan. IM SINGING THE ROLLER SONG.


    Shynes a real nigga regardless of the wack imitation Big flow he used to spit and this new garbage shit he tryna do. I dont understand how y’all can not cosign what this mans about even though his musics wack. . Loyalty Honor and Respect. Real recognize real, who the fuck are y’all

  • serpentor

    damn puffy, your fucked up for that one. of course i wasn’t there, but i can get a general idea of what happened that night……*tsk tsk, you have been a bad boy*….sometimes i wonder to myself, (and i do this from time to time) what kind of vampire shit , would you have done to fucked B.I.G over if he was still alive, huh?? what kinda snake shit you might have pulled on him. you did it to everyone else, B.I.G wasn’t going to be the exception, was he?!? *bad boy=bad business*

    people complaining about ross, just let it be, relax, he’s in puffy’s hands….

  • DC no DMV

    im waiting for this man period…..
    that freestyle in belize was fire
    it was roller song learn some thing niggas….

    “i aint OBAMA i aint LEBRON”

  • reallll


  • Gp1

    He Is the last real rapper alive other than Nas! Everybody else is fake as shit! All you faggs need to stop hating you listening to too much Gucci Mane! Lol

  • D

    he sounds better on that camera, seems 2 be getting his shit 2gether

    I’m rooting 4 him

    some 1 needs 2 send him a few boxes of gear tho, no more Arnie lookalikes

  • Big Mak

    The last real rapper alive?? That a friggin joke? Shynes no where near a ”Real Rapper”. Neither is Jeezy, just cos they say they are doesnt mean they are, look Ross, he thinks hes a drug dealer but hes just a cop.

    Real rapper my ass, hasnt been a real rapper since Pac passed.

  • Clos1881

    @know co-sign

  • Clos1881

    @darkaqua are you a female? Shyne album was late 99 2000 You young motherfuckers shouldn’t even talk about anything to do with hiphop pre Carter 2 lol I feel like ving rhames talking to tyrese in baby boy.

  • Young Jeezy & Shyne – Grace The Covers Of XXL (Young Jeezy – “Jizzle,” Premiere Via Ustream)

  • I RUN THIS..

    WTF…iD RATHER read about Game being Bipolar than this shit…Def Jam Paid for this cover. No way in hell any SANE EDITOR would give Shyne a cover.NOT IN THIS LIFE TIME..Shyne cant even rap.
    The folks upstairs at Harris Pub are really desperate for money. No amount advertising or Def Jam covers can bring back or recreate the buzz Def Jam had in the 90’s or the buzz Interscope had with G-Unit from 2002-2007.

  • unconform_normality

    Shyne will Prevail…watch.

  • shyne-bitch

    You fuckin idiots! dont talk about shit if you dont know shit…shyne really is the last real rapper alive. hes a real respected G in brooklyn. and all over the world.he ran blocks as a fuckin teenager..he really did what he said…he took fuckin 10 years cuz he stook to the code. he never ratted..he never stepped onto the wittness stand @ fuckin 22 years old!????? why the fuck do you think out of alllll the beefs 50 CENT had back in the day, the one he had with shyne he never pursued!? shyne destroyed him on his diss track “For the record” where he spits from his phone @ clinton correctional…50 never responded! because if you listen closely to that track, shyne brings out the real boo boo jackson who really isnt who he says he is…why the fuck do you think he got deported? of course diddy has major connections in the new york government…hes very affraid..and im not even gonna keep writing…cuz Shyne will prevail…despite his voice change, his lyrics are still there and hes a changed man…

  • da boss

    y dont u hatin ass niggas shut the fuck up hatin on that nigga po, yall niggas weak as fuck u need to listen to the lyrics instead of voice this nigga bout to drop some hott shit, he might not sell that many records but just know that real niggas bump his shit, ask ya self, how many real niggas in this world? “sing along to the rolla song” fuck master p that nigga cant rap even if i put a 45 to his dome!!!

  • fada lee

    shyne is the best fuck face bad man from belize

  • fada lee

    the king is back shyne is still number one

  • g6

    Shyne stated in an interview “i aint no rapper” “i let that thang go off,my life is fareal”…since pac died i dont see any like him except 4 shyne… The dude was isolated he was in p.c…do you kno wat das like..das str8 mental torchure!! for 8 frikin yrs…..i agree bout the voice but wat i noticed he picked up a habit of smoking.. he flows how he wants to flow…i remember a old shyne line sayin “dont you like the way i switch flowss like nothin in n out like fucking!”…..Shyne dont give a fuck what ya’ll hating ass wannabeez saayy,,caz u can neva be like him ya’ll could neva do wat he did back in the day for hip hop n even if he does fall off you still cant stay up like the brotha..he is still #1…and i can prove it…If he wasnt YA’LL FUCK FACES WOULDNT GIVE A FUCK TO COMMENT….hating on him yet still looking forward to see wat he’s coming wit next lol…THIS SHOWS AND PROVES AINT MUCH REAL,LOYAL AND GREATFUL PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD..HOW BOUT YA’LL GET SIGNED TO BADBOY AND CATCH A BADBOY CURSE OR SIGN TO G-UNIT AND GET USED AND KICKED OFF CRYING LIKE BUCK CAZ HARDLY ANY DUDE OUT DERE IS AS STRONG AS GAME TO GET BACK UP AND KILL 50!

  • Lil ghetti

    bout time yall put a real nigga on yall cover. Bet’s a good dude dat laid down like a real g. It’s wasnt worth it but he stuck his chest out

  • Jaz

    Agreeable.. their is a change in his voice.. befor anyting.. 1st u have to understand the basic knowledge of the atmosphere hes been put forth towards.. siting in a 4by4 cell.. For 10 years!!!!!!!!!!! Can u place urself in those shoes..? its hard to ewn begin to see urself in that position.. theres no studio preparatio…n for 10 years.. theres no speech speech rehabilitationin for 10 years.. Most his links are cut from the outside world.. his creation to his imagination are very limited and then on top of all whens done serving his 10 years of time.. he gets deported to a 3 world country.. to add where his father is the prime minister of the country.. daz serious! and yet along anyone know the real behind the scenes.. his stress and his personal matters.. that could be a huge change of factor in a person life.. for me a person who stands by that code or ethic and principal.. shows alot in the person character.. to give up 10 years of ur life.. thats more den nuff for my ears to keen my attention towards his music.. up or down.. A certian truth that has been missing in the aspect of life in around the game.. only the man himself knows what hes going threw.. time will speak for its self.. it’ll shyne.

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