Eminem Covers SPIN

Em’s mug is immortalized this month on the August issue of SPIN. The issue’s on newsstands now, but an excerpt is available to peruse here. Below are behind the scenes photos from the shoot.

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  • Dope


  • Coroner

    Wonder what’s on his mind… maybe “Shit! Life’s a bitch without those pills…” (^_^)
    Naw, he doesn’t. Recovery is fucking dope without them!

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    “A few years ago, he says, when he felt he’d run out of opponents to challenge, out of hypocrisies to expose, and out of constraints to bridle under, his antagonizing energies turned themselves inward, nastily, with the help of a prescription-drug addiction that made him all but unrecognizable to himself. “I was trapped in my head. I’d spent most of my career going against the grain. Calling bullshit. And suddenly, I started running out of enemies,” he says. “I started to become that cliché: my own worst enemy.”


  • Can

    this (non)nigga is everywhere

  • =]]]]]]]]] ya em

  • Vadar

    Damn he looks young as hell. Either this fucker found the Fountain Of Youth, or they photoshopped the fuck outta this shoot.

  • DOPE!!!!!

  • jacob

    Em looking sexy as hell (yes homo)

  • Mr. G

    Em looks gay!

  • Brianna

    he is really not that good lookin…ugly sorry but true

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  • man

    he looks sexy,man love his music and his style,eminem best rapper ever

  • So Icy Boi!

    ^^^ “looks at des comments” SMH u Eminem stans/male groupies are Ridiculous …..

  • Bboobb

    man , fuck that ª!!! love him !!!!!

  • Coroner

    “Unless you want to fuck me, why do you care what I look like?” /Eminem/

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  • mac DIESEL




  • Roy

    Good read. And lol at these comments. Who gives a shit what he looks like.

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  • llll

    Damn, yeah Em is a nice guy but i can’t believe that guys are actually describing his hotness!
    I’m an Eminem fan…im a fan of this guy’s music, not his body or his face!WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YA?!!

  • Nobody

    Em looks depressed as fuck, Hopefully he dont pull a kurt cobain

  • Mutha

    Gonna look like justin timberlake standing next to jiga in that stadium.

  • D-manded

    LOL and let the stupid ass comments begin…..

  • Midnite

    Wow!A lot of Dr.Phils on this site……….Just listen to the music not comment how he looks(sounds Gay)or what is going through his mind.You know what he thinks about,it’s in his lyrics!Pay attention!Damn!Overanalytical Motherfuckers in here!!!A lot of know it alls and do nothing motherfuckers 2!Just hit play and pay attention!!He justs spits HOT MOLTEN LAVA!!!SHADY MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!

  • Roy


    After all the shit he’s been through, I gotta be honest, I expected him to pull a kurt years ago.

  • Wow.

    Why would people expect him to commit suicide? Em is a strong cat. He’s not some little emo grudge dude like Cobain. Just sayin’.

  • Wow.


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  • Roy


    For perfectly good reason. He even admitted that he thought about it. So it’s not completely crazy to think he would.

  • southside

    Can’t believe mariah fucked this ugly bird. Lucky motherfucker..

  • Lilly Russell

    Em’s taken photo’s that exaggerated his sexier features more. I’m unimpressed with the lighting and photography here, But He can’t be perfect in every photo, Even Brad Pitt has photos that are VERY unflattering. But still these are good enough to show HE’S SOOOOOOOOOOOO HAWT!!!!!!

    One thing is for sure though, He TOTALLY Gotta stop saying he’s gettin old, til he starts looking and acting that! Especially, Looking as young as he does, it sounds silly! The guy looks barely over 30!!…

  • Lilly Russell

    @Wow No-one is THAT strong! From poverty, racism, his own family and love of his life, to government politics, backstabbing friends, losing all of the people your most closest to, to the industry you work in and love the most, hip hop, over his life time, there isn’t an obstacle or issue, that hasn’t hit this dude square in jaw, and he beat every one of them down, but everyone has a breaking point. He did attempt to end his life, and ended up seconds and inches from death, in the hospital.. It’s by the grace of God, that dude is still alive to spit fire for us today!

    WOO HOOO!!

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  • Toya

    It’s cool that Em still visits his old neighborhoods. Most people would avoid such painful memories. I wonder if he has ever brought his kids with him or does he just go alone.



  • nonny

    nice, looking forward to this interview

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  • Pink

    I think Eminem’s hot and sexy. To bad I have to pretend my husband’s him. Because Eminem
    thinks Britney Spears is hot and I’m not.

  • blazen

    @So Icy Boi!

    Your the biggest Stan/Eminem male groupie of all time. Your on every Eminem story commenting. You must really be on Eminem’s dick to want to read every fucking article. Do you just get on here everyday to find an Eminem article to comment on? Sounds like Em is a big part of your life. So Icy Boi! biggest Stan of all time. Your a fucking homo dude!

  • Rashad E

    You wanna know what’s gay? Men that make it a point to make themselves not seem or sound gay. That’s fucking gay. I am 100% percent straight, married with 2 kids and will say that he is a handsome dude.

  • Nefarious

    Looks like a lesbian.

  • em is god

  • freakshow

    Looks like a lesbian


  • Anthony Jesen

    Does he wear contacts? why every time I see a pic of him, his eye color is different? Nice excerpt but I think the guy that wrote the article is blind, sayin he’s bordering on gaunt, look at the dudes shoulders, he been pumpin the iron.

  • freakshow

    Eminem is better sober as a human being more than an artist. His music lacks “feeling” without the drugs. The greatest artists were on drugs.

  • Eminem’s music is the shit regardless, what he does in his personal life doesn’t bother me at all man.


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  • mcielandish

    @freakshow Most that do Drugs don’t do them when they are writing music. I don’t even think the Beatles wrote music WHILE high. Although they did do shit loads of drugs. They could relate to shit that they did. But Em’s already done all that shit and he can remember and relate to it. Now some1 that has NEVER done drugs COULDN’T relate to it.

  • mcielandish

    HATER ALERT Rick Ross new album came out TEFLON DON dude is so *Sweet* should call it TEFLON FLAUN

  • freakshow

    @ mcielandish, Drugs puts in a specific space. The artists may have not done drugs while they writing and creating the music, but however, the space they are in while doing the drugs influences their music. Eminem has done drugs and I haven’t but I can relate only because my close friends and relatives have done drugs.

  • Jessica

    hottest man alive! fuck all you haters!!!

  • Eminem (BIGGEST RAPPER IN THE WORLD) Graces The Cover Of (SPIN Magazine)


  • detroitdeli

    Eminem GOAT!!!!!!!!

  • Udalango

    Am I the only one who thought it looked like he was pissing on the wall in the last pic?

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  • ★★★★★ G

    damn dat nigga sexy ughhhhhh love his tatts and his brown hair with his beautiful pale skin blue eyes sexy modafucka .no homo

  • y


  • aubrey

    Agreed. Em is god.

  • r


  • nushay

    Megan Fox, Dominic Monaghan to Get Hot in the “love the way you lie” video


  • the instigator

    em looks like mike jackson!!!

    same pointy thin nose
    same chevy chase chin
    same paper thin lips

    ya think?……….haaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Legacy

    Em is the shit!


    Em never fuckin’ smiles. WTF is his deal? Does he have severe depression or something? Cheer the fuck up.

  • mike

    yah man eminems music still has that “feeling” to it, no difference if he was on dope or not on dope, its still shady

  • ParisianDoll

    He’s hot again ! Yeah Slim Shady’s really back with his awesome cd

  • em

    unless your tryna fuck him…who cares what he looks like.

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