Nas Speaks On Next Album & Divorce

Nas dropped by Tim Westwood’s show today on BBC1xtra and gave a great interview. After reminiscing about the old days, Esco salutes Drake and says that Swizz Beatz, DJ Premier, Alchemist, Dr. Dre, Kanye West and RZA have reached out to work on his next album. Whoa. Towards the end, he attempts a freestyle and laments on his divorce from Kelis.

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    Nas lost …

  • console

    I doubt that’s the first time he’s lamented his divorce from kelis…

  • rick flair

    nas the truth son !
    best rapper to ever do it.

  • Redrocboy

    Man fuck u haters need that new nasir in my life. Esco the king bitches!

  • SilkCityP

    Best news of the year for me as far as Hip Hop goes… 2010 has been wack for hip hop music… hearing that the Best MC of all time is finally getting back in with the right producers for him is excellent news!!!!

  • Emblem

    JOE BLOW says:
    Wednesday, July 21 2010 at 8:53 PM
    Nas lost …
    says the retard slobbing all over his shirt.

  • webstar

    This was a great interview. Love Westwood’s interviews. Nas sounds very inspired about the album so I am expecting greatness. I like what he said when he was asked about the divorce…very mature, respectful & realistic.

    The GOAT.

  • ronnie_moe

    My favorite rapper of all time, no question!!!

  • haha

    Nas is a real dude…never lost! Only the repetitive haters who sound like brainwashed robots keep saying the same old shit!

  • BE

    Great interview. Funny… Tim is hype and Nas is so chill lol. Nas is the truth for real. Has the best catalog in the game. Can’t wait for the new album.

  • studiothug2010

    get em nasir!

  • Obama

    “freddie frogs”… westwood is a moron….

  • Warlord

    NaS is hands down the Best rapper to ever do it in my opinion. Like someone mentioned earlier, he has the best catalogue in the game, best concepts (book of rhymes, gave you power, makings of a perfect bitch, etc) and has stayed true to himself regardless of current trends. He may take losses in his personal life, but he’s never lost in this game called Hip Hop!

  • Nina

    Westwood is one of the few people that actually gets great interviews out of him. He was really honest talking about the divorce and it’s clear he really loved her but I guess she wasn’t willing to weather his storms. Congrats to the both of them on their sons birthday.

  • hj

    ^ word

  • hj

    *dat waz at warlord

  • bob

    Nas & Primo >>

  • Bloopers

    Plz NAS let kanye and premo do the whole album

  • ….?

    In my opinion Nas is the type of dude who doesn’t explain himself or defend lies that people make up about him…like he said in the interview “I never was that type of dude.” Nas is too cool for lames and besides this divorce was totally sensationalized because people love to try and disrespect Nas when the reality is Nas can give a shit what you think because he is a success and does what he wants to do. @Nina I agree…but I also took it as they were not on the same page as far as when Nas stated “two people have to become one mind.” I don’t think they were growing together. Nas is on another level. But Nas damn sure sounds happy and seems to be responsive to those he respects as heard in this interview.

  • Ultrakid

    I say take Swizzy out only because I don’t want hear Nas doing a Swizzy club banger…I say stick with Kanye & Premo and add No I.D., Jay Electronica, Pete Rock, Q-Tip and bring back Damian Marley for this album.

  • Word

    Jay >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The Competition
    Kanye West

  • Oj Da Cornball

    Nas tickling Tim Westwood’s brain balls.

  • Bmjac

    We have allowed the internet to turn us into a bunch of hating bloggers. Myself included. Why would we hate on NAS? We love to hate on people when they are down and back them when they are doing well. SMH.

  • KillaKill

    Fuck Kelis, that Bitched Flop!
    Nas gonna do it Big with this album! Dre!? Kanye!? Alchemist!? Premiere!?
    sounds too good to be true…but Hey. Nas is up there in the top 10 Dead or Alive.

  • Scully

    what u mean by… “attempts” a freestyle?

  • Wait.

    Fuck Kanye. Fuck Swizz Beatz. They age like Wal-Mart brand wine.
    Dre had his chance to make a dope joint with Nas.. and that failed miserably.
    RZA is sketchy as well nowadays.
    Alc already produced for him, but is not his style.

    Large Pro, Q-Tip, Preem, Pete Rock.

    That’s it. Fuck those other clowns that just want to say that they produced/worked with Nas. Another name cache. But, Nas is beat-deaf any who, so fail.

  • Where Wallace At?

    Nas and Preemo again? Whhhhhaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttt?

    That’s gonna be hype. But too bad that album won’t likely come out until 2012. Nasir’s projects are always attached to mad delays

  • Ultrakid

    “Fuck those other clowns that just want to say that they produced/worked with Nas. Another name cache.”

    Kanyehas worked with Nas before{Still Dreamin and then Nas had a verse on We Major}. The Alchemist has worked with Nas before, Dr. Dre has before, and Swizzy has worked with Nas before…All those producers have already produced for Nas in the past so what the hell are you talking about?


    Peace to Nas, my favorite MC of all time, can’t wait for that record!!

  • GG


    NAS IS BEAT DEAF??!?!? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME.. you have got to be an idiot. Illmatic has THE best and most remembered HIP hop beats. stillmatic man, on and on. learn your shit. RZA is sick too. Ever listened to Wu Tang? oh wait thats real hip hop. and like a dude said above me, allllll those guys have already worked with Nas.

  • J_P

    Typical internet hater. Sometimes I wonder if anybody here even LIKES any goddamn hip hop. How’s it possible to enjoy music when 93% of your comments consist of hating on artists? Jesus Tittyfuckin’ Christ…

  • Chris

    Wait sounds like he just wants Illmatic again. As much as I love those producers, to criticze those new cats and yet act like Primo and Pete Rock havent taken a step back (to say the least) is kidding oneself.

    On a side note the Nas/Damian Marley concert in London was incredible

  • ben

    damn i hope he works with all them.


  • mike

    NaSir JONES!

  • I love and respect all the producers Nas named except Swizz who I never liked but
    I personally would like to see Nas work with JakeOne, Ayatollah, Kev Brown, DJ Woool,Marco Polo, Madlib..
    Premo still that nigga but..

  • mac DIESEL




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  • L.E.S. has the Best catalog with Nas. Him and Salaam Remi. Keep it Real

  • freakshow

    Nas lost…


    Critical acclaim, hip-hop legend, classic albums, wealth. Yeah…..

  • Brummagen

    Nas the true G.O.A.T! Forever!

    it’s sad there’s people hatin’ on this dude, bet when he passes away; (hopefully not anytime soon…) there’d be a bunch of fake-ass fans talkin’ bout how they love and were inspired by his music even though they always talked shit about him before – just like MJ last year smh.

  • Nuno

    Respect !

  • Happy bday night

  • Wait.

    Aight, lemme address the bullshit.
    I said Kanye and Swizz age like Wal-Mart brand wine. Swizz is making the ‘tinkerbell beats’ that Guru (RIP) was talkin’ about. Kanye no longer has “it.” When I said “fuck those OTHER clowns,” I was referring to how all these new cats *cough*Drake*cough* that say shit like “I was listening to Nas while making my album,” and come out with some mediocre, half-assed R&B album with “adopted rhymes”(c)Black Thought. I mean c’mon sun, at the very least, pick a GOOD ghostwriter. I’ll stop there.

    Yeah. Beat deaf. Where the fuck you been, cousin? Illmatic and Stillmatic? You do know that he put out more albums after those two, right? You do know that it’s common knowledge amongst Hip-Hop purists that Nas is beat deaf, right? You do know that even Nas himself is aware of this, right?
    Kill yourself before you shit yourself. Oh yeah, and if you actually knew anything about the recording period and atmosphere that Illmatic was created in, you’d know that Nas didn’t commission those 4, they told HIM that they’re producing for him. Fall back.
    I said “RZA is sketchy.” Have you heard “8 Diagrams?” Have you heard his recent work? You do know that fans were/are disappointed with him now, right? Even the Wu, right? You did read that article that was posted 2 days ago about Raekwon saying that RZA’s not producing for Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, right? Most of us know why. Do you?

    “Internet hater.” Such a copout.
    Too many chefs ruin the stew.

    Go look online at some of Preemo’s few interviews that he’s done in the past couple of months or so. Preemo said that he wants to Nas’ whole album. He then said a month or so later, that he spoke with the Illmatic producing team, Pete, Tip, Large Pro, and it can happen. Those producers have an EAR. Kanye DOESN’T.
    It’s more than just beats that sets the vets from the new cats. They know how to compose beats for specific MC’s. Kanye’s just an overrated egomaniac.
    Also, Look at Preem’s discography, up to today. Just ’cause he’s not posted on here every other day, doesn’t mean he’s not working. He’s just not commissioning who’s hot now. He actually CARES about Hip-Hop.

  • freakshow


    Kanye West is cut from a different mold. He can produce any music from any genre. Take a look his body of work and see what you’re missing.

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  • Ultrakid


    You obviously haven’t heard Kanye West’s production.

    He’s gave us classic beats on his albums and the albums he produced{Common-Be}. He has a HUGE ear for music in general and that’s why he’s one of the fe producers to blend genres perfectly and produce for genres outside of Hip Hop….If Kanye is not your top producers of the game list then I just don’t know you or want to know you. Also Kanye can do a perfect Premo imitation{Check The Game by Common}.

    Top 5 producers in the game right now:
    1. Kanye West
    2. Just Blaze
    3. No I.D.
    4. Madlib
    5. The Alchemist
    6. 9th Wonder
    7. Nottz
    8. DJ Toomp
    9. The Neptunes/Pharrell Williams
    10. Cool & Dre

    VIBE Co-Sign: From the Blueprint to 808s and Heartbreaks, no one has changed the sound of rap more in the last decade.


  • freakshow


    I dubiuosly concur.

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  • @Ultrakid
    your Top 10 producers list look like some shit outta Vibe magazine!!!!
    co-sign 99%
    Kanye is real dope but def. NOT one of the best HIP HOP producers..
    alotta these niggaz is just turn’t out.. (by the antics, visuals, baldhead white bitch,TMZ ect.)
    Kanye fits the profile of a producer I would use for B-Sides/remixes/club versions for 12 Inch releases to get spins in the U.K. at raves or gay clubs or some shit..
    or even commercial radio spins for that matter..
    but c’mon!?! he aint no Dilla, Madlib, Kankick, or Jakeone!!!!!
    we all know what RZA is capable of too.. the nigga just rich, gettin dusted, and not motivated right now but the god’ll come back around 360 and niggaz’ll hop right back on his dick!!!
    just like when niggaz was talkin all that “Washed Up” shit bout WU..
    then all of of sudden.. outta nowhere..
    back round September when Raekwon dropped Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II
    I started seein all these fuckin WU t-shirts again outta the blue..
    LMAO fuck outta here!!!
    the 1st purple tape & IronMan predicted all this shit yall talkin bout..
    Nas my man 500 gran but yall do know son lied tho..
    back in jan/feb 2006 Nas & Premier blessed the cover of Scratch Magazine together and Nas said in the article him and Premier would release an album together with Premier “handling ALL the production duties
    and what happened???
    here we are almost 5 years later, 2 years after NIGGER (untitled) and no Nas & Preem…
    not even a 12 inch with 2 songs 2 instrumentals…
    now thats a Nigger for you (joke)

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  • love you Nas. best ever.