New Music: Fabolous “Lights Out (I Don’t See Nobody)”

DJ Clue debuted one of the two new songs from the revamped TINC 2 EP tonight. Young Lex Luger of “Hard In The Paint”/”MC Hammer”/”B.M.F.” fame on the track. Hov sample on the hook and a different vibe and sound for Loso. One to grow on.


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  • Rhyme

    Not feeling it.



  • So Icy Boi!

    My nigga Gucci or Flocka need to be on dis beat instead of trash i mean Fab

  • killakev

    decent but i dont like the flow

  • mr rd

    Im not sure if i hear a mix of Soulja Boy’s flow mixed with 50 just cant remember what 50 Cent song. I was expecting the beat to be crazy like Lex Luger’s other joints but it wasnt anything special. Fab comes correct like always.

  • Mars Blackmon

    Why is this nigga messing with TINC2?? You don’t fuck with perfection Fab, let that tape stay how it was!!

  • John Macabee

    ^Crime Wave

  • 50

    oh god Boi1da mania all ova again

  • 50

    new york rappers dont neeed beats like this they need some fuckin fir instead of same southern melody trash

  • 50


  • Dum fucs


  • z man

    since when has anything come from new york that was fire ..without a southern influence ? ha ..never niggas..FOH

  • 50

    ^ UR OUT OF UR MIND u mustn be a new yorker if ur sayin that shit smhhhhhhhhhh^



  • Joshua

    Another NY rapper trying to sound like they from the South
    How you gonna dumb down your flow fab ?

  • Just as people been saying, this ain’t great beat selection from Fab. Still nice though.

  • Tay

    Eminem flow…from 3am off of Relapse…

  • this producer is trash, every beat sound the same…
    and shit, that really sound different flow from that boy…
    not feeling this one too much…

  • pissed

    Fabs flow sucks on this…Lex has is own sound though…I dig.

  • yesssir

    Sounds the same as BMF and MC Hammer.
    same transitions, same sounds, just a different melody.

    weak as flow he bit too

  • unconform_normality


    Fab dont…please dont. Stick to the script.

  • Fuck Ya Life

    @So Icy Boi!

    How u say Fab is trash when before that u said ur nigga’s was Gucci and Flocka. U got some shit baxkwards nigga.

  • darkaquanswer


  • Message to YN

    Yo man,

    Why you such a hater for? I seen you hating on everybody from LeBron to Chris Brown and everyone in between. M.I.A. and Jay Elect included. You are such a friggin hater man. Keep that shit silent for once. You sounding like a blogger — calling LeBron and Pat Riley “fuckers”. They do something to you?

    Nah son, what the fuck is wrong wit you. I been reading since you were hating back in XXL in your Editor in Chief rants page, Elliot. It’s bullshit. Get a life bruh.


    Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t got no beef with the site. I love it …. It’s actually my homepage. It’s just this gay-ass hating has to stop. What the fuck kinda journalism is that. If I wanted to read pure bullshit that looks like it came from a high-schooler, I’d go to’s Pulse Report.


    flapouis is dick ryding bmf song gtfh

  • YYY

    He on that gucci shit… I like it. They fucked up on Hov voice.. They need to slow it down or speed it up cause whatever was done to it aint workin.

  • JohnBlack

    I don’t know what you niggas is bitchin’ about. You must not like rap. The beat is fire and Loso is straight cold on this one. Did you bother listening to the Lyrics? Was the presence of words that actually rhymed and made sense what did you in? Or was the absence of Gucci and wacka adlibs the proverbial straw that broke the camels back.

  • !ShootDontPlease

    Fab really does stay on jays dick doesn’t he?

    Only fab song I ever liked was breathe…

    Dudes wackmatic

  • autobotfrank

    Ooo Kay!!! Im ReLoaded!!! Hear Comes The Pain!!!
    The Lights Went Out On LOSO!!! Bcuzz I Dont’ Sea No(FAB)body?!..
    All I Get Iz LOSt-sO???
    I just Heard “i Really Want 2 B wit’ U” on the Radio 2day.
    Thats When F.A.B.O.L.O.U.S. Name was in LIGHTS…(Uremeber)

  • freakshow

    Don’t know how he stays relevant with little or no talent. Wonder what’s his secret.

  • Sly Fox

    I’ll be glad when this southern shit dies and something else comes out becaues this shit is gettin ridicolous now North rappers want them southern beats. They only work for people who dont have shit to say. Thats why gucci so hot cause u cant hear him rap u just hear the bass and beat drown him out. Same for anybody down south who dont depend on lyrics but them bullshit hooks and chorus. Rap is the truth yes buts whats the point in spittin the truth if u cant spit.

  • Sly Fox

    And if u dont agree listen to any song wit them bangin beats and them retarded ass on em’ and tell me one word you can understand!

  • autobotfrank

    Pls. Dont’ Get!t [email protected]#$%Up
    FABOLOUS iz a DOPE M.C. Filthy Lyricist, Incredidable $tyle & $WAG…
    Butt the Last album w/ the DVD was WACK…
    Every since He went LOSO. My Man Has Not Been FAB!!!

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  • Dotty

    Nikkas needa stop hatin on Fab kuz dat nikka betta dan Gucci or Wacka and I listen 2 all of dem and dis shit is fire.So “Lights out nigga” LOL

  • Funerole Rone

    He sound like my dick when it’s soft and my 2 balls after I done came for the 5th time already. Stop biting my name and git off my dick Faggit. And that ain’t no New York shit and you dam show better not come to Connecticut with that bullshit. Thats that gitcha chain snatched music, Say you gotta ratchet but we all know you ain’t gonna use it, cause you the same dude that got popped in the ass cause real street niggas wasn’t believing shit about ya bitch ass, plus we know you sniff, type of nigga to be told to go cop the raw and test the raw, come back short with the product but git lowering than 2 knees on the lo so you won’t git shot up or pop up on the news.

  • Funerole Rone

    Man it’s to the point I’ll have ya Bitch ass hiding in the witness protective custody, sounding like E-40, just to hide from the fact that bullets ah come after ya Bitch ass, the size of a forty bottle of old E.

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  • Luvin ya all

  • ryda

    shit is tuff fab 1 of the niicest niggaz from B.K

  • KD

    The beat is hard but fab didn’t off on it like he usually do..sounded more commercial..some shit whack ass souja boi would put out.. He not as lyrical on this track..

  • Young Weebo

    neva dumb it down for these illiterate ass niggas who think bein a lyricist is about politics and speakin anotha language. CAL’S OWN YOUNG W double da E BO