Lupe Fiasco Reacts To Online Petition

So far, 2,113 fans have raged against the machine and signed an online petition demanding the release of Lupe Fiasco’s next album Lasers. Lu wiped the cold out his eye this morning and encouraged his fans to keep the movement moving. Viva la revolution!


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  • K.o.D



  • DonC

    Are we really gonna get a play by play on this lame? Atlantic isnt releasing it for a reason.

  • How the first two comments going to be haters. I never understood how people just hate for no reason its funny.

  • Dizz

    yall some haters………lol if thats how u feel why did u bother to click on somethin that even says lupe fiascos name on it………dude is ill but u prolly dont like him cus ur to stupid to understand his lyricisim…

  • …..

    Lol at the hatin ass niggas

  • Geebz

    first two bruddas-

    ‘man you CORNY!” (c) Pitbull, Playa Hata

  • Rhyme

    I signed.



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  • Jay Electronigga

    Chicks dig guys who protest.

  • freakshow

    Alot of arrogance for an artist who hasn’t accomplished much in his rap career and for the “machine” we call Atlantic Records. Crtical acclaim doesn’t pay their bills.

  • K.o.D



  • QBoogie

    Fuck that, where’s the petition for another A Tribe Called Quest album ??? KCUF LOOPY & his petition !

  • pissed

    people aren’t hatin, this dude has been complainin about his releases since back when The Cool got leaked. I dig Lupe & I understand his passion for what he does, but he needs to go about it a different way.

  • Nathaniel

    you know… The Cool went Gold. i’m just sayin…. and doesn’t the nigga have a grammy or two? and wasn’t superstar a pretty big single? i thought it reached #1 on one of them charts. ain’t like the nigga ain’t been working… two international tours US and abroad (The Cool and Steppin Laser Tours) Trilly & Truly + Fall Of Rome clothing lines, New Moon soundtrack song and video, some features, etc. nigga did the Blitzen reindeer nike commercials, Despicable Me lil monster rap shit, and coca-cola booked him for their advertising US tour (which i think that photo above is from)

    i’m getting the feeling (been had this feeling actually) that the content of his album is what’s got it tied up. i think, creatively, they want him to ease up on the revolution anti-fear anti-establishment free your mind etc etc shit. and he ain’t budging. so it’s just sitting… i think the same thing happened more or less with LupEND, that’s why he scrapped it. no-compromise in this nigga

  • !ShootDontPlease


    Hasn’t accomplished much? 2 classic albums, grammy nominations, monster hit with superstar, name mentioned among all time greats already. All while staying true to himself and refusing to sell out.

  • Aaa

    I love lupe,he a dope MC

  • I’m liking this public effort by fans who want his album to see the light of day. Lupe is a proven artist and regardless of the ignorant comments they can’t deny he’s top ten lyrically and in relevance to Hip Hop. He steady states that he has fully submitted that album. If they wanted more they would’ve told him and he’d get down to it. But at this point it’s been stewing for the past year and a half and has had many opportunities to build off his buzz. From the Twilight soundtrack release to “I’m Beaming” being leaked to it’s eventual embrace by radio and MTV. Why wouldn’t Atlantic take advantage of that? It’s obvious Atlantic is a bunch of cowards who want the platinum-sellers. Lupe’s only fault is that he’s never sold that great in spite of his awards and accolades. If he was on a label like Common and Nas, this shit wouldn’t be a topic at all.

  • Geebz


    pic is from an event with kanye and common for ye’s charity with the kids. and LupEND was cancelled cause, surprise Atlantic wouldn’t let the dude execute it the way he wanted to (triple album)

  • Tin Tin

    Niggas just hate. If you don’t like his music, fine. But hating for no reason? lol

  • Rome

    Didn’t accomplish anything??!

    2 arguably Classic albums. 1 went Gold, The Cool went Platinum. And he has a solid group of dedicated fans that will buy the album regardless. Me included.

    I signed

  • So Icy Boi!

    @Chicago Is For Haters i didnt hear dat shit on the radio ..all Lupe fans look lik geeks

  • freakshow

    Critical acclaim doesn’t pay their bills


    Read it and weep.

  • Young Hov

    lupe gets no play in chicago

  • jeeeeeezzer

    YO whens dat new gucci album comin out?

  • If you are not in Chicago, you wouldn’t have heard it being played late spring and early summer. I’m not sayings it was significant spin count. The radio obviously can’t continue playing a song from a major label when said label does not cosign it and back it up with–wait for it–PROMOTIONAL EFFORT. It got some spin, but they had to go for what they know is thoroughly greased. Obviously simple radio politics. Read about it. If you were in Chicago and don’t remember hearing it at least once on the radio, you probably were on here blogging. #deuces

  • Some Random

    Lupe the killa

  • Fa-Q

    I did….signed as Derek Spencmann

  • Mars Blackmon

    @Chicago Is For Haters i didnt hear dat shit on the radio ..all Lupe fans look lik geeks

    Nigga “Superstar” was A TOP-10 SONG IN THE COUNTRY. Higher than any song Gucci has EVER released.

    And P.S. All Gucci fans look like mentally retarded children. BURR! BURR! BURR! YEAAAAAAH! GUCCI! GUCCI! UH! UH!

  • tom

    lupe needs to get off atlantic, maybe sign on with g.o.o.d. music? oh the possibilities

  • ★★★★★ G


  • ★★★★★ G

    burrrrrrrrrrrrrr uh uh uh

  • So Icy Boi!

    @Mars Blackmon “superstar” is like 2-3 years old dumb mutha …and they played that on the pop station…only the remix got played on the hip-hop stations …i was talkin about his new shit

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  • ATLien

    Lupe is top 3 easily, people who don’t understand his lyricism can go and choke on Wayne’s disgraceful rapping ability.

  • jeeeeeeezzer

    @ mars

    Why u hatin on gucci son? he one a tha best in tha game…he pumpin out real hip hop classics all tha time, not juss getting dat 1 hit wonder shit.. ‘My kitchen’ had mo success than lupe entire career. Enuff said…
    Gucci tell em!

  • The Pen And The Needlz

    Hating on Lupe because he hasn’t sold as much as other wack artists?
    Soulja boy must be top ten then ey? There really is no hope for stupid people 😐

  • Eyerone

    im an avid lupe fiasco fan but on some real shit, im tired of seeing fans say “you are probably too stupid to understand his music” to those that dont like him.

    shits gettin old. just sayin.

  • Donn

    Im happy. He released that Japanese Cartoon mixtape. Release it independently if you want it out that bad. You signed the contract wit Atlantic so now deal wit the stipulations of the agreement. If they dont wanna release it they have that right. Its bizness. And i am a fan. Im just sayin the real. You wanna wage against the machine but havent even let Atlantic give their reason for not releasing it. Its two sides to every story. Stop bein bias cus your a Lupe fan. Go get that Japanese Cartoon mixtape in the meantime

  • Mars Blackmon

    Petition has over 5,000 signatures in a day and a half.

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  • Roy


    True. Lupe stans are starting to get up there with the worst kind of stans. Lupe is complex, but stop with that bullshit. If someone doesn’t like it, that’s that.

    On the real though, Atlantic needs to stop fucking around. I doubt their going to get a Superstar type single from him again. So just release the damn album, and let him go.

  • wcfinest

    2000 twitter fans … lol … i bet they will be shocked cause of the MASS!

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  • Standing up for what we believe in!
    This is exactly what Lupe taught us to do..

    I’m so proud of us fans coming together as one, and showing support towards something we’re so passionate about!


  • Devante

    2000k isnt gonna be enough


    They think im malcom X….Martin Luther

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  • mynigga

    eminems back ur shit dont matter slimm shadyy niggggggggassssssssssssssssssss



  • thisisravenstwn

    Lupe is the shit. Fuck yall hatin ass niggas/Crackersr



  • Vincent Blue

    I’ve heard some of the tracks from Lasers so far, and it’s pretty good. I think his new song “I’m Beaming” kinda took another direction, since it sounded more like a Kanye song. (Although I do like the little semi-colon close parenthesis bit he tossed in. 😉

  • BurnOne

    pssh.lupe fiasco is who he wants to be.he has fans that appreciate him for being him.he needs no gimmicks about drugs or violence(BURR!AYE!FLOCKA!).he doesnt need a gang of monotonous mixtapes(bet you wish jail cells had No Ceilings).and he isnt bothered by the fact that alot of people dont get him or his music because he has a devoted fan base that does.his lyrics are dope,period.true to himself,he has meaning and purpose involved in just about all his songs.and he does have something to show for his work.thats my two cents.

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