XV Signs To Warner Bros.

The deal is signed and sealed. Now it’s time for XV to deliver after inking a deal with Warner Bros. His new mixtape, Vizzy Zone should be hitting the ‘net before summer’s end.

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  • biggar

    This kid is dope. I liked that mix tape 30 minute layover or whatever it was called. He’s got talent. Good job warner bros

  • I.B.

    warner bros. trying to make right since they lost Wiz Khalifa.

    But picking up XV was a good choice.

  • Tax write-offs FTW!

  • Wow.

    See the police, warn a brotha.

  • Jay $ BaGZ

    Xv gonna kill it now! Didn’t Warner sign Pill too? Maybe they realized who really should’ve been on that XXL cover and signed him.

  • Post no billz

    I keep my ear to the street so xv is on my radar and hes pretty dope keep an eye out for this cat..

  • Coolin

    Yet another rapper signed to a label who most likely won’t release a record. in a year he’ll be yelling “I’M FREE!!”.

  • Obama

    who? lol @ Post no billz… “ear to the streets”… yeah that mickey mouse club smile got “streets” written all over it….

  • cam

    warner bros. held wiz back while he was on there. xv is dope so i hope they dont hold this dude back from doin what he wants to do musically


    warner broz is the devil who ever sign we them will be their slave FOR ETERNITY

  • Nyle

    i hvae all XV mixtapes….favorite rapper by far…its about time lets gooo…Vizzy Zone

  • Antone

    word, hope they don’t do him like Wiz…

  • Mr A From Tha T

    DUDES NIIIIIIIIICE, ^^ word, i like this dude better, all i liked from wiz was Say Yeah and that new one This Plane, slt


    They both trash…

  • dot.B

    you…. got signed to Warner Brothers, what crew you gonna rep? The Animaniacs?

  • Hollaatchaboy

    Tiny toons nigga!!!!!!

  • Nova

    They dropped jay rock for this nikka smh

  • tz

    ripple effect from drake apparently being big.. bubble gum rappers gettin signed daily

  • Kyle

    Jay rock was garbage. he was never about to make a good album. And XV isn’t bubble gum rap. he raps about real shit. just because he doesnt rap about gangsta shit doesn’t make it real? what part of the game is that

    name another unsigned artist more deserving of a deal then this man? i’ll wait…. fuck wat you heard, XV earned his deal and he’s going to do good cuz he makes good music and he got flow on him too. listen to 30 Minute Layover if you think different.

    congrats XV