Kanye Debuts New Songs For Facebook

Earlier this evening, Kanye made a trip to the Facebook Headquarters in Palo Alto, CA and recited a few songs off his upcoming album including “Lost in the World,” “Chain Heavy,” “Sweat On My Face”, and “Mama’s Boyfriend”. Damn, good ass tease. More footage after the jump.

rap-up x uhtn

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  • hiphoplover


  • ronnie_moe

    I can’t wait to hear the whole album.

  • Baphomet

    I fucks with this.

  • Kid Rapp

    Wow so wait that leaked tracklist seemed like it was Legit huh Big Homie?

  • jblaze

    ye’s back with that crack music

  • Thats what im sayin!

    Wow is an understatement, soo much passion from dude.

    Love the passion.

    Can’t wait for the album!!



  • kid VisionZ

    Oh man. -_- RAPE.

  • Big Homie

    Wow so wait that leaked tracklist seemed like it was Legit huh Big Homie?

    ^ It was verified legit, just wasn’t in order and did not have features/production credits. But remember, things do change.

  • sideshowRaheem

    Most of what he spit really reminded me of “Crack Music” off his second album…really aggressive lyrics(for kanye) mixed wit semi-social/political statements…..this next albums might be his best work to date.


    yeah that last couple bars was cold…kanye west is the best producer emcee ever…IF HE TOPS GRADUATION WITH THIS ALBUM..he is in the running for the CROWN.

  • Razzie

    So…Eminem & Jay-Z confirmed for Good Ass Job?

  • GTFO

    @razzie I wish but either way kanye comin back

  • Black McJagger

    Kanye is untouchable

    get ready

  • Mr A From Tha T


  • Ultrakid

    {{HA HA}} Slow Down son you killin’ them.

  • belly

    sweat on my face sound like a classic

  • I never comment but…

    I was just reminded why I fell in love with hip-hop!!! Those Chain Heavy verses are CRAZY!

  • smokeyou

    blah blah blah blah niggas
    blah blah blah blah niggas
    blah niggas blah blah niggas


  • belly

    matter fact its all classic shit

  • your a hater.. be honest

    very excited for this album. FUCK YA

  • Renegade

    Kanye’s gonna kill it with his next album

  • IM Me

    Wow dude must have given rhymefest & consequnece a raise to ghostwrite….

  • pro-rican

    That “mamas boyfriend” shit is REAL TALK. I look the moms im fucking different now(still hit but dag I never thought of the inverse). I hated my moms boyfriends I was that kid then im the boyfriend now lol

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  • @razzie Ye spit 2 verses on it “Chain Heavy”,so my guess is it’s either Jay-Z or Eminem.

  • Redrocboy

    This is why i love this dude this nigga love hip-hop. And he shows it feel some classic shit coming 9-14-10

  • Redrocboy

    This is why i love this dude this nigga love hip-hop. And he shows it i feel some classic shit coming 9-14-10

  • supppp

    Damn. Rappers take notes… Can’t wait to hear Kanye kill the production on this album.

  • Ultrakid

    @IM Me,
    Rhymefest and Consequence don’t write shit for Ye….Listen to Kanye’s lyrics and notice how he’s not on their level lyrically…If they wrote his he would have gave them credit too.

  • ian b

    Rhymefest and Consequence don’t write shit for Ye….Listen to Kanye’s lyrics and notice how he’s not on their level lyrically…If they wrote his he would have gave them credit too.

    He way ahead of them lyrically… wtf you talkin about?

  • Ultrakid

    @ian b,
    Nah, I love Kanye and he’s my favorite rapper but Rhymefest and Consequence would kill him on the mic.

  • IM Me

    @ian b

    i dont mean “ghost writer” i mean co writer…he says he uses his team all the time to bounce ideas and write, look at the writing credits on “808s & heartbreaks” Malik Yusef, Rhymest, Plain pat, Consequence…he uses all of them. Its not a bad thing, but its frowned on in hip hop to have anyone else assist u in lyrics. we’re the only genre that looks down on it.

  • Ultrakid

    The only time he had co-writers were on Jesus Walks and 808’s & Heartbreak…and 808’s wasn’t a Rap album…Notice how on 808’s he had Jeff Bhasker co-writing songs and Bhasker is far from a rapper. On Jesus Walks Rhymefest came up with the concepts and Kanye took some lines from his original verses that he liked and that’s it….People might vibe out in the studio but I wouldn’t consider that ghost writing or co-writing.

  • ian b

    @ ultrakid

    You Serious dawg? RHYMEFEST and CONESEQUENCE would kill KANYE? Get outa here…

    @IM Me
    Yeah most rappers have a crew of people around them that will suggest things to them or bounce ideas back and fourth with them, even Jeff Bhaskser is credited for helping Ye’ with some of his lyrics.. it don’t mean that their actually writing the lyrics for the aritst though… Any rappers album will have a long list of credits…

  • Killa Kels

    Shouts to Yeezy for steppin his snippet game up.

  • 3stacks

    No man should have all that POW-E-R!

  • ian b

    no one can fuck with yeezy!

  • Mr A From Tha T

    @3stacks, really thts yo name??

  • @ultrakid: Consequence is a dope rapper and perhaps a better rapper, technically, but Kanye’s voice is a million times more powerful than his. Ye’s skill and his ability to convey various emotions make him more valuable than Consequence as a rapper.

  • Heeeeeeee’s baaaaaaaccckkkkk! 🙂 Nuff said…

  • ian b

    @whatupson: and he has better lyrics slash better flow slash delivers them better… which makes him a better rapper than consequuence! same goes for rhymefest…

  • Word 2.0

    Hmm, I was never a fan of Kanyes flow. Great lyrical content, Kanye never runs out of material to talk about. Thats a big thing these days, alot of rappers talk about the same shit

  • Ultrakid


  • Word 2.0

    Dont hate on me because I dont like everything about Kanye like some of yall. This should be a good album though

  • thatdude

    cannot wait to hear the fucking production behind these shits. ahhh yeezy is killing me!

  • @ian b: Haha. I like Consequence, but I’d take Kanye over him every time. Kanye outdid him on Spaceship, Grammy Family, The Good The Bad The Ugly…and I’d call a tie on the We Fight/We Love remix .

  • Lu

    Kanye is a musical genius…..OMG..This is a good year for hiphop..

  • Black McJagger

    MAMA’S BOYFRIEND>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>your local radio station

  • ian b

    @whatupson: i also like consequence but YEEZY IS KILLIN SHIIIITT

  • Ultrakid

    *Waits patiently for Yeezy’s second single to leak…Hmmm….Maybe his second single is Chain Heavy.

  • 3stacks

    @MR A From Tha T

    What type of question is that?
    U from Arizona or what??

  • K-Lam

    Ehhhh, still not likin’ his shit right now, hate me now if you want

  • @ian b Sure thing.

  • stephen

    People really like this? Lame.

    Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good rapper and all. But had I been sittin there I’d have been saying – wtf?

    Play some music.

  • Larry Dover

    “Betty White skill, i get it in still!” – Royce Da 5’9″ – My Own Planet [feat. Joe Budden] http://goo.gl/b/nOgI

  • Space Invader

    All those verses were dope! And full of passion! It’s rare to see mainstream artist still get REALLY excited about their craft. Ye’ does it cuz he loves it….and you can tell in his music. His album will be the first Hip-Hop album I buy this year…keeping it real. (Lupe’s will be the next)

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  • brian

    Wow Mama’s boyfriend sounds amazing. Very excited for the album.

  • I despise Ye’ in a way but….im kinda Excited for his album now that i got alil taste of it…Dude Str8 Spiitin!!!

  • killyou

    Ye is gonna slay dis shit

  • Damn, Ye Snapped.

  • yesssir


  • Ye likely had someones legs broken, have you tried to swipe something from his blog?

  • Dope music..

  • RMC

    Kanye =make good music but wack rapper

  • mike

    after his accident, hiphop was saved (like nas said to him)

    after the incident in the BET, kanye was a dead ass corny dude…

    Now it’s the comeback of a great rapper. musical genius. hiphop leader ! peace

  • thebullfrog24

    Kanye will be one of the greatest to ever do this by the time his career is over

  • killakev

    Kanye is back !!1 he looks like a preacher in the video lol

  • die hard

    Facebook jesus christ pure white trash what next all white everything. and for those who want eminem i say anything but eminem even lauren hilll suing kanye for a sample would kill it more.but i still like my sckiso west. king chicago tut

  • Johnny Inside out penis

    Weezy can fuck with Yeezy no problem

  • i wish more mcs had this passion


    sounds wack





  • morgan

    damnnnn… i’m glad the whole world hated on kanye for the taylor swift shit cause they really heated homeboy up. classic 5 mic album i assume.

  • AllBlackEverything

    Someone mentioned earlier how it sounds similar to the passion and topics from ‘Crack Music’ from Late Registration. I agree..
    ‘How they stop the Black Panthers?!’

  • Best Rapper Alive, Great Lyricist, Various Conceptual Rapper.
    Hopefully One Day I Will See A Kanye Track Featuring 50 Cent.

  • Nathaniel


    relevant, powerful words. if not that lyrically complex, still, relevant, powerful words. spoken with heart and soul.

    that’s what it’s all about y’all. ye don’t ever have to be big pun lyrical if he’s dropping raw, potent shit with irony that makes us think. content over lyrical leaps and bounds anyday. that’s that South influence in the mid-west. yep!

  • Mr A From Tha T

    @3stacks fuckit man, i aint gon argue witcha, i jus highly dought you andre 3000, but thinkin im from arizona ya ass muss be dyslectic

  • GTFO

    I love reading armchair quarterbacks opinions. So much knowledge wasted on blog comments. SMH

  • NickeyBlack leaves comment

    i never bought a YE album but i will for the first time….Mama’s boyfriend sound like my life, i went thru that stage also

  • bizzle

    remember when Kanye was giving Eminem props on “Insane” off of Relapse? He said it was “genious.”…. and then we get “Mama’s Boyfriends”?????? inspiration you think?????

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  • ian b

    shitss insane! Kanye’s deff in the top 5 rapper category, no doubt about it



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  • sounded like black student union poetry night.

    i kew this guy was gonna come back on some pro-black sounding shit after the white establishment tried to blackball his ass. it’s like OJ Simpson deciding he’s black again just as the trial starts.

    whatever. i love it. it IS poetry. and he IS, THEE most prominent black pop star who makes anything even approaching conscious rap. he abandoned the shit out of those conscious pop roots from his first couple albums but i knew he’d bring it back after recent events. so he got the people who made Illmatic and Resurrection and he’s gonna put out a soulful, pure Hip-Hop classic.

    hall of famer. lyrics and stories too funny. laff out loud funny. i think once has a catalog as large as Jay’s, i’ll consider his catalog richer.

  • tali


  • the one

    He’s backkkkkkkkkkkkkk! This album is going to be a classic !

  • double r

    album is no longer called good ass job, according to his twitter

  • Suit clean as f^ck. N^gga look like he doing a GQ shoot. Good to see him on his sh^t. “Bow in the presence of greatness.”

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  • NuJEW

    Holy fuck this nigga killed shit outta of it.

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    I’m fucking with Ye all day

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  • Yea you KNOW that chain heavy beat is gona be serious

  • jmarcroyal

    Hey Kanye, do you like Fishsticks??

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  • nope

    Wow kanye fuckin sux without a beat, he just looks like a retard on a stage

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