Fat Joe Darkside Show At S.O.B.’s (Photos)

My dudes Mel D. Cole and Ernest Estime came through last night with some great shots from last night’s show at S.O.B.’s. Thanks to Crack, Vado, Cassidy and the gang of guests who came out. Good times.

All photos above: Mel D. Cole

All photos above: Ernest Estime

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  • money mitch

    redman. fuckin hilarious

    if there were any rappers you could chill with, youd be crazy not to say red and meth.

    cassidy chubkins there


    Terror Squad throw tha illest parties !!!! BX was good?!?!?!?!?
    RapRadar gave away tickets to the show but they never announce the winner LOL it aint the first time either……….was really good? is it a marketing scheme ?!?!?!?!? maybe ?!?!?!?!?!? anyways shout out to rapradar regardless thou u sum real n!ggaz n all that.. Fat Joe shouted u guys out on HOT 97 yesterday so big upS


    cassidy a fat nicca

  • Groovy


    Looks like a great show

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  • Message to YN

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    Nah son, what the fuck is wrong wit you. I been reading since you were hating back in XXL in your Editor in Chief rants page, Elliot. It’s bullshit. Get a life bruh.


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  • ATanks

    @LyricalDetox Your 100% false, I won the contest yesterday and went to the show…it was awesome.


    how am i false? did they announce you as the winner ? if so where n when ?!?!? i must of missed it

    FYI i don’t hate but rather congratulate so salute