Kanye Debuts New Song For Twitter

Guess Kanye has come up with a new marketing strategy to promote his untitled album. Besides joining Twitter today he also performed new material a capella at their corporate HQ. Sound familiar? Facebook one day, Twitter the next, I’m afraid of what Mr. West will do next.

UPDATE: Same clip but vocals a lil clearer here.


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  • Nah

    He’s back.

  • B

    Rhyming “next” with “next”? C’mon YN, step ya game up.

  • Steve

    he flip’d HOV’s verse to fit the post C’mon B getcha weight up…LOL

  • killakev

    when u got a group of white people clapping after your rapping then you know your a genius

    Thats Wassup



  • Black By Popular Demand

    i guess linkedin hq is next… but i’m guessing he’ll never ever show up at rr hq.

  • Black By Popular Demand

    …and these dudes need to stop wearing these fucking tight ass pants… c’mon son!!

  • YepandNope

    “lyrically can’t none of yall murder Ye, cuz yall raps aint got no vertebrate.”

  • Thank Me Hater

    Kanye stop giving ross beats!! He doesn’t know what to do with them!!

  • Bloopers

    That lil rhyme by YN was low-key sick lol

  • freakshow

    Kanye West is a music genius. It’s time for him to let his music outshine his antics.

  • Black McJagger

    lmao @ Ye’s Drake hands on that last pic

    can’t wait for this album

    you can call him what you want but you can’t deny his passion

    this is what he loves

    we need more artist like that

  • GTFO

    Why there no black people working at Twitter?

  • nick

    That’s right singfor the white people…don’t disobey!!..lol…or else

  • nick

    For gtfo…cuzu can’t have any felonies

  • GTFO

    You a fool Nick. LMAO

  • whats next

    he need to stop by the hiphop sites next

  • Stans

    Hw should have rhymed next with “We the bext”

  • queen

    kanye got a new social media strategy for the game. keep up


    killakev says:
    Wednesday, July 28 2010 at 6:41 PM EST
    when u got a group of white people clapping after your rapping then you know your a genius

    This is what’s wrong with everything. What kind of logic is that?

  • nick

    Cuz without white people your just plain ole……blackies

  • Fuck Ya Life

    What he’s doin is smart rhyme for the white people cuz they the majority that buys albums cuz I know I don’t fuckin buy them, and now he’s gonna have promo on facebook and twitter. Smart.

  • jdot

    By the white people? you make black people sound like some Na’vi niggas.

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Damn came wit the Avatar shit I see. Nah tho I just see like this I don’t know what the % is but I know for a fact that more white people buy these shits I mean look at Eminem he could put shit on a disc (Encore) and still go gold in a week. I personally don’t care cuz I know I don’t buy shit and why should I if I can get it for free.

  • the great zeee

    where are the black people?

  • Ye with “Drake hands”??? LMAO. I thought Ye been doing that. All that sez is that Drizzy love that Good music like Jadakiss and Alchemist. Kanye probably ain’t gonna submit that album to Def Jam until the middle of August just to deter bootlegging which is not gonna work, btw. He’s been doing this record in seclusion @ Hawaii, and with this plug at the social networking centers (Facebook, Twitter, ????), he’s probably gonna eschew any Best Buy signings, but I doubt it. He’s out to kill Em’s numbers. Sorry, had to say it. #deuces

  • dallasfever

    The black people are on Twitter talking to each other.

  • Really hope he gets back to the old Ye for the new record.


  • iLL_uminated


    I think Kanyes new networking scheme is working..
    Hes gonna prove that he doesnt need to put out radio freindly songs to do “em” numbers.. now thats power!~

  • I’m so ill

    @ Fuck ya life

    Word man. I’m a Kanye fan too but I ain’t buyin’ none of that nigga’s CDs, NOT WHEN I CAN GET EM’ FOR FREE! I mean, this shit is all over the world. Why buy your groceries when you can just steal them from the store? Why shell out the cash to take a bitch on a date when you can drop some roofies in her drink and fuck her for free while she’s asleep?

  • Hahahaha

    This shit has been in motion since the Taylor swift shit. If you niggas only knew how deep this goes. Yeezy I always knew you’d be on top again ahahaa

  • nado

    im so ill> u got me rollin off that comment..lmao!!!

  • IrelandRepresents

    …what a knob!

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