• ThaDude

    Interesting.. #moreaboutnothing Aug 3rd!

  • nice, this guy is talented!

  • I need More About Nothing ASAP!

  • Kid

    Real poetic
    Real music

  • TrapRadar

    whack sauce

  • Knaterr

    ^^^ U went to a close minded public school

  • ya

    ha @trapradar. open ur mind up son.

    this is dope, cant hate on the lyricism and concept.

    btw, is there gonna b a part three to this more abouit nothin listenin sessions? 1st two (specially that beast of a ”eyes of the tiger”) tracks were fire


    wale blows another over rated rapper goin nowhere interscope saw that

  • you short minded niccaz thoughts is napoleon – Kanye West

  • Thank Me Hater

    Wale’s Wardrobe >>>>> Wale’s Rhymes

  • cam

    lol he serious?.. the fuck is this?

  • Big 110

    it sounds like lil b’s based freestyles… real shit…

  • Pl

    Some of these commenters can’t b over 18… That’s probably why they don’t get it. This wus dope

  • ameriboy

    lol i know these lil high schoolers should be banned from comments….

  • Ku

    Its a poem, ignorant people. like all rappers, Wale is a poet. He has another one at the end of his song ‘Diary’

  • yupp

    yea thats kind of like some lil b based freestyles

  • scenescoper

    all of you who think this is good yall are retarded thats not rap its pussy shit

  • Juke

    This was nice, real emcees are poets. To the ignorant people sayin this is wack or whatever open up your mind.

    There’s no difference in this poem than there is in this line-

    “I got love for my brother but we can never go nowhere unless we share with each other” -one of the greatest lines ever in hip hop.

    This poem was a nice peace of work, one of the many Wale has.


  • jello

    awesome song!!!!love it

  • Dovefly

    What’s playing in the background?

  • EMAN

    Most of the people commenting on this dont understand real music all of the people hating probably listen to wacka flucka and oj the juicey juice man

  • i write about shit like this… myownmovement.blogspot.com @myownmovement

  • Alexandria

    ; wow , if this songg isnt bombb – its me completely ! im soo ambitious , i really lovee this work of art <3.

  • tianicole

    this song is beautiful..i’m mad that people aren’t wise enough to recognize good quality music…just because he isnt talking about drugs and murder people cant relate to it…smh at society

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  • LPO

    wtf is this bullshit?

  • B

    Why Hate?… Spectators eat a dick man, Wale talented man this real music… Yall was doin the same shit when Kanye first started rappin.. he made yall believers now tho!… Yall ignorant fucks hatin go listen to them nigguhs tlkn bout some Dougie BS

  • Bunz B

    smh fuckin retards man #DMV stand UP


    nice poetry, i know a lot of chicks lacking ambition

  • Maine334

    If you dont understand and appreciate this work of art….you are borderline retarded :/

  • coco

    OK WALE i love it what ever u do i love it okkkkkk getthemmmmmmm WALE

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  • curiouslycute

    Yeah right..he want a ambitious girl my azz.. WHEN EVA..

  • whats this song about?