Wale Debuts “The MC”

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Day 3 of the countdown til the release of More About Nothing on Aug 3rd. Here Mr. Roc Nation talks about how the song he plays above was originally written with Jay-Z in mind. Oh well. One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor. Keep the good shit for yourself. Ha!

Previously: Friends & Strangers & The Eyes Of The Tiger

Sidebar: Second commercial

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  • Samsohn

    you’re a dick YN

  • brian

    Wow, this sounds amazing.

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    *plugs ears*

    I’m not listening to any leaks until the mixtape drops.

    SideBar: Is that “Workin” joint gonna be on the tape?

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  • wtf

    YO, real talk, WTF! this tape sounds too good to b true…. 3 for muthafuckin 3, i dare someone to hate on it with a VALID point otha than this is these tracks r too good to b for a mixtape

  • O Joooeee


  • TDot

    Dat Bitch Bad AF!

  • PDNumba

    Man 8/3 cant come quicker.

  • DMV Nigga.

    Hottest MC alive.

  • Good one….Wale keep representing bruv…the whole of Nigeria supports you

  • Who Else But My Man Wale… Cant Wait For The Drop Fam… Stay Up..!!

  • HollyGranger

    Sorry Wale, but that first record is Wack! Hope the rest of the tape is sick tho’………

  • uptown4real

    Nice sounding track! i really wish this guy would stop with all the Jay z references because its to apparent that he’s not that calibar of MC. Homie gotta realize when you truely decide to be yourself, you’ll be embraced genuinely. Stop trying to be what youre not homie….focus on putting out good music and stop referencing Jay. Reality check: if Jay was really into you as an valuable artist you’d be featured on a song of his or he’d bless your shit with a cameo verse. dont believe me…. ask J. Cole…

  • MANNNNNNNNN!!! Yeah, Wale is going in for MORE ABOUT NOTHING! “The MC” is serious, definitely gives you hip-hop with DMV flair. I’m glad he kept that idea for himself…makes the song even more dope.

  • Can

    “let me see some hands for the dope rhyme spitter”


    “I’ma need to see ya fuckin hands at the concert” – Ye

  • itsteeKayy

    anyone know where we can get that fitted Wale rockin ?

  • EddySmokes

    Sounds ok, but like my man said stop all the J references, if J was really into your music you would have featured on a song or something, or better yet he would have did a cameo on any of your records, but he hasn’t, Has he? I think not! Secondly lets be for real dog you are signed to Roc Nation not as an artist but they manage you some type of way, so really they in your pockets for a percentage, I know the game homie, cant pull that throwing up the Roc like you signed to the label, just make sure you recoupe that bread from your last wack album. And stop claiming to be the voice of the District, there are a lot of niggas that don’t fuck with you slim, from Uptown to the South Side, so stop all the faking dog!

  • ya

    this shit’s gonna b so dope!

    btw, to all these blatant haters sayin why mention J, he dont fuck wit u.. why he give him the ROC chain then? i saw that shit live, so y’all def dont kno wut ur talkin bout.
    and @can u r REACHIN on that one… lol

  • guuci bag

    streets of rage 2…i beat that shit back in the gap.

  • ShesTARAble





  • DoTHebodygoodDick

    that shit is fire i cant wait til that come out

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