Wale Debuts “The Cool”

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We’re nearing the end of our More About Nothing preview so why not smooth things out a bit. No slackin’ on your mackin’, young pimpin’. 5 days to go. Acapella raps FTW!

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  • Smart move Wale by releasing this mixtape. I’m sure it will be great.

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  • Donn

    Releasing a mixtape cus no one cares and wouldnt buy his shit. Last album flopped and niggas wanna get at Rick Ross about sells

  • he really feelin this shit, huh?

    least someone is.

  • MartinLouieTheKingSpitta

    @Donn, is it that time of the month? u got ut panties in a bunch? got ur face on scrunch, cause wale still spittin tough? And still better than ever after sales were pretty rough, so u mad cuz u thought he was gone but now he back and its a check to ur gut, well sir I wish unto u the most luck cuz hatin don’t get u know where little fuck 🙂

  • Pl

    smooth beat, Dope flow.

    Aug 3rd! Hataz, u obviously don’t like him, so ignore and keep it movin

  • Blacc

    Attention Deficit had some joints man it did NOT deserve to flop. Guess that just shows the current climate of “hip-hop”. Waitin for 8/3/10

  • Donn

    Im not hatin’, im makin’ a point, When ppl like Wale flop, Distant Relatives, JAnelle Monae, The Roots, Big Boi, wen these artist that y’all like flop, y’all justify it, but cus y’all don’t like Ross, y’all say he flopped and he’s gonna flop, like fuck that shit. Sales only matter when it comes to somebody u don’t like, hipocrits
    SN: I am NOT a Wale fan….

  • Nkozi

    I feel this dude but he needs to apply the pressure. If he took a page from Ortiz’s strategy it wouldnt hurt him. It seems like he’s in the same place he was last year.

  • So Icy Boi!

    @Donn PREACH!

  • Mulato Gato

    Damn these joints is nice! Marked improvement from that album. Why he waisting these on a mixtape?

  • Mulato Gato

    “Master of my domain i am no Costanza” Slick Seinfeld reference

  • Ceaze

    Can’t Wait For The Mixtape… No Homo But I can’t waitr til tonight where this nigga bout to perform (friday’s at sunset)

  • Ceaze

    Follow Me @Ceaze1220

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  • Streetman08

    Mixtape will be FIRE. true hip-hop #nodaysoff


    FUCK U DONN..u aint wale fan then y d fuck are looking at dis shit get ur lame ass off her…. I love hip hop and i think we should give respect to artist doing the real shit..keeping it alive

  • Ceaze

    FUD- I feel you sometimes its like all people know is hate and wale spoke on that too…. (Hate Is The New Love)

  • coco

    man FUCK YALL get the FUCK off my DUDE i rock all his shit u FUCKING haters step the FUCK back for MAN STEP YO FUCKING COOKIES UP BITCHEZ

  • cocoSAYS fuckdonn

    that was 4 u HATER

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  • QuaysaB (twitname)

    Just because an album doesn’t sell well doesn’t make it a bad album….other factors like badly-done promotion play into it. I LOVE Wale and for a long time, I didn’t really know his album even came out b/c I didn’t see it in any stores. His album Attention Deficit WILL go down in the later years as a SOLID Hip-Hop album && this is coming from a true hip-hop head here. Sells don’t always mean talent. Alot of people think Soulja Boy has no true talent when it comes to rapping (producing beats is a different story) but this man sells A LOT of records anyways. I think Wale needs to have a good promo team behind him && his twitter and mixtape will do a lot of that for him b/c his abilities are IN THERE! Believe that. The public will hop on him if he gets good promo.

  • Alright then

    Donn, the fuck are you talking about? Those artists you’ve named all hit high on the billboard charts. They’re making good sales and they’re being loved more so than ever before, especially more than people who stick to the standard formula (aka Rick Ross. His last three albums all said the exact same thing.) for going new artistic directions with their music. Tell you what, I know it must hurt to have each and every one of their dicks inside every orifice of your body, but hop off. Quit trying to justify your hate, just be straight up about it.

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