New Music: Wale “Black & Gold”

Wale’s new mixtape, More About Nothing finally drops tomorrow. But until then, enjoy the project’s lead-off hit produced by Kosmik Kev and DJ Omega. Catch him performing this and more at the Highline Ballroom August 16th.

Sidebar: The accompanying commercial. Two more after the jump.

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  • craig
  • Dstew

    This mite be a classic

  • D

    Cudi > Wale

  • erikscbd

    Too Dope! 😀

  • TY

    ..dope track, but Sparro already made it that way..

    ..can’t wait to hear The War tho

    oh yea, Wale is coming to Atlanta !!

    August 2010>January-July 2010


  • Tadlaoui


  • the truth

    finally a track from this guy i like…

    “ya’ll mario bros. i’m metal gear”

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  • DUB

    this is DOPPPPPEEEEE download link?????

  • intern.

    You killed this at the Heineken event, couldn’t wait for CDQ! The lil gogo mixed in is dope.

  • this beat is too tough. i cant wait till tomorrow. can we get a midnight drop?

  • musicislyfe

    this is the truth

  • raf

    dl linke pls any1

  • Ready or Not

    wale just destroyed this trackk something serious…. And if you seriously think cudi is better than wale ur on drugs. Well I mean u have to be on drugs to even feel cudi music dont u? lol does he even rap.?? Any this dude wale said “I might give you the pipe, unless you riding a bike. that mean cycling”….. lmao this dude is a problem, most ppl just dont catch his word play…

  • wheres a dl link??!!

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  • Shanice

    Yo. That Shit Is Hard

  • Travy
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  • Gonna be the mixtape of the summer.

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  • l boogie

    r.i.p Wale career… THIS SHIT sucks,… he dont sound right on doing pop music
    Kid Cudi, Bo.B, J Cole> Wale

  • Rhymeofthecentury

    @iboogie if you dont sit yo ol’ band wagon ass down …when has b.o.b had a verse HALF as hot as this song ……. go head i’ll wait ……..this joint goes hamm

  • Bryan

    songs hot, but in Mixtape About Nothing Wale has a diss skit about remixing dance beats for hip hop…

    just sayin

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  • dickhead

    cudi is betttter

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  • mian

    love it

  • Skaters_Beware

    I love the new song!!!! I’m looking forward to the mixtape….. This here is real hiphop

  • JohnBlack

    Really. Because to me this is pop music. He’s on that Black Eyed Peas shit. IMO Mos Def not Real HipHop.

  • Word 2.0

    I dont really like Wale like that, he aight in my opinion. Cole still freshman of the year in my books, album or not

  • So Icy Boi!

    This trash …i was tryna fuk wit Wale because he killed dat verse on Waka Flocka song “no hands” leave that go go shit alone u should rap on more south beats

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  • moi

    Mmmmm, this reminds me of Phil Ade. I know Wale came out first but Phil just does it a little better…

  • JayBains

    ” Im Ninja Gaiden, Ya Lil Jaden ” (Jaden Smith From Karate Kid) lol

    Back to the Feature Pt 2 Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JayBains

    Phil Nash Is Nice!!

  • 50

    28, 000 copies his first week, this nigga career is over *Drake Voice* Interscope should really drop his dirty asss..

  • lol

    Wale should reallly STop rapping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont nobody care about his more about nothing mixtape
    Donnis Mixtape>Wale More about nothing

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  • Freddie


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  • YYY

    This shit hard. Fuck a hater.

  • O Joooeee

    uhhh huhhh just when yall thought a nigga fell off

  • Fan_Of_Hip_Hop

    Dope!!!! Its crazy that people are on here posting negz and trying to compare Wale to Drake Cudi Cole and other artists, U cant compare Wale to anyone! He’s a different artist, he’s more of a lyricist than you Hip Hop fans want to give him credit for. He actually talks about something, things people can relate to. But I guess everyone does drugs sells drugs has nce cars and many guns smh. and fyi I like Cudi, Cole, and others, but I respect artists who actually LIVE their art more and are diverse.YALL ARE STUCK ON THE SAME NOTHING ASS CATHCY FORMULATED RAP “MUSIC”!!!!” anything else is automatically wack, huh? lol you guys dont know what hip hop is, and is supposed to be unfortunately. “If you like substance then you’ll like Wale, but most Niggas LOVE nothing so…..” More About Nothing in a few hours, Listen to it and learn something for a change,& quit lying to yourselves about what a lyricist is too lol

  • Leonashelly

    nothing but

  • Mars Deuceman

    Wale….never fails to disappoint…this mixtape is about to shit on most rappers albums, so you other niggas better stay in the studio for another couple months….#okbye

  • Mars Deuceman

    i’m smacked, i meant he never fails to deliver, and never disappoints….Ralph Folarin is the shit!

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  • James Lee

    Thanxs wale for saving us from this BS Called hip Hop HIP HOP AINT DEAD


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  • Gu Heffner

    more about nothing!!!!!!!!

    about to be a classic

  • This_Right_Here

    I will never understand how someone can sit on here and talk about how nobody wants to hear Wale and blah blah blah. Then why you click the link under his post and take the time out to comment on his shit? Sit the fuck down somewhere please. If you just sit and listen to Wale, dude has crazy flow. Like his punch lines are outta this world, you gotta sit and think about that shit and what he’s talking about. Dude is smart. And in no shape, form, or fashion can you compare Cudi to Wale. They are two ENTIRELY different artists. Cudi doesn’t rap half the time. Did you listen to Man on the Moon? That’s a stoner album. And I like Cudi, but him and Wale is different. And Drake isn’t great. He SUCKS. He says the same shit over and over. He’s whack. On New Soul off of Back to the Feature, Wale talks about that shit. “And while the world goes Drake crazy, I’m Danny Grainger I’m just working with a difference pace, so patience, please cuz, slow and steady wins this race fuck leading”. And wanna know why he sold so few albums? Cause Interscope didn’t promote his shit and you couldn’t find that shit ANYWHERE. But anyway, “This only for the hip hop lovers, if you want that bull shit turn on the radio on”


  • I cant wait for this mixtape to drop. #classic

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