Dr. Dre Addresses Detox Hold Up

In another excerpt from VIBEs Juice Issue, Dr. Dre explains the delay of Detox—again.

When you first announced Detox did you think it would take this long?
Absolutely not. I thought it would take at worst case a couple of years. For example, actual work time on The Chronic was nine months and actual work time on my last album, 2001, was about 10 months. The actual work time on this album is about half of that, where I’m seriously focusing on it. There is always something coming up. Like signing talent, old and new.

So “Under Pressure” leaking was killer.
It was a little bit more frustrating because at least “Crack a Bottle” had a hook on it. I wouldn’t be as mad at a leak if the song was done.

Can you blame the fans for wanting to hear something after all this time?
Absolutely not. I’m not mad at the fans. I’m mad at the person that leaked the shit. I have no idea how it got out. It’s not even worth looking to see who did it. It happens. The most painful part about it is that I’m passionate about what I do so people should hear it in the right form.

There were some other reference tracks that leaked with T.I. and Ludacris lyrics. Were those legit?
Two of them were. Somebody actually hacked into our emails, so that made our red flags go up. We’re in a new age and that’s a sign: Wake up motherfucker. You have to be more careful with your shit. That’s all there is to it. I know what’s up now.

You mentioned a hip-hop album without rapping. Will we ever hear a Dr. Dre instrumental album?

Oh yeah, that’s in the works. An instrumental album is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I have the ideas for it. I want to call it The Planets. I don’t even know if I should be saying this, but fuck it. [Laughs.] It’s just my interpretation of what each planet sounds like. I’m gonna go off on that. Just all instrumental. I’ve been studying the planets and learning the personalities of each planet. I’ve been doing this for about two years now just in my spare time so to speak. I wanna do it in surround sound.It’ll have to be in surround sound for Saturn to work.

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  • Can

    “blah blah blah”

  • Sarcasm


    if he really wanted to. he would drop everything hes doing. disconnect from the outside world, and work on a motherfucking legendary album.

    but…hed rather promote his gay ass beats by dre headphones, maybe because he is scared his album wont sell anymore.

    its over.

  • p.dom

    dre needs to go and change the name of his album from ”detox” to ”unicorn” cause we’ll probably never ever see that shit!!

  • Андрей, ты заебал, никому твой Дитокс когда ты его выпустишь нахуй не нужен будет

  • MuthaF’ers Mad That I’m Icyyyy!

    whatever nigga

  • someone

    you can blame eminem for that smh

  • Blah!

    ^^yeah what he said i co sign ROFL

  • Blah!

    i mean the russian not the other 2 dudes

  • Lies, all lies. Dre you are taking your sweet time. If anyone is excited about this project, they must also wait for all the candles to burn out on their birthday cake.

  • Signing new talent? Other than 50 and Em, what’s really come out of Aftermath in the last 10 years? Game’s 1st album? And what else? Busta? Am I missing anything?

  • Signing talent that never dropped. Eve, Rakim, Joelle Ortiz etc. STFU Dre.

  • sideshowRaheem

    So he’s basically saying he’s put in 5 months of actual work on this album which would mean at best he’s only half done. At his current pace we should hear that album some were around the year 2020.

  • jeeeeeezzer

    he tryina get tha best mc’s like gucci onboard, that’s aight…do yr thing dre…

  • tohot

    This doesn’t address anything about the album, dre should drop his first official single sooooon. That would defently mean the ablum is coming soon. And his beats by dre headphones are the shiznit, best sound i have ever heard from headphones, basically it’s like a home theater surround sound system in your ears.

  • Blueboy

    Keep ya head up Dre. Fans

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Hurry Up Dre Damn……Recovery and TML will only hold me over for so long…..oh wait….Currensy just dropped Pilot talk….nevermind…..

  • Even Though Dr. Dre’s Last Album Was In 2001, He Hasn’t Even Worked On (DETOX) For 10 Months!


  • Blah!

    when no IF dr dre releases detox tracklist and Gucci Mane or Soulja Boy on there i aint buying

  • Mr. G

    In tupacs words ” nonlonger dre day” this albums. Hype is over !!

  • I love to get my music illegally

    Oh shit I just an update on new people featured on Detox:
    Currency, Yellawolf, Joe Budden, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuz A Bear, Action Jackson, JJ Fad, My Next Door Neighbor, Boyz II Men, You, Eve, Usher, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Iron Man, A Dude That Can Rap, the dude from the Old Spice commercial, 3-5-7, Bone Crusher, Big Meech, Larry Hoover, and the list keeps growing

  • RapMusic23

    What has hold up Detox is your fucking Headphones and your greed for more money,nothing else.You put Detox aside as soon as you get an opportunity to make quick money,like your fucking commercials for dr.pepper and Beats.Put all that shit away,lock yourself in the studio with a bag of weed and finish that shit already

  • Thank Me Hater

    This is a serious question. Can somebody tell me why niggas are checking for this so hard. I’ve only really been aware that he was doing a Detox album since last year *shrugs*

  • Thank Me Hater

    @I love to get my music illegally LMAO!!!! You forgot Biggie Pac Big L and Big Pun

  • mac DIESEL

    FUCK YOU DRE!!!!


  • BillyDiamonds

    @I love to get my music illegally


  • WTF!!?!!

    Damn! this still meant to be droppin i lost intrest in 2006
    [email protected] i get my music illegally you forgot vannila ice and soulja boy

  • Are you niggas dumb?
    Im never gonna release Detox. Ya’ll must be on crack or sumthin.

  • eagles

    who the hell cares about Detox anymore? I completely lost interest 4 months ago when he said Under Pressure would be out in less than 2 weeks. Hope the album gets leaked way early to teach his ass a lesson.

  • eagles

    who the hell cares about Detox anymore? I completely lost interest 4 months ago when he said Under Pressure would be out in less than 2 weeks. Hope the album gets leaked way early to teach his ass a lesson

  • Dre’s Dropping “The Planets” 2020 haha

  • Yousef

    Fuck You Dre!!!

  • jeeeeeezzer

    But you still buyin when he already confirm that ladyboy gaga dance s***??? Try appreciatin real hip hop, gucci one a tha realest ever son… Dre 10 year long album will flop without tha current best…

  • WTF!!?!!

    @the guy above me

    i bet you my house Detox will not involve Gaga if it does you have my crib and i will kill my self TWICE

  • Shady310

    Hahahaha Get ready to kill yourself and give up the keys.
    because Akon said it himself…..Dre bringing a new dance joint.
    Lady Gaga? who knows…it can be a rumor along with Lil Kim and Estelle (whatever her name is)
    about being on the album!

    but who the fuck cares!!
    fuck the excuses…fuck the little headphone commercial….fuck the release-date…fuck the new artists who haven’t dropped something “decent” yet!!!
    Unless the words in your mouth have something to do with a track Off Detox that actually made the cut and it’s perfectly mastered and ready to be heard……SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    and let Shady do his thing babyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!
    Platinum! haters maaaaad!!!!!!!

  • I love to get my music illegally

    @ Thank Me Hater and Billy Diamonds….. I did a post a couple of weeks ago, and those artist were included, that was my latest update…. stay tuned my “sources” are letting me know whats poppin

  • I love to get my music illegally

    @WTF… I did a post a couple of weeks ago, and those artist were included, that was my latest update…. stay tuned my “sources” are letting me know whats poppin

  • Dream Killa

    i know it dont take no fuckin 9years to work on a album eminems been out for 4years and his last two were the shit recovery only took 6months to work on and it was it dope

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Dre has put himself in a LeBron James type of situation, he put so much hype around this shit that he’s settin himself up for failure. If every song ain’t a smash that could be a single then people gonna hate cuz of how long it took for him to make this shit. Like I said tho this shit is over hyped for someone who don’t write there own shit.

  • John Doe


  • YaDig

    He’s been studying the planets for the last 2 years? Is this nigga fucking high out of his mind? DETOX NIGGA, BACK TO WORK!!

  • fawaz

    EMINEM came from rehab and release 3 albums in just 2 year come know DRE stop playing around with your fan just tell tham theres no DETOX

  • man up

    suck dick gay ass dre

  • Obama

    groundbreaking idea homey… really…

  • That “planets” idea sounds really good. Now watch how many cats jack that lol

  • And oh yeah,I finally checked out his headphones and I gotta say…UR A FUCKIN FOOL IF U SPEND $300 ON THAT ON DAT SHIT! Its other headphns out there dat provide damn near the same quality 4 cheaper.

  • Dat

    What a douche!

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  • @CantGetRight: “That “planets” idea sounds really good. Now watch how many cats jack that lol”

    I made an instrumental hip-hop album based on The Planets in 2007. Check it:


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  • Helioprogenus

    It’s interesting noting all these Dre haters. So everyone here is waiting breathlessly for Dre’s album, and since it’s taken a few years too many, you’re pissed. I get it, but the man is the fucking man. If he wants to do something his way, fuck you and all your pissy bitching. You think he gives a flying fuck that you’re annoyed at the delayed album? Put yourself in his shoes. The man has an empire to run, and he has a million things he’s doing. None of you could handle the workload he has, or the type of shit he has to deal with. You’re just these little fucking annoying gnats that are buzzing around a garbage can.

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  • GreenMoon19

    Dont get brand new on us… Phuck all the dumb shit & finish what you start…. Dammmm.. At least Show these MOFO’s Hip Hop Still Lives!!! Drink Topless, Breathe Topless…LIVE TOPLESS DRE

  • the real

    Dr. Dre’s old ass needs to retire, if he was being productive there wouldn’t be this skinny jeans crap, and these rnb and hip-hop artist puttin vocals over techno beats. Dres style of music is no longer accepted, He’s gotta hang up his mix board.