Young Buck’s Home Gets Raided By IRS

When in debt, Uncle Sam will collect. Unfortunately, Young Buck found this out the hard way this morning after the IRS raided his Nashville, TN home. The invasion was due to a $300,000 unpaid tax bill. Although Buck was able to keep his crib and vehicles, agents seized his platinum plaques, jewelry, and furniture.

“The worst part of this isn’t the material stuff–that will all be replaced. It’s what it does to the people around me. They took my kids’ Playstation, my assistants’ computers, and baby’s mothers’ jewelry. They took my home studio so I can’t even record…

Despite the seizure, Buck remains optimistic and views it as a lesson learned.

“Things you go through in life make you who you are and I’m alright! I have a new team in place, but I am also paying full attention now. Nothing like this will ever happen again. This is a huge wake up call for all entertainers to stay on top of your own trusted employees and team members, and replace anyone that was put in place by your record label if the situation you have goes sour. This IRS situation came about because I trusted accountants, lawyers, and managers to handle my business for me while I focused on making music. From now on, I am going to stay on top of my own business.”

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  • Fuck Ya Life

    And the failing continues for Young Buck, a nigga who was once a millionaire shouldn’t be struggling like he seems to be.

  • the TK 781

    dayum homie =(

  • ronnie_moe

    Damn. I still don’t see 50 lettiing this nigga live after that stunt he pulled back in 08.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    I was never a fan but i think you have been humbled in the past 3 years…….i hope you come back in a huge way man….for real. Stay Humble and Focused.

  • BK

    Ah shit this nigga take more L’s than Lindsay Lohan

  • Nickolas Cage owes like 5 mil. 2 the IRS and the FEDS haven’t shit to him… but if a rapper owes 300k they take every thing he has??? This is bull shit.

  • C

    ”It ain’t no joke if you don’t pay that note”

  • seemoregan

    I feel bad for Buck but that nigga is dumb. You don’t see nothing like this happeneing to Yayo & banks. Them niggas loyal where as this nigga is looking to move to anything hot. Cash Money to Juve/UPT to G-Unit. Nigga shoulda stayed loyal to the team and 50 would have saved his ass like he did two times prior. 50 made the nigga and he turn around and pull a game and sh*t on the nigga!

  • Post no billz

    Dam homie.. This shit is getting sad.. Fif should jus let homie outta his contract.. On the other hand buck has no one but him self to blame for this..

  • webstar

    Thats crazy…at least he sounds like he’s learned a valuable less & won’t make the same mistakes.

  • The Truth

    should have stayed close Buck…………………

  • ghost

    What he needs to do with the rest of his millions is to invest it smartly so he continues to make money rather than using it on expendable goods that will only suck up his cash.

  • GetMoney makes a good point: why hasn’t this happened to Nicholas Cage??

  • Oj Da Cornball

    Hey Nicolas Cage and other citizen don’t constantly talk about their guns and their murderous ways like Buck. Rappers have violent reputation.
    Don’t blame the IRS for being cautious.


    See what happens when you bite the hand that feed you. Learn Loyalty Niggas,

  • BK

    The reason this hasn’t happened to Nicholas Cage is because he has means of paying that money back and probably has a payment plan set up. In 2009 he made $40 million. He still one of the highest paid actors. Bucks a rapper that can’t put out music because of a 100 different issues. He’s stuck unfortunately.

  • Shady310

    Lesson Here is:
    PAY YOUR MUTHAFUCKIN BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shady310

    Haha Niiiiiiiiice! (Fabolous voice)
    That’s true too…how the fuck do you expect to live or do music if you turned your back on the boss?
    Oh well…maybe you can do dance and tehcno music like those other desparate rappers making little kid songs. IKE!!!

  • Drucifer

    I give it about a week before 50 references this in a freestyle or song. at least an interview cracking jokes about it. Fif could teach Eazy E the real definition of ruthless, he’ll probably show up to Bucks funeral Laughing his ass off.

  • jburg

    You took the words right out of my mouth. Had he remained loyal he would be living large with Yayo and Banks. He maybe could have even released some material by now.

  • Obi-jaun

    this nigga got nobody to blame but himself. fifty couldnt save him this time…

  • mac DIESEL



  • Mega

    Fuck all this “staying loyal” bullshit….Banks and Yayo are 50’s little bitches….Buck wasn’t about to call 50 daddy and neither was The Game…..I guess some of you niggas like having someone be your “leader”..someone you can be “loyal” to. Nigga fuck that…There isn’t another nigga walking this earth that will be my leader. I see him when I look in the fucking mirror each morning. Fuck 50 Cent and the whole G-unit clique..err..whatever remains of it. Hopefully Young Buck will educate his dumb ass and learn to control his excessive spending.

  • Drucifer

    @ Mega

    Buck is a bigger bitch then banks and yayo man, Bucks the one who been doing interviews begging 50 to take him back, crying on the phone. He didnt start dissing until it was clear that 50 Didnt want to be his leader anymore.

    Basically, Buck is like the girlfriend that you throw out the house when you fall out, she has no where to live, she begs you to take her back, then, when she finally realizes your not going to, only then does she start lashing out.

    I like bucks music, but if we’re talking pimps and hoes, Buck is the Biggest Bitch out the whole group, past, present or future.

  • Chobee

    @OJ -whatever

    The fact he talks about guns has nothing to do with the IRS, please stop posting.

  • bhikku

    Co-sign Jerzzz.

    Niggas act like G-Unit is a gang.

    G-Unit is not a gang.

    G-Unit is an LLC. It is a business. How many 9-5ers talk shit about their boss on radio, on video, and survive?

    I’d fire your ass too. Tell me, if I own a motherfucking insurance company and you go to the NY Times and say Bhikku ain’t paying me, and I want to work for All State…shit, get your ass down to All State, Negro. (Trump voice) You’re fired.

    And I have to co-sign Kay Slay…every nigga who talks shit about Yayo and Banks being on 50’s nuts…they grew up together. They are friends. 50 is their man.

    What part of the game is it to not be loyal to your fucking homey? That’s bitch shit.

    Maybe Fif had unrealistic expectations of loyalty for niggas he didn’t know too well in Buck and Game, but shit, loyal niggas make that cake. I ain’t heard the IRS went after that Hot Rod nigga. No sir.

    Now, I ain’t co-signing 50’s music. Homeboy got stale a few years ago, but still…that’s a businessman right there.

  • +1 on what Chobee just said….

  • My Nig Hussle

    I’m losing respect for 50 everyday I mean even Puff let the Lox out of their contract.

  • Black Shady

    Im really starting to feel bad for Buck. Now its going too far. Fif help him, or AT LEAST, let him drop an album. Next thing you know Buck will get arrested and put him jail or some shit

  • man up

    bum ass nigga

  • Werd

    I would feel bad if this happened to a regular moe, like my brother or friends for instance who bust their tail working regular jobs but a ‘former’ millionaire like Buck? Hell no..get the hell on with that nonsense, he reminds me of Little Walter in Cadillac Records, always looking for a daddy huh Buck?

  • this is the matrix. i will never kiss my boss ass either. 50 = merovingian. yayo and banks = Agent Smith. young buck = neo. his decision was the red pill. the outcome is ugly but he gets to keep his integrity. if you live your life online commenting all day; that means nothing to you.

    y’all that are laughing are the reason the reveloution will never happen. when it comes time to make your decision; you’ll choose money over morals.

    we will kill you and educate your children. props to differentkitchen for blogging my music

  • the gotta pay for the bailout somehow.

    can u imagine what the guy who gets them plaques in the auction is gonna do with it?

    bucks right, stay on top of your own bizz.

    fif got a half a billion, you can hate the music all u want but THAT dude aint have these kinda problems in the news…….

    they goin after wayne too.
    must be da surrup

  • Werd

    Integrity? Buck fucked up his own life! As a grown man, paying HIS taxes is HIS responsibility…not 50’s or anyone elses. If you allow yourself to become indebted to another, you must play by their rules or bare the consequences, and as we can all see now Buck is baring the consequences.

  • BK

    I wouldn’t be surprised if 50 bought those platinum plaques in auction.

    LMAO this nigga said tony yayo is an agent and that young buck is neo. Think b4 u type kids.

  • sway-z

    It’s always somebody else fault huh? This a grown man, who the fuck else is supposed to be on top of your finances other than you? If your accountant ain’t right, you had to know that the first time you went to go to 50 to pay your taxes.

    Not one of you niggas on this board right now would pay your man’s taxes ONCE, let alone a artist signed to a record label, so how can 50 possibly be the blame? Why is it that everytime some niggas sign a fucked up contract Puff lays out, it’s Puff’s fault? When a nigga don’t have the audience to warrant an album release, it’s something Jay-z did wrong?

    Fuck outta here wit all that, these niggas need to be more intelligent with they own shit, I never seen so many “hustlers” that don’t know nothing about getting their own shit popping. How hard was you going in the street, really? With that type of mentality?

  • Dozez

    yall gotta watch 50 recaction to the darkside fukin hilarious

  • @sway-z: its a lotta people on here who depend on their job to take out the correct amount of taxes. if suddenly they were held accountable for correcting it; they may not be so quick to judge. we ALL depend on people on some level. but when we are millionaires and we do so; the mistakes cost more.

    @BK: im a 31 year old grown man. with links to myself on here. you are nameless faceless text. you dont count. not even brave enough to diclose your identity.

    @werd: we all make mistakes. i hope a person in control of your fate will be more merciful than you seem to be.

  • Naughty

    Man this is a fuckin business, but Fif went the extra mile and did extra shit for buck and game. Then Game pull that homo shit & his career ain’t never been the same vs being wit G-Unit. Then Buck let some dumb as nobody’s put shit in his head & tried to shit on Fif. Yayo and Banks keeping shit real cause Fif gave them a lane but most of y’all wanna say they on Fif nuts. That’s what’s wrong wit us blacks now, we always wanna see niggas on top get shitted on like they personally did something to us. Unloyal ass niggas make me sick that’s why we as a people we never progress cause of this selfish as mentality. I bet if Fif offered any one of you niggas a position y’all would hop on his nuts quick, then pull some I don’t need this nigga type of shit. Point blank anybody fuckin wit Fif rich and niggas gone keep talking shit about rich niggas cause they ass ain’t caked up. I hate disloyalty wit a passion. As for the LOX read the fuckin contract before you sign, puff blew them niggas up, gave them their first platinum debut. I see why we will never achieve the level of success like these other races, shit even broke ass Africans coming over here and surpassing us. Sad ass niggas!!!!

  • Werd

    I’m in control of my own damn fate. You seem emotionally invested in this Young Buck character….well I’m not. Thats all, i see the situation like that of any other ‘celebrity’ (especially one which makes a living bragging on wax about his wealth and lifestyle) whom neglects to handle their financial situation. They are ultimately to blame.



  • @ werd – i’m not emotionally invested. it just seems like this could easily be one of us. we all depend on accountants with our money, day cares with our children, and car companies with our safety.

    the internet seems to be making us apathetic towards each other and empathetic to corporate structure. to me it’s sad to see that because if we don’t have each others back, who will? them?

    there are laws in place that require an employer to supply the employee with ALL the information necessary to carry out the job and protect themselves. they make you sign papers before you start saying they made you aware, thereby waiving any responsibility.

    there are no such rules in the music industry. it’s definitely buck’s fault, but he’s a low level worker/hustler just like us. if you hate disloyalty; at least be loyal to a fellow bottom-feeder. we take care of each others kids, pick up each other’s trash, and protect each other from harm everyday. we all we got.

  • Werd

    No. Young Buck is not one of us regular folk! The IRS don’t easily raid the homes of millionaires without a complete break down in communication around the issue of paying your taxes. The whole anti-establishment idea is fine and dandy when your living at home with mom and dad (no offense since I don’t know your situation) but it can’t wash when you have bills piling up on your doormat. I find it difficult to empathetic towards someone who seemingly gambled with his talent and good luck in life, i do however wish him good judgement and advice for the future.

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Man fif did the right thing to Buck as far as I’m concerned seein what Game did Buck was right on path to do the same shit. He shoulda thought about that shit before he signed his life away. People should stop blaming 50 for everythin and look at Buck, Buck signed that contract Buck blew his fuckin money and Buck got reckless talkin shit. Don’t bite the hand.

  • belize

    dat pic is crazy with banks in the shadows.

  • @ werd i definitely feel you on that. duely noted


    fuck fif that nigga a back stabbing bitch wont release the nigga from the contract takin food out his kids mouth only a bitch does that shit,you beef with niggaz to a certain point but not lettin a niggas kid eat is a sucker move fiddy proved to be a sucker as nigga, buck that nigga stay up homie get that paper , fuck that monkey

  • Werd

    @ adrian, i extend my hope of good judgement and advice to you as well, peace to you

  • BK

    Fuck outta here. This ain’t alcoholics anonymous that i have to post my identity up in here. I don’t count? Well i suppose you making a real difference then. Lol you’re 31 years old and are comparing young buck to neo, yeah nigga you’re opinion counts. Fuck outta here faggot.

  • bigjay2501

    damn…that nigga had 2 solid albums too…now he is on a milk carton..and what’s sad is that this nigga was eatin!!! i know he was…i dont think 50 would cheat him out of money…50 said back when they first fell out, that banks and buck had seen $10 million dollars during G-Unit’s prime…that nigga blew all that money???

  • studiothug2010

    @sway-z good point. buck was done from the gate! shoulda payed ya taxes nigga. even if 50 let him out his contract he still wouldn’t be shit by himself. him being with the unit boosted his stock.

  • Say what u want about Buck but his post Gunit music>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Anything 50 banks & yayo have been putting out. Check the tapes

  • Jaye

    Somewhere 50 is doing a happy dance in a bank vault

  • Also notice RR NEVER post his new shit but the sec he gets caught up,he gets a post.Wow,smh the fuckin media. And “pass the patron” gets posts smh.

    “When ya engine break down they dont wanna help ya”

  • illadeuceipussy


  • Nina

    wow. Nick Cage, Nas and Swizz owe millions and nothing has happened to them. Goodness, I had no idea the IRS actually runs up in your spot like that lol. I know they’ll take your home and auction off everything, but they pull raids? Good lord Uncle Sam does not play lol

  • DunkDonDaDa

    I know I’m going to be called all kinds of hater and shit after I post what I’m about to but this is what this nigga gets, I read last week that 78% of NFL players and 60% of NBA players are bankrupt after five years of retirement. Serve they asses and young buck well. Every time I see cribs and music videos it seems that they are throwing their money and wealth in hard working peoples faces. At least my son can play with his his playstation tomorrow. Tenn cats are at their dumbest right now lorenzen wright made over 50 million and died broke with 6 kids who will have to go back to the hood. I just read in SI that this nigga paid one of his boys 2 grand a month just to wake him up in the morning. I wonder how much he would pay someone to wake him up now. Lol ha

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  • Hollaatchaboy

    yall niggas talkin stupid about this IRS shit.. nigga knew they was coming from him… FED niggas from the IRS ain’t get to the point of repoN yo shit without sending you many notices and contacting you that you owe them some dough. They like Randy Moss nigga.. they want straight cash homie. They ain’t gonna make 300k of Buck’s wack ass shit.. they would rather have gave the nigga a chance to PAY.. which I’m sure they did.. and the nigga still didn’t pay so they ain’t have no choice but to take his shit.. the nigga lucky it was the IRS.. street niggas woulda bust a cap in his ass and then took his shit on top of it..

    boo hoo.. they took my kids playstation.. that shows you right there that the nigga didn’t have a lot of pricey shit in his crib.. atleast now the kids know they daddy is a dead beat.

    and to the nigga talkin about Buck should invest his other millions wisely.. LMFAO.. NIGGA!! what MILLIONS.. this bitch is broke..

    the reason they ain’t after Nic Cage is cuz like i said THEY GIVING THE NIGGA A CHANCE TO PAY and he will… best believe if he don’t, he gonna get his shit taken too.. the IRS be gangstas with it.. they take all people’s stuff don’t matter the color.. only color them niggas care about is GREEN..

    believe that niggas.

    OH.. the one happy note in all this.. they took a nigga’s recording equipment so he can’t record no mo bullshit ass songs. lol HA.

  • Damn ass rappers. How hard is it to keep track of your taxes.

  • RapMusic23

    Buck is gone and finished.He will never make it again.He had the world in the palm of his hand when he was with g unit,earning millions of dollars,traveling all over the globe doing big shows..

  • Bmjac

    I feel bad for Buck, but he brought this on his self. He doesn’t know how to handle money and didnt listen to his people. And as for 50, he always said Buck could put out an album, but Buck, he doesn’t listen or follow what is required to do so. Dude expected a multi million dollar advance. Few artists get that these days. Anyway, good luck Buck, Take care of your fam.

  • s


  • Nova

    First off fuck that nikka 50 not releasinga nikka from his contract leave the beef for wax let the nikka release an album I’ve heard a few new buck tracks an the doped then any thing fif put out since get rich or die trying

  • 8o2o

    IRS never raids anyone house, be knew they were coming…lol

  • Hermes

    Damn Buck! Fif should sell his contract to T.I, I think Buck would be perfect for grand hustle, O and how the fuck they leave the cars but take the PS3???? Nigga I needs my games!

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  • hey, just wanted to explain that your page was not showing properly in internet explorer 8 but after few refreshesh ıt had been fine again. Keep in the good work.

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