Behind The Scenes: Kanye West “Power”

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Em and Ri Ri’s video is not the only big one premiering tomorrow. Kanye’s “Power will debut on MTV tomorrow at 11pm. Directed by Marco Brambilla, here’s a look at the video’s creative process. Besides the tatas, the visual looks, um powerful.


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  • nalgasinc


  • HOVA!!

    this video is gonna be amazing

  • mundiie

    gonna be a dope ass vid.

  • dll32

    Kanye wants a movie award….better give it to him right away

  • Yerp!

    It’s One Long Tracking Shot Unveiling Deceit Temptation War Love Passion Defeat Anger And Good. Genius. Looks As If It Were A Viceral Live Painting.
    KanYe As An Artist Just Brought HipHop A Sisteen Chapel.

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  • I never been hype to see a video till now

  • Black By Popular Demand




  • mac DIESEL



  • dashing

    Wow. This looks like it’s going to be epic. Gotta respect Kanye as an artist. He doesn’t just stop at the beats, or the rhymes. He kills it with the visuals as well. This is only gonna elevate the track even more.

    Month and a half til the album drops.


    COSIGN @JavarisIsOnMars

    on another note.. People don’t understand that Kanye was a (great IMO) producer long before he was ever a rap artist.. That’s probly the reason he has so much more to offer than most of these other rappers.. dude’s borderline Genius *


    I cosign everybody that said this shit’s gonna be Epic.

    Ice Cube’s “I Rep That West” was the dopest video to come out in 2010 then EM came w/ the “Not Afraid” video & took the #1 spot now I think Kanye’s “POWER” will take EM’s spot.

  • slimshady

    ^^^^ borderline genius?????

  • UTD


  • Dozez





  • lolk



  • Lay

    Kanye is coming for all those who had hate for him last year. I missed you Kanye!!!

  • damone

    Tomorrow night after those fist pumping spray tanned jersey shore cats do they thing.



    O.K. so “borderline genius” might be a bit of an exaggeration but “borderline Genius” (IMO) is like me saying he’s caught somewhere in the middle of Crazy and Genius… he could go either way

    i think u get my point *


    kanye west is on is mind blowin level with this…it should be a video that end the normal video lol

  • iceyjesse

    this video got a movie budget

  • Hollaatchaboy

    Incase yall niggas missed it last night I cracked the code..

    IN So Icy Boi’s SN the ICY is short for ICING.. cuz his face look like a cake after DL niggas bust on his face.. he tryin to be discret!!! callin u out nigga.

    any nigga whose SN is So Icy Boi done touched another niggas dick..

    with his mouth!!!!


  • Word 2.0

    The Kanye and Em stans gonna be causing hell tommorow arguing about who had the better vid. Mark my words. This looks dope though

  • Word 2.0

    Only other person that does vids as good as Eminem is prolly Kanye….oh yeah and Outkast.

  • damone

    Em good videos? U that guy.

  • slimshady

    @ on eighty, he’s a fucking genius!!!!! no borderline bullshit!!!!!! 3 classics (4 IMO) makes you a motherfucking genius!!!!!!!!!!!

  • QuantumMusik

    Oh shit.. Kanye about to win video of the year, but with all those boobies… im afraid a good 70% of the video is going to get censored. Either way its still a good looks for the Kan.

  • hate4am8

    Good day for hip hop with both Em and Kanye dropping vids on same day! Epic, actually.

  • Word 2.0


    And you hate him, which makes you….well, I dont have to say it you know what you are. Lol you didnt even comment on the video, just on my comment. You might just be a closet stan

  • dainventah

    @Word 2.0 – haters are gonna hate, just don’t respond and let them tire themselves out. I cosign your comment though…people forget how creative all those jokity joke videos EM did were because the songs were too popish or corny to be called hardcore rap…but how many artists, hop hop or otherwise, take that much time and effort to make a video…im even including Kanye…dude might have great visuals but that aint him, thats the art director comin with that shyt…i seen a million videos to one where the artist just stands there and looks cool while he sings/raps his verses, and shyt changing behind him…and if you just talking videos, that not afraid video was garbage too compared to videos for Just Lose It or the real slim shady or even his first video…they all got personality…im sick of watching cats just hug naked hoes in a strip club and look cool into the camera…what ima watch a video like that for…this aint 1996 and cats aint watchin 30 videos in a row after school with no commercial interuptions anymore…GTFOH

  • Yeezy went Steve jobs for this video. Dat.

  • UltraKid

    Kanye picks these directors out and he actually works with them…he actually puts in ideas and collaborates with the director…He’s gets the best in the biz Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, Hype Williams…Let’s not forget that Kanye also pays money for his videos too…He’s also a music director himself(The Corner, Flashing Lights, Best I Ever Had, Make Her Say)…I don’t think the video for Lose It was creative it was just what some people might consider funny…I don’t think the video for Not Afraid was trash but there was absolutely nothing special about it or groundbreaking about it…The only good music videos from Mainstream Hip Hop at the moment are J. Cole’s Who Dat, B.o.B.’s Nothin On You, Lupe Fiasco’s I’m Beaming, Snoop Dogg’s That Tree, and Drake’s Over…There might be more but I can’t remember them at the moment.

  • Thank Me Hater

    This is what Kanye is…..a pure artists….not strictly a lyricist not an MC but an ARTIST

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Ultrakid and what was groundbreaking about Drake’s Over or J. Cole’s Who Dat? Not Afraid was better than those. Look I get it. A lot of people are on Em’s nuts ALL the time so you wanna go against the grain. That’s respectable. But it’s starting to sound like borderline hating on Em. You NEVER have anything positive to say about the white boy unless something negative is going along with it….that’s the truth. We know Kanye’s your boy and he will shine…..but don’t try and take away someone else’s shine

  • taliah

    KANYE IS THE SHITTTT! HE is about to KILL the game!

  • Redrocboy

    Martin louie the king junior bout 2 tear shit up once again! Shout out the nigga marshal go cop recovery. Kingz of this shit all we need now is esco & hov.

  • UltraKid

    @Thank Me Hater,
    Well they weren’t groundbreaking but from a directors point of view the videos were great…Who Dat was shot in a single take and Over was very artistic….I have lots of positive things to say about Em….He’s one of the best lyricist ever and at the start of his career he dropped two classics…plus even when he drops a mediocre albums he’s lyrics are usually still on point and even today he can spit like he did when he first came in the game…I just think alot of you guys give Eminem too much credit for other things outside of his lyrics….I’m a fan of Asher Roth as well so this has nothing to do with race…This is about Art and everything music wise…Eminem is shining and me being the critic that I am is not going to stop his shine even if I wanted to…Just look at how many fans he has…Look at the album sales so at the end of the day no matter what I said my opinion shouldn’t matter since I’m just one person plus it’s not like I’m saying Em sucks.

  • dainventah

    man i dont even really watch videos anymore, but the last Kanye video i saw was Amazing or some shyt of his 808 and heartbreaks album, that dude was in all white in front of a green screen doing jack shyt the whole entire time…the only reason i even give eminem more credit for his videos is because he puts so effort into them, and he plays out the song more literally than most (even though his songs have alot more to play out than kanye’s vague ass psuedo epics like power and amazing and groundbreaking and insert synonym for im really really important here) and dont give me that “he picked the director, he fed him ideas” bullshyt…you can theoretically say that about every cat that ever made a video…why dont you just give leonardio dicaprio an editing oscar for inception while your hittin that pipe? Even though videos are played out to me now, the last groundbreaking video i remember was Triumph by Wu Tang, that shyt was bonkers at the time…but back in the day videos was wayyyy more important to album success then they are now, so who really cares i guess

  • Actually looking forward to a couple of music videos tomorrow. Don’t usually waste my time on them as you know what you’re gonna get.

  • slimshady

    @ultrakid, Make her say was directed by Nabil. But regardless everyone’s forgetting how dope and creative “welcome to heartbreak” video was. EASILY Kanye’s best. Without a doubt.

  • Kanye is always pushing the envelope on music and videos. A true artist. I love that. I can’t wait to see this now!

  • i enjoyed heard em say video, te drawing one. kanye is a breath of fresh air, far from cliche. he always delivers

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  • yaboyboyyunglooch

    Gay power *dave chapelle voice*