New Video: Eminem x Rhianna “Love The Way You Lie”

Don’t just stand there. Click play and watch the latest video off Eminem’s Recovery. As we told you before, the clip also co-stars actors, Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan. Burn baby burn.

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  • Thank Me Hater

    *sigh* here we go…….

  • killakev

    Eminem Stans Are Coming…………………………Lol

  • haha it was alright..

  • Kidd Rapp

    Decent. Megan fox is slamming


    @thank me hater Cosign i know what you mean

    This video is da shit

  • Roy

    I’m pissed off. He was lip syncing in this video.

  • K-Lam

    It’s alright. Like the song more than the video still

  • Post no billz

    Im an em fan but that shit was kinda corny to me imo..

  • Fat Boy


  • Bmjac

    VEVO SUCKS BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Burr

    dope video…Spacebound needs to be the next single

  • mundiie

    nice video 🙂

  • lolk

    You told us before that Megan Fox was not in it?

  • IT was alright kind weird dat scene wen he was on fire was kinds korny thoght lol but it was straight.

  • yohugurt

    Vid was sick. Icy Boi lost.

  • matherswifey


  • Black Shady

    Black Shady co-signs!!!!!! Em did it again! Another smash for the mainstream haha POW!
    Shady Team we keep on winning!

  • UltraKid

    I like the video…It’s nothing to go crazy about but the cinematography is good and the video goes with the song…It’s nothing special though…

  • Not an Eminem fan but the vid was dope.

  • dope

    Vid lived up to expectations. I love Em but I’m really waiting for that KANYE vid

  • Truest

    B.Dot tell YN to tell Paul to tell Em to stop rocking back and forth and side to side lookin all stiff that shit is hella lame, looks like he got a duck walk now.

  • cool video

  • Thank Me Hater

    I’m really surprised that Megan Fox did this. She must be a fan or something

  • Jamey

    @Roy Its a music video dumb ass

  • cee22

    amazing. hits close to home.

  • Thank Me Hater

    Why was Eminem in that random ass corn field though?! LMAO!!!

  • Bmjac

    Ehh… Love the song… the video…. is OK……

  • gerold

    Siiiiick video

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  • I’ve seen this somewhere before…oh ya, I’m pretty sure it was a movie called “8 Mile”.
    5 weeks at #1 and this was the best you have Em? C’mon son

  • Michael

    He was on fire cuz remember they call him fire Marshall like he said in that song session one
    Oh and fuck vevo it didn’t show up there



  • Thank Me Hater

    HAHAHA the comments on twitter are hilarious saying that Megan Fox’s love interest is a hobbit

  • asgasgs

    Rofl I cracked up yo. The transition between the fighting and making out like animals. I dunno, it felt forced to me. I knew what they were going for and it matched the music but it was boring and cliché IMO. Plus Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan? Em’s officially become assimilated by the fake ass pop culture that he ridiculed and mocked in the early 2000s. Wtf.

    Anyway, just a few thoughts. I actually liked Recovery quite a bit.. just this video was meh.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @DARKAQUA Ye video after Jersey Shore he said

  • Pink

    Damnit Eminem!!!!! He knows I HATE for him to pay attention to KIM and not me. He KNOWS that I’m an attention-whore, and a whore in other ways too.
    I shouldn’t even be on Eminem websites, or give a damn about what he does with KIM, when I’m putting on a front and telling everyone that I’m happily married.
    But it’s not the the first time I’ve lied. Yes, I’ve posted on this blog before that me and Eminem were fucking and I got pregnant last year.
    But I didn’t tell you that my whole album, Funhouse, was a lie, and based on lies. I NEVER broke up with my husband, I pretended we were so that I could create an album based on it, and try to sell records and tour off of it, which I did.
    Eminem, among others, I was using for sex, but the thing with Eminem is I’ve always loved him, and tried sexing him to get over him, which didn’t work, and now I try to get my husband to be Eminem, which still doesn’t work, because MARSHALL MATHERS’DICK IS JUST TOO HARD TO GET OVER. TRUST ME ON THAT. 🙂

    And if you don’t, then trust Kim on that, that’s probably the PRIME REASON she’s kept going back to Eminem, and is with him NOW.

    Kim has power/control, over Em, and I guess better pussy than me, which is why I can’t STAND her, and why until now me, my husband and his friends, all of us who SPAM blogs about Em on this site, haven’t mentioned SHIT about Kim on our numerous spam posts here. Go back and check the spam/purposefully dumb arguments on Em blogs here. Not ONE word on Kim. Same goes for our spam posts on Boxden and The Shady Camp, I’m lolwut, my husband is eminematherstan and acid604 on there.

    Well, now Em is back with Kim even though I still lust like crazy over him, and it REALLY pisses me off because I KNOW she’s the ONE woman that when it comes to Em, I CAN’T work my way at all between their relationship. He would love her more than me even if she weren’t his girls’ mother.

  • Legal Eagle

    Pretty dope.

  • Word!!!



    HA !

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Pink the fact that you took the time to write your comment is even more disturbing than what you wrote

  • thats ma nigga right there any haters fuck up outa here…..hoppe he fuckt meg n rr

  • Word!!!



    HA !

  • asgasgs

    lol @ the end. Em’s the human torch yo!

  • Pancer

    its not LIP SYNCING you’re asshole.. 😀 cool video

  • ronnie_moe

    @Pink Shut Up, Bitch!!!

  • mmkayy

    how can the video be cliche if thats what the song is about?? ..idiots i swear a bunch of idiots lol

  • Thank Me Hater

    HAHAHA so let the Kanye/Em debate begin. Kanye’s video will be more visually stunning but Em’s video will be more relatable overall because it’s about domestic violence. What yall think?

  • KillaKill

    What The Fuck @ comments…
    Music videos have Lip syncing you dumb muthafuckers!!!!!!
    It’s a video which has to do with ACTING!!!!

    This was a Dope Video!
    Reminds me of Stan pt. 2!!!
    MOVE OUT THE WAAY!! RECOVERY TAKING BACK THAT #1 SPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SHADY 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • UltraKid

    Yeah. Kanye’s video will be better BUT everybody lip syncs in their video my dude…Nobody is really singing/rapping in front of the camera…If you’re going to hate on Eminem you better come with something better than that…or do some research before you open your mouth…

  • KillaKill

    @thank me hater

    that racist ass sucka…
    and that racist ass song!!!

  • Thank Me Hater

    @KillaKill not exactly what I was looking for but….okay LOL

  • dirtysouthboy

    Isn’t the next Eminem video gonna b “No Love” with Wayne? I remember he(or his label) tweeted that Wayne had done his part & they were gonna finish it up soon

  • blaqscorpio




    Cosign my nigga

  • geeBABY

    @KillaKill If Kanye is a racist than what about Eminem?

  • asgasgs

    @mmkayy The content was on point, but IMO the way it was presented seemed cliché. You can present the same concepts in different ways… the vid didn’t do it for me, that’s all. Your emotionally charged insult was cute though. Sorry if my comment upset you.



    yea “no love” video is the 3rd single

  • K-Lam

    @ Thank Me Hater

    Meh…wasn’t feeling the video that much for the song but that 90 second clip for kanyes song I thought was just extremely stupid. So I “think” Eminem’s video will be definitely better

  • Roy

    Look at all you retards responding to me like I don’t know it’s a video. Of course I know it’s a video. It was a fucking joke. Damn, you guys took that shit personally.

  • Word!!!







  • Thank Me Hater

    Everybody please don’t start all that racist shit with Em and Kanye. FUCK!!!

  • Jenny

    Could have been better, decent tho.

  • Roy

    @geeBABY Yea, because something you did almost 20 years ago as a 19-20 year old knucklehead proves he’s a racist now huh? Please. We all do stupid shit when we’re young. I personally don’t think Kanye is a racist, but comparing the two is ridiculous.

  • seemoregan

    I’m too black to listen to Em’s music, where’s seduction. This is trash!

  • matherswifey

    people like this video. fuck the haters. fuck the critics. good one Em. one of the best.

  • Don Instinct

    @ Word!!!

    Kanyes video will have naked women in it. So you would let kids watch that?

    …and why would you want kids to watch this anyway?

  • WilliamJacob

    rapradar should just be absorbed by
    seriously though, stans GTFO

  • Shady

    HUGE Eminem fan, but I could care less about the video. Love the song though. Recovery is dope, on par w/ MMLP and Eminem Show.

  • geeBABY

    All Kanye said was in this white mans world we the ones chosen. White people sayin he racist. Eminem referred to black people as mooncrickets and porchmonkeys and said all black women want is your money. And idgaf how old he was when he said that. Why cant i compare the two?

  • @William..SMH this is a Fuckin Em post dude! GTFOH!!!

  • The Coon

    he’s white, but still a coon

  • Thank Me Hater

    @WilliamJacob how you gonna come on an EMINEM post and say that?! LMAO!!!

  • mmkayy

    @asgasgs how else wud u like domestic violence presented u fukerrr

  • UltraKid

    Maybe on stage lip syncs…I don’t know but you can’t fault him for lip syincing in his own music video…you know the time were artists are suppose to lips sync…

  • NickeyBlack says “u made me hate Eminem”

    i guess being the hater that i am consider to be and some1 said i need to say something more relevant or worthwhile to diss Eminem well this video sucked, the hook is weak and his rhymes were decent enough to listen to but fingazcrossed that Kanye video will smash this no message useless piece of crap song/ video to shreds. Alicia Keys video UNTHINKABLE destroys this video a million times over but im just your typical hater on a one man bandwagon who hates Eminem for no reason……………but your wrong, FOOLISH PRIDE is my reason and i will never change.

    RAPRADAR Kanye video please

    Em still gonna get 45 million views for this crap anyways, see yall love Eminem not hip hop and this song aint hip hop…SORRY its pop.

  • Pancer

    hey guys! who the fuck cares what says the haters? they’re just envious.. thats all.. (:

  • Thank Me Hater

    @geeBABY I don’t think Kanye is racist I just think that he’s ummmm racially aware which is a good thing.

  • da kid

    i’m with mmkayy. what you want him to do in this video? it goes with the song. played like a movie. and ummm…most artists lip synch. em goes to hard screaming and ish to go full out anyhow. it’s an aight vid.

  • Word!!!

    @ Don Instinct




  • Thank Me Hater

    @Word!!! you’re hilarious to me!!!

  • bitchess


  • ronnie_moe

    Rihanna banging as usual….

  • Thank Me Hater

    On another note I swear to all goodness if this Taylor Swift bitch sells Ima be heated!!!!

  • Don Instinct

    @ Word!!!

    Yes I saw that but the song is about a violent relationship, the video just represents that.

  • Seriously, the song sucks, the video kinda fits it

    And since its nr #1 on the billboard it shows how dysfunctional (f**ked up) relationships are in the united states right now that it’s pathetic.

    They should do a video for No Love and or Space Bound next.

  • Antoine Dodson

    It’s an alright video.
    Not my favorite Em video, though.
    I do respect the way he does his videos as he does not use a green screen. He..actually goes places to have them filmed. Not many rappers do that.

    OH, Kanye’s video will suck ass, heavily censored if the whole “naked women with devil horns” thing is true.

  • Truest

    Nickey Black shut your dumbass up, its 2010 your bitchass wasn’t even a sperm yet during the slavery. Stop actin like the white man is holding your ass down, my president is black and yet cocksuckers like you still act like you can’t get a fuckin job cause of your skin color, faggot.

  • Word!!!




    HA !

  • FunnyGuy

    @UltraKid and KillaKill
    What do you know about humor? Even if Word is a hater, he’s probably saying this just kidding…

  • dainventah

    @WORD go take your medication bro, you’re starting to babble and drool online….

  • Chris Hansen

    I thought it was dope..

  • Don Instinct

    Kanye West = The Male Lady GaGa


    @dainventah LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

  • Hip Hop Broke My Heart


    MEGAN FOX <3333333333333333333333333333333

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Truest WOW….smdh

  • BusyBee

    Shit was wack

  • Word!!!


    HA !

  • Jenny

    @ Thank Me Hater

    Taylor will sell more than Em first week trust.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Jenny prob cause little girls named Jenny will purchase her shit. FUCK!!

  • mmkayy

    Word!!! says:
    Thursday, August 05 2010 at 9:54 PM EST



    HA !

    ^ lulz

  • NickeyBlack says “u made me hate Eminem”

    @ Truest….am i cursing in my comments? Boy Em is truly your rap savior, See you argue with me on stuff i never mention but i do take slavery seriously, i do take Black pride to heart and i will never 4get the struggle my people go thru from AFRICA 2 HATI 2 AMERICA 2 JAMAICA. Im sorry that im striking nerves causing you nerds to type recklessly at me, its actually funny BUT until you fans stop putting Eminem over my LEGENDS of hip hop, my hate will resonate 4ever more and i will bash on every Em post causing a fan to come hunt me down and to only find out in a wrong way that that would be a terrible idea. STAY SAFE ON YOUR LAPTOPS,IPODS OR IPHONES cause my hatred is despicable and ruthless….just being honest and humble

  • G


  • Thank Me Hater

    LMAO!! @NickeyBlack can you call yourself humble and still be humble? hmmmm

  • international peezee

    What do the Eminem Stans have to say about Eminem letting another man put his balls in his face?

  • Diamond Digits

    NickeyBlack is a dumb fucking cunt, just read the stupid shit this fool be typing, Eminem is a legend of hiphop he will die as one of the greatest, 2Pac the GOAT no question, but you should be happy that different races embrace the art form instead of hating.

  • K-Lam

    NickeyBlack, before you take black pride seriously, remember it was your own people who put you in that slavery.

  • JAY

    @International peezee that even with that he still has the highest selling debut of 2010 and is singlehandedly at this moment the only hope that the music business has….until Kanye drops

  • Truest

    Nickey Black the people before you suffered, what the fuck have YOU indured? exactly not a damn thing, and i highly you would wanna fuck with me in real life i’m not even gonna get into that. All your stupid comments is just making my point, you don’t like Em cause hes WHITE admit it. Personaly I could careless about the white boy but its Ignorant people like you that segregate this country no worse than the redneck bamma boys.

  • Antoine Dodson

    @ NickeyBlack
    Not to burst your bubble, but do you know “slaves” were sold by their own people, or even traded? There was even slavery in Africa. In which they were traded to european settlers for certain goods.
    Don’t be an ingorant ass wipe and act like blacks were the only race to be enslaved.

    Do you really have a reason to despise Eminem so much? Is it because people like him?, or because people call him a “legend”? To some people he is. That’s what they think, that’s their right to think such things, who are you to bash someone for it? I don’t care that you hate Eminem for being white, or you hate him because people like him, but don’t bash on people that do like him, that’s the most pathetic thing someone could do. Dead.

  • fan

    How the fuck is this pop when he raps all 3 verses fucking idiot
    overall the video is good, but if em would have done more than just standing there it would have been better

  • international peezee

    LOL Nickey Black getting sonned beyond belief

  • I’m predicting 300 comments. Eminem fans are the craziest. Nice video though, even if it was a bit obvious. Looking forward to Ye’s now.

  • Jenny

    @ Thank Me Hater

    Yea I will buy it for my little sister.

    But seriously all you grown men need to stop worrying about album sales so such. Enjoy music.
    You guys be sounding like cunts arguing and worrying about Em’s #s. I mean damn, Britney and Beyonce stan/fan don’t care this damn much.

  • JAY

    Someone stick a fork in @NickeyBlack Tap out bitch tap out!!

  • The Instigator

    NickeyBlack actually loves Eminem because to hate someone so bad you have to have some feelings towards them.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Jenny thanks I’m more inclined to listen to you when you call me a cunt. I don’t care that much about sales. I just don’t like Taylor Swift. Why are you on this site if you’re so agitated at what’s being talked about on here? It doesn’t make sense to complain and THEN stay. I would just leave…

  • Jugganator

    Dope Video. Dope song.

  • NickeyBlack says “u made me hate Eminem”

    You guys questioning me about slavery knowing that i said i take slavery seriously. the African slave trade was nothing like the western or american slavery, you guys need to learn more b4 you start talking bout slavery but its funny that it went from me hating on Em to some1 saying slavery to me and now you guys ask me questions about slavery. i study the lessons of John Henrik Clarke, a highly educated professor deep in african roots, so if you wanna debate slavery or Eminem then tell rapradar to post threads on slavery, JOHN H CLARKE and AFRICAN culture and history otherwise lets just stick to the script here and thats me hating Eminem and please stop cursing me out, im not doing that evil language towards you…. so who is more of a hater, you guys angrily hating me cuz i despise Em or me?

    I never mention race i just mention my dislike towards Em song FOOLISH PRIDE and Em also but you guys are defending Em so the racist closet person here is those who visciously attack me for hating a song that hates black females……IM NOT RACIST i just hate EM fans mostly.

  • Idris.A

    ehh it was aite i liked the not afraid video better i bet the power one will be fire it premeires in about 25min on mtv

  • Theloneus

    Crap video from an artist with a career dwindling in a downward spiral. And to think I used to call my self a “fan”.

  • random

    fuck eminem fuck emo rap you can tell he fell off Recovery sold alot but it was shitty come at me em stans cuz yall will buy anything waiting for the kanye at 11 so all you emstans stop flocking like birds and go fly

  • dainventah

    @thank me hater I personally think that everyone that constantly comments on eminem posts either likes eminem outright, or secretly likes him but hates themselves for it….its like alpha males that gay bash all day long without provocation….

    Me thinks thou dost protest too much!

  • Thank Me Hater

    @dainventah I actually comment on every post about all the artists because I’m a fan of the site. I like rapradar…..NEXT!!

  • sirehi

    @dainventah : I personally think that everyone that constantly comments on eminem posts either likes eminem outright, or secretly likes him but hates themselves for it..


    they all def. like him or else they wouldn’t be watchin it.. haters FAIL

    Dope Vid.. up next: Kanye

  • JAY

    @dainventah your statement is funny because gay people are actually the ones that hate themselves, feel guilty about it and then try to persuade everyone to embrace their point of view by telling them that if they openly disagree with the gay lifestyle then they are just being negative instead of being opinionated. LOL

  • sirehi

    @Thank Me Hater: your name suggests it dawg, you’re a hater, don’t front. you just happen to be one of those dudes who stays locked in their rooms, jerkin off at the comp. screen.. not everybody cares about all your comments on this site man you FAIL.. NEXT!! HAAA!

  • Vision Killer

    @ Theloneus

    OK like his career is going downward, the dude sold almost 2 milli in 6 weeks, you name a hiphop artist in the last year that has had more success than that.

  • Shady

    @ All

    Eminem has went pop? Does everyone forget that Pop means POPULAR??? So of course he’s pop. Madonna is pop. Gaga is pop. Mike Jackson is pop. Why is it that ROCK music isn’t pop. When was the last time a rocker was pop? Never. Elvis is rock but he could be considered pop of the 60’s, however that term wasnt even invented then. I hate it when people say Eminem is pop. Like Jay-Z isn’t??? Jay-Z makes every song now into a club song, bc his lyrics are not from the street anymore. Reasonable Doubt is street. Dope shit. BP3 is the rap version of David Guetta. I love Jigga, goin to the EM/Jay concert @ Yankee in Sept. so i’m not hating, just being honest.

  • NickeyBlack says “u made me hate Eminem”

    tormenting Eminem fans is the most liberating thing to do on the net, i mean it feeds the internet machine and its gets the blood boiling in people who would mostly be quiet if i or my peoples were to diss Eminem publicly like we usually do. this hate im receiving is nothing new but mainly old….lets just see what the Em fans think of the genius Kanye West when his video drops, see you guys will have the chance to say, illuminati, gayfish, racist, Taylor Swift snatching, tight pants, non lyrical, Em is ten times better faggot. so you guys got your time coming, you got to admit this is quite amusing, especially me getting sonned like international peezee says…..your all welcome

  • Thank Me Hater

    @sirehi it’s really just a play on words from Thank Me Later to be honest and the fact that you take the time to comment and keep up with my comments shows that you care. Thanks!!

  • LMAO

    LMAO!!! @ people who are scared of the Eminem stans and then back down claiming that they are tormenting the Eminem stans @NickeyBlack. Bitch you got owned on this shit. I been watching

  • slimshady


  • dainventah

    @thank me hater ….so you are telling me that if they posted 10 gucci mane or taylor swift posts a day you would go on each post and complain about how much you hate dude and chick all day long? now your name makes more sense…all yall just keep suprising me with how lame you are…if you arent a fan, state logically why, maybe argue it with someone for a few posts and move on…dont go web searching for his name all day every day just to spew anger…that is frankly just pretty damn sad…im a big fan of eminem, the roots, and kanye so when their heat dies down, im out this bitch until someone else i like releases an album….thats some indescriminant bored shyt bro…thats like flipping on mtv to watch the eminem video and staying to watch jersey shore cuz you “are a fan of the channel”
    thats a quality of life FAIL

  • NickeyBlack says “u made me hate Eminem”

    @lmao …that was a more funny comment then mines, wow scared of people i probaly will never see in my life< SMART…..I think you just wanna join in and basically you want me to direct a little attention to you, so i am…btw how many times have you changed your name? im Nickey black on every popular site there is…i am truly not hard to find

  • It’s R-I-H-A-N-N-A… Rihanna! Not “Rhianna”

  • Thank Me Hater

    @dainventah *sigh* should I read your whole paragraph or skim through it. Yes I am a fan of hip hop so I frequent the site and comment on posts that interest me which is most of them since it is a hip hop site. Now if this WERE mtv then it would be a different story. I haven’t spewed any anger except for when I was talking to Jenny. Don’t group me in with everybody else. Anything else u wanna get off your chest?

  • Vision Killer

    @ NickeyBlack

    Has mommy gone out? did you get some time on mommys laptop, or is daddy fucking your mommy upstairs while you masterbate.


  • dainventah

    @Jay i might actually agree with that statement, but that wasn’t my point at all bro…im not gay and i dont even want mental pictures of that shyt by hangin out with gay peeps, but im not gonna hunt down them or lure people into conversations about them just so i can infuse my hatred about them to someone, anyone who will listen….nor will i google “gay people” all day and blog about how they are all goin to hell…you dont like an artist, change the station or the website or whatever and calm the fuck down, this isnt a foreign policy debate…fuck its like some of you didnt get enough hugs as a kid or some shyt

  • Thank Me Hater

    Aight well Ima head over to the kanye post and see how many people call it a dope vid and THEN I’ll call them stans and THEN they’ll be hypocrites and cuss me out and THEN call me an Eminem Stan even though Kanye Stans do the same thing Eminem Stans do but for some reason it’s more tolerant. LOL you know I’m right

    SN: I’m a T.I. stan

  • JAY

    @dainventah I see your point but what I don’t get is how you can sit here and go back and forth with someone you are criticizing for essentially arguing on a website. There are a LOT of hypocrits on here tonight

  • NickeyBlack says “u made me hate Eminem”

    @vision faker see you Em fans have no imagination in your comebacks, your comments are hilarious… i mean yall struck a nerve with SLAVERY but now your trying to hard and its beginning to suck and become boring. you guys curse i dont, all i gotta say is HATE and wow the comments you Em fans come with…..see me soon on the Kanye comments and bash away alright vision faker i mean killer…..your all welcome

  • Toya

    Great video. Given the subject matter of the song, it was nicely done. The only parts that were weird to me was Em in a field somewhere, him on fire, and the end with him and Rihanna looking at the blazing house.

  • dainventah

    yes i do actually…. i just wanna say that i only peyton manning because he’s white and reps mastercard, kobe bryant because he speaks italian and David Ortiz because he’s from venezuela, or puerto rico, or wherever the fuck, i just love him because he’s foreign damit!

  • bgunn

    who saw kanyes gay ass video

  • Meteora

    Rick Ross is FAT!!!

  • Jenny

    @ Thank Me Hater

    I’m not agitated, I just find most of the man on here really immature.
    I love music, I just don’t get all the bitching and bragging about your fav artist album sales.
    Like Really?

  • dainventah

    @jay im not goin back and forth for argueing, although it seems it has deteriorated into that somehow, i was trying to make a point about constantly HATING on a website…debate is all well and good…i dont mind it or critisize it at all…but constantly posting WACK FUCK HIM WHITE FAGGOT COON CRACKERS blah blah blah is just annoying and pointless, so i want So icy boi and word and whoever else to jump off the golden gate bridge immediately before they build that 40 million dollar safety net

  • Shady

    Was looking forward to KANYE’s video. Shit was terrible. Not epic except failure. Turrible as Barkley would say. Pure garbage. I could have made that shit with an Atari…

  • Vision Killer

    Oi NickeyBlack go look at you boyfriends whack video, you might like it Kanye West is black.

  • Truth83

    mofo catching on fire at the end like hes darkman.

    i’d give the video a 10 because it seemed to perfectly capture what the song was saying.

  • bearnutz

    half yall cats dont no what the fuck hip hop is, thats why weak ass pussy man and wacka fagha stay in ur tape deck cause ur just as lame wit ur prety boy swag..

  • easy as 1,2,3

    eminem is the man!!!

  • Dr. Dre

    em wil back on top 1 nextweek because of this video buzz, people gonna buy his shit…

    trust me, ima doctor

  • unconform_normality

    As long as the video went with the song…its good. Glad that he got actors for it. Megan Fox def. kept me interested in the video.

    Ohh one more thing….there is a difference between “slaves” and “prisoners of war”. “Prisoners of war” were bartered by there own people (of color, not tribe) to there own people (of color) and white settlers. Prisoners of war came in all colors,hence blacks werent the only ones “enslaved”.

  • Yup Yup

    That herpes scar on her lip….

  • yoyoyo

    that was an really cool vid…i know most ppl who take the time to write are doing so because they dont like the things they are commmenting on, and i get that…but i still dont understand how someone would think this is not quality

  • lovely

    I love it !!!

  • jaybee

    megan fox is hot. p.s this is stan and not rick ross and kanye. honkeys rock hahaha….

  • alldope795

    fucking amazing,
    makes me cry like a baby errtime xD
    no homo tho

  • alldope795

    do you not like eminem’s music?

  • dopeboy

    everyone lip syncs in ther videos u assholes

  • dopeboy

    r u people retarted u think the music video how we do with game and 50 ther not lip singing

  • dopeboy

    the real slim shady video lip sung people get ur heads out ur asses every video is lip sung it wuldnt sound even close to tht if it wasnt

  • word

    crazy shit tho is em in concert sounds the exact same on cd nd he dont lip sync then

  • illest

    marshal mathers is the best rapper to ever live get it correct gucci mane drake lil wayne rick rossgay fans you can say wut u want but the top three are interchangeable with em biggie and pac i put jigga fourth nd nas fifth after tht its up for grabs so dont dare put ne name near ems inleass its those four


    the vid is pretty well done. nice n cinematic. only problem is that there should’ve been more Em. but still very powerful. I’m def coppin this on itunes when its up!

  • Eminem feat. Rihanna – Love the Way You Lie HD(1080i, 720p)


  • Hollaatchaboy

    Since yall lame niggas always gettin shit wrong and going off of rumors that yo boy probably told you instead of listening to the song yourself… Em ain’t called nobody mooncrickets or said any racist shit.. yall tryin to blow shit up that don’t exist.. heres the lyrics.. probably the first time you’ve even seen them.. probably won’t read them now.. but fuck it.. or youtube that shit and actually listen to the shit.. i’m so tired of niggas throwing the fuckin race card out for everything.. shit.. grow up niggas.

    *Basement Recording that Eminem and his friend did in the late 80’s*

    (Friend of Eminem)
    “Yo man.. Yo Marsh man, You’ve been kickin’ all this shit about yourself, what about the homies man?”

    “Ai, you want one about the posse, Aight”

    Oh foolish pride, oh, oh, oh, oh foolish pride
    Oh, oh, ph, ohh Foolish pride, oh, oh, oh, oh foolish pride

    Well foolish pride has alot of things to say
    You got foolish pride, you got tooth decay
    But tooth decay is another problem
    So let’s take this old foolish pride and solve it
    Now, when I talk about foolish pride
    I mean blacks & whites taking different sides
    When blacks and whites take different sides
    Unity never happens, and we will subside
    We will subside and hatred will release
    And everything will just crush that peace
    Well, when we crush that peace, we start hatin’ each other
    But remember, you are my brother, and you are my sister
    Just like I’m a mister
    I seen a black girlfriend and I kissed her
    I kissed her ; I placed it on her cheek
    And she didn’t come back til next week

    Now it was next week and she was back again
    Wanting to kiss a white kid
    So she was my girlfriend, we started going out
    But that’s okay because we were Black and white
    Blacks and whites they sometimes mix
    But Black girls only want your money cause they’re dumb chicks
    So I’ma say like this
    Don’t date a Black girl, take it as a diss
    If you want, but if you don’t
    I’ma tell you like this, I surely won’t
    Never date a Black girl because Blacks only want your money
    And that shit aint funny

    So I’ma say look honey
    Why do you do this?
    You know, you step up to me like you a Brutus
    Then you try to grab my spinach
    Because its green and that’s cash
    So get outta here, ’cause I don’t need your ass
    I said that before, but that’s okay because like I said you’re a whore
    Black girls and white girls just don’t mix
    Because Black girls are dumb and white girls are good chicks
    White girls are good ; I like white girls
    I like white girls all over the world
    White girls are fine and they blow my mind
    And that’s why I’m here now telling you this rhyme
    ‘Cause Black girls, I really don’t like
    We don’t mix, it’s like riding a bike
    When you’re peddling hard, uphill both ways
    You know it’s kinda hard and that’s why I say to you
    I’m giving you a little advice
    Don’t date a Black girl, if you do it once you won’t do it twice
    You won’t ever do it again because they’ll take your money
    And that aint funny
    So I’ma say look honey
    I thought I said that before
    But like I said again you’re nothing but a big whore
    So when mike catch on the bass line
    That’s okay ‘cause we will not just waste time

    I’ll get straight to the point
    Black girls are bitches, that’s why I’ma tell ya you better pull up your britches
    ‘Cause all that cash is making your ass drag
    From the boyfriend ya ganked and that’s pretty bad
    I mean that’s pretty sad when ya dating a Black guy
    And then you turn around and fuck another big, Black guy
    Now that’s pretty wrong, but you’re just ganking
    But that’s okay because you need a goddamn spanking
    From me, the funky Eminem
    I’m busting rhymes and I’m swallowing phlegm
    I’m busting a freestyle just like this
    I say swallowing phlegm and Howard gets pissed
    But when Howard gets pissed that’s okay
    Because he leaves and he doesn’t show up for two more days
    So I’ll just worry about that problem when I come to it
    I cross that bridge when I come to it

    Because, I forgot the chorus
    But that’s okay ’cause y’all saying bust a rhyme for us
    So I’ma bust another rhyme about this Black girl
    She turned out to be a fuckin’ wack girl
    A wack girl, because Black girls ain’t funny
    All they want is your godamn money
    They take you for everything you got
    And then you stand with a bunch of snot in your hand
    So I’ma kick it to you just like this
    How does the chorus go, I forgot
    But that’s okay, ’cause I’ma tell you in stride
    I’ma say oh foolish pride

    Oh foolish pride, oh, oh, oh, oh foolish pride
    Oh, oh, oh, oh foolish pride, oh, oh, oh, oh foolish pride
    Oh, oh, oh, oh foolish pride, oh, oh, oh, oh foolish pride
    Oh, oh, oh, oh foolish pride, oh, oh, oh
    Date a white girl, ’cause they got the raw hide…

  • killyou

    @Pink. What in the fuck was that…….

  • mcielandish

    Damn Em called a black girl a bitch. Alert the fucking Media. The Rap Community will not stand for Black women or girls EVER I MEAN EVER being called a bitch in ANY SONG. Obviously when rappers are talking about BITCHES they are clearly Never talking about any 1 but those that are not black

  • smokeyou

    great video.

  • IIG

    I’m one of the biggest Em fans there is since The Slim Shady EP, but that was one of the worst videos of his career. The constant love/hate theme wasn’t realistic, and the fire was way overdone. I can’t watch this video again, because it actually degrades the song and makes it worse. Rihanna is fine as hell, they should have put a whole lot more focus on her. Fuck Megan Fox and ol boy.

  • mcielandish

    and to me the entire Burning shit is totally a metaphor as you see the main characters sleeping at the very end of the video. But Em rapping in a Corn field?????? makes as much sense as him rapping in a Aisle at Walmart. But I think if he were rapping to Meagan Fox in her ear as the boyfriend acts that would be some really Hot shit lol



  • mcielandish

    @marshall OF ALL TIME? is that really you Kanye lol

  • KJ

    The video is dope… great imagery, the visuals fit the concept of the song very well.


    eminem’s recovery is too pop for me,there are so many comments and alot are b.s..eminem is a great lyricist but not a good rapper his songs sound the same with that voice except relapse where he had the accents.eminem is great but he is not the best -lyriclly yes at flow and over all rapping not a lil wayne fan but i think he is better then eminem so is andre top five are
    1.jay-z best flow average lyricist,crazy word play best at it.
    2. nas nice flow great lyricist
    3.lil wayne crazy flow nice delivery above average lyricist.
    4.andre 3000 great flow above average lyricist (he is very very underated)
    5.eminem average flow one of the best lyricist in the game better then jay-z and lil wayne.he is a fuckin genuis with the lyrics

  • killyou

    Is that PINK username shit serious…..

  • yaboyboyyunglucci

    DIS WOOD!!!! EM tryin to use that ti formula just like ZINO said!!!!! the modern day elvis get that money dr dre the shit is hella pissy though


    AWESOME! It’s so cinematic! Wonderful!!!

  • Macvay

    Stolichnaya Russian Vodka

  • Stu

    A honest take on this..
    I luv eminem but.. this doesn’t do it for me.
    1stly i didn’t really like the song from the onset but i understand due to its popularity they had to make a video for it.
    2ndly the video isn’t dark enough (ala Stan/The way i am). Somehow including Megan fox in it just makes u NOT want to take it seriously.

    It’s a video that will appeal to the teeny boppers & pop audiences just like the song does but i don’t think thorough hip hop heads (like me) will be feeling this.

    Personally this is like the only song on Recovery i didnt like. Hell i liked WTP more than this song. Maybe thats why i didnt feel the video. Oh well. We’ll keep watching Not Afraid till they make Going through Changes..

  • jeeeeeezzer

    rihana being a whore…where have i seen dat before???

    Best in tha game…gucci tell em!

  • Mac Diesel

    @ Word!!!
    go fuck ur self niggaa

  • nonny

    amazing video

  • Neutral Party

    You do know the video is about his relationship with Kim right?

  • So Icy Boi!

    @NickeyBlack says “u made me hate Eminem” …PREACH!!!! …its not Eminem that i hate its his stans …ne wayz this video better than Kanye’s but thats not sayin to much

  • Bawseee is over

    It’s ok but I wish he made a similar music video for 25 to life instead of that but still this is much better than Kanye’s shit

  • The Truth


    Eminem did call blacks moon crickets and porch monkeys and also said he wasnt into “nigger shit”. But Interscope sued The Source and had most of the tapes destroyed. He also lied about being 16 when he recorded those songs. He was 21. People need to do thier research on Eminem, he’s no worse than Mel Gibson. And that FOOLISH PRIDE song is racist as hell

  • Midnite!

    Shady=G.O.A.T!!!Real life issues brought to the forefront again…..Artist of 2010=Eminem!!Sorry haters but,it’s true!!!

  • not a guest

    @ The Truth now wake up buddy

    fuck you cindy

  • tucas

    The best!!! eminem rihanna mergan and dominic Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tucas

    recovery retorn top billboard because this beautiful video!!!

  • The Truth

    @not a guest

    your either a sell out black or a delusional white Em stan

  • not a guest

    @The Truth a stan ? why ? Because your google search does not impress me ? aww yeah fuck you

  • lol Charlie from LOST grindin up on meagan fox, that lucky bastard

    awesome video tho.

    But i still miss the old mentally unstable eminem. hes still awesome tho

  • The Truth


    No, your a stan because you refuse to acknowledge that Eminem is a lying closet racist, despite there being evidence that proves so. You are probably white so i I wouldnt expect you to understand. Keep praising your fake idol

  • meezy

    dope video, alot better than Kanye’s.

  • 250MG

    The video is great. Eminem is the king of hip-hop. Kanye’s new video suck and the album is going to flop if he not release a hit single

  • Gawd

    this video is pretty awesome. All around it was good. The message was delivered here, as was with Kanyes video. People dont look at that, they look at how gangsta a vid is without thinking about what the vid is tryna say.

  • Gawd

    niggas flooding this page with some foolish pride bullshit that’s stripped straight out of a book, and arguin about eminem’s ghetto pass and shit. Fuck all that, if you wanna call eminem pop okay. But you’re gonna have to throw tons of “your favorite rappers” into that whole pop scenario too. Go ahead, Drake is pop, Jay is pop, Wayne is pop, LUDA IS POP.
    This vid brings a touchy subject like abuse and dangerous relationships that are happening in america predominately into the mainstream. Be happy that Eminem is doing for hip hop what most of you “favorite rappers cant”.

  • yepANDnope

    “now u get to watch her leave out the window guess thats why they call it windo pane/pain.”

    one of the corniest lines ever.

  • Ada

    I love that song..and video..aww..Great!

  • would have been a better video having Rhianna and Megan Fox having some sort of argument and wrestiling scene followed by a hot and heavy makeup session.

  • bludklot k

    pathetic effort of reincarnating stan…
    …but i guss tha song itself stil tries to bring a lil justice 2 tha scene
    NICE Try…but not convincing
    I think u nid mo tym 2 recover…

  • yessiir

    eminem the best rapper to ever touch a mic black or white it dont matter o yeh and to all u bitch niggas who have no better excuse to try nd say hes not good nd tht he lip syncs are fuckin morons let me show u faggots sumtin right quick watch at 2:28 he uses playback hasnt stopd since u assholes he jus sounds the exact same

  • hahaha

    yeh @yessiir tru tht nd do people honsetly think hes lip singing the way i am at the end of tht lol people are such bitches

  • dainventah

    @yepand nope i have to agree on that one…this album is filled with rediculous flow and alot of really creative lyrics (see cinderella man) but it also has some of the corniest lines i’ve ever heard from em….on that track with havoc, alot of it is really nice…but sometimes he just goes of on some rediculous ryhming stream of conciousness bullshyt….i think in one line he said, eney meany mino mo, grab an eskimo by his toe while hes trying to roll an snowball but if he hollers you better let him go yall” i mean, i love em, but WTF??

  • random

    eminem is not even in the top 5 for a goat discussion all he talks about is battiling imaginary rappers and sadistic tendencies recovery isnt even album of the year and the true goat is a man named Nasir jones

  • Mega


  • Eminem feat. Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie (Music Video Premiere)

  • NickeyBlack is done hating on anybody


  • mac DIESEL




  • Nigeria

    @THE TRUTH a.k.a THE LIE…. U a fucking fag with a big dick in ur mouth and one in ur ass,take ur racist faggot ass outta hare,and go eat some mo dick.

  • ReppinHard

    This site has a lot of Eminem stans

  • Coolin

    Kinda weird seeing Merry Brandybuck from Lord of the Rings making out with Megan Fox haha.

  • imeafk

    this will have 30millions in a month on youtube. Great job

  • The Truth

    @ Nigeria

    Another butt hurt Em stan mad at the truth. Its OK, keep living in denial and bow down to your gay idol

    Em fans for the most part are pathetic excuses for human beings

  • g-unit nig

    i’m not just gonna stand there and watch this trash/em flow is so wack and rihanna voice is ass

  • ROC

    kanye video = epic
    eminem video -trashic


  • boo feminem

    why is this faggot screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • boo feminem

    em you suck

  • power

    wow this is so shitty

  • power’s funny how everyone forgot about this video

  • LR

    eminem is a racist white shit

  • Mu2

    fuck shady

  • carrisi

    Awesome, MTV movie awards is done. Only em could get megan fox. Fuck kanye and that pretentious bull shit”power” video, always trying to hard to impress – man is a midget.

  • t


  • Andrew

    the video’s so sick…

    if you guys dig Rihanna check out 2AM Club’s new video “Worry About You.” it’s a great track with some awesome visuals


    Glorifiying an abusive white trash couple… No thanks, this video sucks

  • Game Fanatics Society

    Megan fox! HOW COULD YOU! .. she married a douche…oh and the video was awesome.

  • bitchess
  • loll

    o yeh keep sayin feminem thts the gayest shit ive ever heard he hate a gay hate parade against him hes real feminine faggottts best rapper of all time go listen to ur gucci mane or young jeezy or rick ross or waka flocka or gay ass kanye or ludacris or singin drake or make no sense talk about nothin lil wayneeee!!

  • uhhuuhhh

    @bitcheess no apologies damn rightttt bitch niggas shadys back the king of rapp

  • uhhuuhhh

    @ boo feminem whos ur favorite rapper u bitch? lets here this one whoever u say isnt better ther eminem hes the best of all time lil girl but i wanna here who u listen to u lil cunt

  • dontworry

    dont worry hater slim shadys is the greatest of all time it sucks doesnt it a white man in a black mans business nd he does better then all of themm hahah mad funny still shady aftermath

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  • oscar

    shady’s year

  • Matt

    Wah u mean eminem was lip singing lol
    it. It’s a Friggen music video bro lmao
    that made my day. Most artists lip sing there video

  • Em

    Who cares if he lip syncs his a rapper they butcher their songs live anyways. Not like he is actually singing. Live rap blows 95% of it.

  • Nigeria

    @THE TRUTH a.k.a THE LIE…..He’s grown pass dat shit even if he was b/4.Look how he role,all his fukin recording artist are black,his fuckin best friends are fuckin black ”PrOOF R.I.P and 50”.so wat d fuck u talkin bout.get dat shit outta here.

  • Legacy


  • The Realist 305

    All this racist talk is demeaning and petty. Most fine things are made by people who gives less than a D#MN about us as a people. I’m a brother of color and Eminem is my favorite lyricist and Jay-Z’s my favorite rapper. There’s a difference! @THE TRUTH you have not ever once in life made a racist remark? The cast a stone and hide your hands. The fact that went on this rampage is enough to know you roll with the Nation of Islam and/or the New Black Panther Party. Eminem makes the songs our people own people refuse to make like it isnt prevalant in our neighborhoods. You say the people who purposely poison young minds in self-interest deserves our praise? Eminem got HUGE because of his talent not because of his race to make it clear. If it was that then Asher Roth, Yelawolf and whoever would be selling 20-million records worldwide. Raw talent that has been honed. Eminem doing his thing. I don’t praise and worship nann dude in any color but I appreciate art.

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  • smh

    Rhianna is an attention-hoo-ahhh! Before people get mad at the females who have no compassion for her involvement with the whole “domestic” violence sitch, look at the media images she irresponsibly projects. Attention-getter. And I heard they asked Chris Brown his opinion about this video – talk about a loaded, damned if you do or don’t question. Anywhooz, Dominic Monaghan looks like he has definitely been hitting the gym. I’ve always had that “he’s so cute” kinda crush on him, but this video took him over to the mildly sexy side.

  • this is one of his best songs besides in not afrsid eminem is back hes better than any of these other rappers our here

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