T.I. Recorded Six Tracks With Kanye

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Last night during the Takers premiere, T.I. tells 1515 that he recorded a half a dozen tracks with Kanye during his recent trip to Hawaii. Aloha, bitches. King Uncaged drops September 28th.

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  • Shady3100

    September 28!!??

    Ice Cube >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> T.I.
    and I bet you 1 out of those 6 will make the cut.
    they always do…Nobody drops an album with more than 15 tracks these days!!!

  • http://TheAmeRicanKid.com/ TheAmeRicanKid.com
  • UltraKid

    Of course…Why would Kanye have 6 tracks with T.I. on the album…They were obviously experimenting in the studio yada yada yada one album makes the cut yada yada yada the other T.I. verses get leaked on the internet after the album drops…he’ll probably be on that DJ Toomp produced track but who knows….I’m starting to doubt that September release date…Can anybody say November???

  • James

    I hope none of these are radio hits…but with trey songz, lady gaga, keri hilson, and young dro so far confirmed for this album, I don’t like the looks.

  • sideshowRaheem


    Try October 12 according to a lot of web sites.

  • Shady3100

    That’s True.
    and NEVER….NEVER….I mean NEVER..believe a release date!
    even if the artist (himself) tells you that it’s dropping that day…albums get pushed back so many times..it’s un fuckin believable!!!
    I doubt Detox might even drop this year….the game getting pushed back (Guaranteed!!) and so Is T.I.
    EVERYBODY getting pushed back!!!!!
    for no fucking reason.

    Remember all the albums were suppose to drop in June? and only like 2 dropped…hahahaa

  • KevsWorld

    October 12 my bday its only right its drops then and also 3/6 tracks are goin 2 b hard

  • Dat’ Blasian Nig


    There is a reason my nigga… 2 actually. Eminem and Drizzy…. Niggas are scared not trying to end up another Fat Joe…..12,000 records sold!!!!!???? LMFAO

    Sad sad sad sad sad… BoB still sold more than him in his 18th week

  • UltraKid

    Well let’s make it official Detox will never see the light of the day this year…

  • Dat’ Blasian Nig


    Detox is an urban legend now my nigga! lmao He the Nigga who cried Detox…. lol

  • So Icy Boi!

    T.lie. Career is over….

  • Thank Me Hater

    @So Icy not by a long shot. This nigga is about to be in a movie too….cmon

  • UltraKid

    @Thank Me Hater,
    Let’s hope this is T.I.’s last movie though…He was good in ATL but his acting in Takers look terrible.

  • Fuck Ya Life

    As of fan of his I wanna see how T.I. next album shapes up cuz he say he’s gonna be more aggressive but I hear he got features like Lady Gaga and Trey Songz and the joint wit Keri so I wanna see how it turns out.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Ultrakid agreed, but these rappers are gonna have to start opening up other avenues to get that big money. Only a handful of artists are doing big numbers when it comes to album sales. I love T.I.’s music so I hope he can sell but I’m not optimistic

  • http://www.chicagoisforhaters.com Chicago Is For Haters

    Most likely only one will end up on the album. TI wanna be performing stellar at the Grammys again, huh? Yeezy’s a good look, I guess. *kanyeshrug*

  • Thank Me Hater

    We as fans have got to stop downing these rappers for doing features with pop artists. I hear that everywhere I go now. These niggas wanna sell albums no matter what he or she says. Nobody is coppin artists featuring dj khaled or waka flocka. The people that claim they love hip hop are the ones that aint coppin that shit (example Fat Joe) I’m sorry! If T.I. wants to do a joint with Gaga or even mariah carey to get that shit played on the radio more power to him.

    “as for the critics, tell me I don’t get it, everybody can tell you how to do it, they never did it” – Jay

  • Fuck Ya Life

    @Thank Me Hater

    Well hey I have no problems with him doin songs with these different artist but what I’m sayin is don’t hit me with the Ima be aggressive then come on some softer type of shit u know. Thats like 50 Cent naming his album the Massacre but havin Candy Shop as the lead single. U can have a successful album and not go the pop route to get airplay. U can go the party kinda route like Bring ‘Em Out, Big Thangs Poppin etc.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Fuck Ya Life I feel you on that. I think HE can go the party route. Not everyone can do that. I feel that Big Boi’s album had a sufficient amount of party music but didn’t sell. In fact most rappers now fill their shit with just party shit and don’t sell. T.I. is a different case however

  • So Icy Boi!

    @Thank Me Hater Bow Wow finna be in a movie does dat mean his album gonna sell? is Bow Wow movie gonna make his career more relevant ?….T.I. tryna do the same thing he did wit ATL dats why the movie took so long to come out …he tryna get buzz off the movie

  • Fuck Ya Life

    @Thank Me Hater

    Yeah I agree wit that T.I. gives a lil bit of everything, thats what I got from his last album but people came down hard sayin it was too pop and shit and I see people say the same about Em’s cd so I guess u can’t please everybody but I look forward to this shit.

  • mac DIESEL



  • chino

    probaly one of da songs for kanyes cd nd anotha one for TI den later on dey gonna use da other songs on mixtapes or later cd’s either way both of da albums are gonna b bumpin bt i giv it more to kanye..nd I agree think TI is tryna get more buzz jus lyk he did wit ATL wen KING came out..coppin both albums though

  • UltraKid

    @mac DIESEL,
    I’m Back, Yeah You Know, Ya Hear Me…Far from lackluster…King Uncaged will be a mixture of Pop records and trap records just like Paper Trails…..Nobody has seen a tracklist for the album and so for the only radio hit T.I. has right now is Got Your Back which is obviously the promotional Pop record and for a Pop record it’s pretty good…I’m ready for more songs like I’m Back though…

  • The Other P

    That single w/ Keri is HORRIBLE. I have purchased every TI cd he’s released w/ the exception of ‘I’m Serious’ on the day it dropped. He’s gonna need to drop some straight fiyah to get any more of my cash.

  • http://catchbodymusic.tumblr.com Catch a body

    I hope that ‘I’m Back’ and ‘Yeah U know’ are similar to what is to come and not ‘Got Your Back’… Yeah sure it’s for the radio, but the beat is nasty and Keri Hilson just sounds lame… The whole song is a cliché… Whereas the other two are typical T.I.: agressive, amazing flow and great beats.

  • Blah!

    I want TI to collab with Jay,Bun B,Eminem,BoB,jeezy,Jafakiss,Kanye And Shit id Like To see 50 On There But Dont Think That’ll Happen