Tone Of Trackmasters Discusses Hits

Tone of the Trackmasters isn’t only a producer, but he’s also founder of the Staten Island Hurricanes youth football league. He spared some time from the gridiron and spoke with the NY Daily News on some of his biggest hits.

Michael Jackson featuring Jay-Z – “You Rock My World (Remix)”
“That was the only time I ever met Michael. We had Jay-Z come down and listen to the record. He loved it, but Jay wanted a favor. He said, ‘Okay, I’m going to put my vocals on this, but Mike has to appear at (Hot 97) Summer Jam with me.’ That was the trade-off.”

Will Smith – “Miami”

“Will isn’t from Miami, but he wanted to make a song about vacation. We put down the hook and there’s a part that says, ‘Welcome to Miami’ in a girl’s voice. But there’s no girls in the studio that day … and there’s always girls in the studio! I went downstairs at the Hit Factory (recording studio in Manhattan) and on the street. I had to stand outside and tell girls passing by, ‘Excuse me, we’re making a record upstairs with Will Smith and need a female (for) vocals.’ They would all look at us like we’re crazy. We finally found two girls who were courageous enough to come upstairs. They signed waivers and they made the record.”

Nas featuring Lauryn Hill – “If I Ruled The World”

“We could have went and got Mariah Carey – we could have gotten anybody – but Lauryn Hill was hip-hop certified and she was right on the rise. This was Nas’ chance to cross over, and it was a perfect marriage. We went upstate, about three hours away, in a studio in Bearsville, N.Y., to record most the album (“It Was Written”). There was nothing to do there. We recorded it in a barn, a barn with a studio inside it. No city distractions. It worked.”

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  • Willie Hutch

    Red Hot Lover Lover Tone!

  • gerold

    Seattle is a dweeb lmao


    Trackmasters are heavily under-rated but I got hella respect for em cuz I know their history. Tone & Poke are ill fareal.



    Wut do U mean Seattle is a dweeb? 1st off DWEEB?!?!?!? Really???? Who in the fuck says dweeb? Even most white guys don’t say dweeb anymore (was mostly foreigners & white people that said it). 2nd ima Seattle nigga (Central District to be exact) so if U were talkin bout the city FUCK YOU!!! If not then FUCK YOU for being so vague.

  • B.Dot

    relax he wasn’t. he was referring to a commenter i just banned.

  • dashing

    Trackmasters had serious hits in their heyday and would probably be paid out the ass if that R Kelly hadn’t ruined the Best of Both Worlds album by peeing on that girl. That album had hit after hit, and TrackMasters did most of ’em.

  • Thank Me Hater

    <<<<<<<Fuck you YN for that blackout on Young Jeezy!!

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up


    Plus go figure Jay-Z wouldnt do the track if mike didnt go to Hot 97 Summerjam……hov always on that epic shit haha much love.

  • NickeyBlack is done hating on anybody

    So Jay got Michael to trade off…that was a big deal

    How come Lauryn did’nt spit on the track? When i heard they had a tune together back then i was like ” they rapping..oh snap.” But then i finally heard the the joint, i was disappointed, not bcuz i thought the song sucked but bcuz she did’nt spit but sanged. Since then i always felt that Nas thought LBOOGIE would have overshined him lyrically. If i ever get a chance to kick it with Nas, thats gonna be my 1st question “Were you scared that Hill might have murdered you on your own sh**, so you let her sang?”

  • John Juan

    Mama ain’t raise no fool. Jay is one smart mothafucka.

  • Nice!

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  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up


    Thats pretty funny, never thought about that……….stop that vocab up “sanged”?….tell me that was a typo. Not some gangster waka flaka 3rd grade language. haha.

    just kidding bro……thats funny though, she couldve definitely SPIT flames on that track.

  • Post no billz

    Ive always been a fan of the trackmasters sound they was killin the game in the 90s i like the shit they did on the 50 album power of a dollar..

  • RoeLuv

    Like someone said above,VEEERY underrated cats…use the Google button kids

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