Bun B Explains “Bun B For President”

A few days ago, J.Cole’s “Bun B For President” leaked onto the net to much fanfare. The unfinished track was supposed to appear on Bun B’s Trill O.G. but didn’t make the final cut. Bun explains to VIBE the reason why.

“I never could figure out how to approach the record. It almost sounded crazy for me to say ‘Bun B For President,’” Bun B told VIBE recently of the leak. “It was an incredible song. I really loved the track, which J. Cole produced as well. I originally talked to him about a beat and he was like, ‘Oh I got music all day. Would you mind if I sent you something with a verse on it.’ I’m like, ‘I wasn’t even gon’ go there but by all means…’ And when he sent it, all we did all day was sit around and listen to that song, like, ‘Do you hear this? What do you do to this? I don’t even know what to do to this.’ So it was just something that we had to put to the side.”

“That’s one of the few songs that I wasn’t able to just attack. I hated that I couldn’t figure out how to do it,” says Bun, adding that he didn’t leak the record himself. “That shows how ahead of the game [Cole] is. Most of the songs I hear, people will tell you I jumped in on it. That one I took my time with and I was like, ‘You know what, we’re gonna wait on this record. We’re gonna sit on it until I know exactly how to present it.”

“Now that it’s out there, I kinda feel like I have to do something,” says the Houston rapper. “So don’t be surprised if you here something on it in the next couple days. I got a better understanding now how to approach it than I did when I got it, now when I see how the public reacted to it. ’Cause I didn’t want to come off too cocky, like, ‘I’m the shit.’”

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  • A Chick


    Hurry up Bun B, I would love to hear a finished product.

  • NewMoney

    yea u aint want j cole to lyrically embarass you on the track smh

  • Black Shady

    Maybe a J.Cole verse/beat woulda solidified that “5 mics” nonsense they gave you


  • alex

    Cole is getting fucked on these collabs. He was supposed to be on Wale’s album, that got cut…he made a track for DJ Khalid that would have been the best track on the album (I assume, I wouldn’t listen to that shit), that got cut… And now Bun B cuts this song??!?! Cole is paying dues though. If Jay gets behind Cole like he needs to and markets the debut properly, everyone in the game is going to be begging Cole for a verse and won’t even think about leaving it on the cutting room floor. I’ve been listening to hip hop for 20 years now and Cole is the best doing it right now.

  • Razzie

    J. Cole is on Wale’s album. Beautiful Bliss

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  • sc_R

    everybody know jay-z might be the biggest bandwagon nigga in history.. how u tell drake he up next lets see what u do wit it on yo album and dont mention cole.. give a fuck if he gave him a verse on that song he shoulda been on ‘on to the next one’ and his buzz would be ridiculous right now cause u gotta have somethin to bring niggas in who dont listen at first.. swear that hov shit is a gift and a curse i would rather go sign wit wayne if i really rapped cause he’ll give u as many verses as u need.. now imma stop spazzin and say i can feel bun how it was hard to attack this song but Cole beats is comin up tough u can feel No ID all in his music

  • Sho Nuff

    I thought it shouldve been like an interlude halfway through the record or sumptin… he aint even have to add shit to

  • D.White

    1st, NewMoney, shut the Hell up, hatin ass. How you gonna hate on humility, you stupid for no reason man. 2nd, he may not have deserved 5mics but 4-4.5 def, just let it play and you’ll see why. The shit he just said as a man should boost him to 5, even in you haters eyes. Bun is Legend and he ain’t never lost it. Your favorite rapper would of jumped on it with no humility, no honor, just on some I’m this, I’m that bull and you woulda loved it because they ain’t shit and generally you ain’t either. J.Cole is a beast, I got all his shit but Bun don’t give a damn about being out rhymed on a track, simply because what he brings has merit, he ain’t gotta worry bout shit like that. UGK 4 Life, RIP Pimp C, “POP IT FOR PIMP!!!” & congrats to Bun B.

  • Wow

    J Cole- Bun B for President feat. L’Daialogue DiCaprio: http://www.mediafire.com/?3ex2h54zxu9ha0p

  • @Alex

    Um…J. Cole was on Wale’s album. Does this ring a bell?

  • JINX

    Fuck Bun b if drake made the beat you wud be all ova it yu h8ter ass nigga yur album is wack yu shud ov got 2 mics the only song i rate is the 2pac joint.