• CaseyJonesing

    Dat Nigga Crazy!

  • jon jon

    you late son.

  • does charles have a crazy shoe game? cause the mental asylum looking for him

    wow i know that was corny ha i dont care

  • Fuck Em Stans

    can we get another post smh

  • BlU

    ^Horrible. Smh.
    And anyway, hopefully this won’t deter the kid, and he’ll put out some more good music.

  • This entire ordeal seems phony. Charles is using this as a publicity stunt/performance art to come across as a “tortured artist.” In the original interview he said “this is like an experiment to see if the industry is really like an asylum or if I was the one bugging.” Key word=experiment. Sounds like Charles or one of his handlers read “The 50 Laws of Power”, got inspired and tried to pull some slick shit to increase his buzz.

  • ^^ i personally know charles my dude and he really needs help .. lol @ charles having handlers one of the reason he got dropped is cause the label couldn’t deal with him “mentally unstable”

  • Cool. I stand corrected, Harlemboi. Shit, I guess we all can use a little help.