Joe Budden Q&A Forum At S.O.B.’s

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Following Joey’s performance, he held a forum James Lipton style. He spoke on his lyric book and said that he plans to re-release the project with a hardcover and include insight and photographs. Below is the book’s Dedication.

“Shout to all my fans, glad I can inspire y’all, got a couple haters, still tryin’ to acquire more”… I dedicate the words in this book to the fans first and foremost, yall are the ones that give them life, without yall, they would fall upon deaf ears as they have so many times before…I dedicate these words to my Mother, my Father, my 4 brothers, and my deceased grandmothers Elmora Williams and “Jimmy” Budden…My uncle Mike who passed from cancer as well as every 1 else who struggles with a daily fight against numerous overpowering opponents.

To everyone in team Jumpoff, Dil, Brandon, Werm, Dub B, Jill, Doughboy, etc…Without yall there is no me..To Crystal, the best manager in the world, the same applies..Hopefully you’ll do more than read these words, you’ll understand them, once you do that, some of u will be able to relate…and to those of you who don’t…You gotta feel ’em! Signing off, realest to ever do it, Joey!

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    crowds over in america dnt get as hype as we do over in europe!!

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    What up / To all rappers shut up with ya shuttin up / And keep your shirt on, at least a button up, ordinary joe

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