• BarZ

    Its about time Twista stepped his shit up! Rae came wit it as usual. Kinda slowed the tempo down but still good.

  • Truth83

    great song

  • Haters/Stans

    This song is smooth as hell, and I havent heard Twista spit like this for a while.

    Good track, but I think I might actually keep my tagged up copy- “DJ Haze- bringin u more hits than Rihanna to the FACE!” lmao

  • Now THIS is dope! Not that “let’s make movie” bullshit he dropped with Chris Brown the otha day…

  • dashing

    Best Twista track since Kamikaze!

  • Midnite!

    The HEAT!!!Niccceeeeee!!!!


    im from chicago but not a big fan of twista but dude goes hard FINALLY, pawse !!!!

    n wu tang 4 ever yo !

  • Dozez


  • RealRap

    Shit is tuff

  • rahrahrah

    Very nice, worth a couple of listens, could have done without Rae’s verse though.

  • Ghost


  • sway-z

    Cotdamn!!! Twista wasn’t fucking around on this shit

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  • Drock