Gucci Mane Cool With Waka Flocka Mama

Hoping to quell any talk of conflict, La Flare happily flicked up with Flame’s mother at Prime Time club in Atlanta last night. Now isn’t that special? Video of his performance after the jump.


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  • MannyBricks

    Gooch # freeweezy


    Alls well that ends well

  • ?

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  • vito

    Dats wuts up!!!

  • Vibrant Thing

    How sweet. Black love. Respect.

  • I buy black first and i buy made in America only

    Peace, love and blessings family. XO

  • Oj Da Cornball

    Chic is hard. lol. That chic is from South Jamaica Queens, they gully, Wacka too, but they move to GA.

  • meTHATSwho

    Waka and Gucci make good music together this is good to see… now only if Ross and Jeezy can make nice… dont think thats gonna happen any time soon… SUMMERS MINE

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  • Simon


  • Jeeeeeezzer

    Gucci Realest in tha game…can’t front that…gucci tell em!

  • jr

    why is this news? smh.

  • iHate


    Side note: where is that troller? I miss him

  • iHate

    Gucci Realest in tha game…can’t front that…gucci tell em!
    ^ You know NOTHING about rap.

  • Real JCOLE

    “iHATE” eat a dick

  • iHate

    Real JCOLE: Can you say something inteligent? I guess not. That’s why you listen gucci,

  • The Illest

    I’m suprised So Icy Boi dick suckin ass didn’t comment lol

  • D


    Now for real dude. Who gives a shit about waka flocka mom.

  • So Icy Boi!

    @The Illest wat da fuk i gottta comment for ??? ima fan not a stan like u mutha fukaz ..i aint gotta comment on Gucci every post…

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  • Belize

    Gucci Mane wit Wacka Wack’s mother. Now what would that say about him and her son’s relationship, hmm?

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