Mac Miller Showoff Radio Freestyle

Three nights ago, Mac Miller stopped by Shade 45’s Showoff Radio with Statik Selektah and drops a killer freestyle. If you haven’t checked out his latest mixtape, K.I.D.S., do so here. Thanks for the shout Mac.

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  • bic boi

    better than drake fo sure

  • Post no billz

    Got to hear this the other nite.. The kid is nice..

  • tpm2810

    thats not how u freestyle – thats how u recite written ryhmes n try pass ’em off as a freestyle 2 the gullable! epic fail! just another rapper all about mackin hoes and blowin dro! last i checked stoner rap was not hiring! taylor gang or listen 2 another rapper make a whole album about how he high gets n how many hoes hes got! bad 1st impression!

  • dannidavito

    ^ LMAO

  • money mitch

    Well it wasnt the first time hes ever rapped it im sure, but shit was still tight.

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  • JNoh

    wow this guy is so underground and underrated this kid is better then drake and a lot of fucking people except for legend big and tupac and shady 😉

  • man up

    a freestyle is a rhyme that hasnt been heard or used in a song dummy…theres also a freestyle off the top which is what you refering to….if you had to give a speech it would make sense to write it down wouldnt it? would you jeoperdize your career on a free style off the top?….smarten up you lil dum bitches.

  • tpm2810

    im a dick head that thinks rapping on the block and rapping as a career are the same sorry for being so stupid ya

  • Sonsay

    HE’s cool but…damn I’m just an old head. Forget it. I just have to say: “We don’t believe you, you need more people”.

  • I have to give him his props, dude is nice!


    I think this is payola crap going on. Why is rap radar putting this random fool on? Politricks


    I hate when rappers try to flex this double-time bullshit. ENOUGH. Kill yourself.

  • John Doe

    dude has a lisp…..or juicy mouth


    I’ve never heard of this guy before & when the video started I thought he was just another Eminem wannabe, But to be fair to him the lyrics, the flow & delivery was on point. I might check out some of dudes other stuff.

  • hell yea

    mac miler is also m&m, get it? ha.

    naw but kid is nasty

  • fuckemall

    he stole a kine from eminem’s rhyme book…
    from the superman joint.

  • Kid is niiice and for those saying he’s some random guy for one it was on Shade 45 radio and two kid is signed to Rostrum records (affilliated with Taylor Gang) so he has a push behind him. His new mixtape KIDS is on here and it’s smooth as hell

  • changeclothz

    vamoose u wack to me lol

  • Real Different

    Homeboy got some bars..

  • Henz

    nice freestyle..
    is his mixtape all tagged up???

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  • Mega

    WACK as shit….he’s biting Eminem and Yelawolf so hard it isn’t even funny. Not to mention that he looks like he’d get his ass kicked by Lil Bow Wow in a 1-on-1. lol

  • Germ

    I got that mixtape and wasn’t really feeling it, but this is pretty nice…. maybe I have to go back and listen to that shit again…

  • TrapRadar

    da kid did hiz thang

  • pissed

    dudes aight but that double time flow was not right for that beat.

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