Nelly Interviews J.Cole On Hot 104.1

For the next several weeks, Nelly will be holding down mid-days on Hot 104.1 in St. Louis. J.Cole stopped stopped by the station last week and during his interview said his debut will probably be released toward the end of the year and as of now, Jay-Z will be the only feature.

Break 1:

Break 2:

Break 3:


Sidebar: Cole Previews New Track

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  • Ben

    J.cole will flop.

  • Chris W.

    @ben the only thing floppin round here is ya momma’s fat ass stomach.

  • HAHA

    I thought he wasn’t gone to have any guest appearances on his album…well Jay is one famous guest!

  • Foots

    A star is born pt 2? Good, cuz Coles one verse came as hard as all three of Jays IMO.

  • Foots

    @Ben Cole will flop, but he still gonna be richer than your broke ass

  • OOPH

    “Partially functional, half of me is comfortable.
    The other half is close to the Cliff — like Mrs. Huxtable.”-J.Cole


  • Ben

    @Chris W. Your mom is fat too…but I still fucked her.

  • Ben

    @Foots I’m sure you roll around naked in all your money, don’t you foots. I bet you jerk off to the warm up cover, you fucking fag.

  • Citylivin’

    @Chris W. @Foots

    Don’t give unimportant people importance, just let the lame talk

  • Slowbot10

    wonder if that tracked he previewed is from the album..u can here Erykah Badu’s vocals on that joint

  • random

    @Slowbot10 yes that song is from the album and he got another ustream on tuesday

  • Killa

    @Foots Lool Hmmm Dont Agree With You On That, Jay 2nd Verse Was Niceee BUT J.Cole Bet Verse Was Legendary
    & @Ben Go Kill Yourself Thank You

  • jordanyroc

    @ OOPH

    I guess u cought that snippet on the ustream last night, huh? lol… That joint sounds smooth man, the beat sounds crazy, the flow is on point n the lyrics were great… I can’t wait for this album!!!!

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  • So Icy Boi!

    Damn i aint no dat nigga Nelly 35

  • UltraKid

    Jay-Z has fallen off lyrically…he shouldn’t be on the album at all.

  • 106

    @Ultrakid you smoking rocks nigga???

  • B.Dot

    Jay-Z has fallen off lyrically…he shouldn’t be on the album at all.


  • UltraKid

    I’m assuming you guys haven’t heard The Blueprint 3 and his latest features…Most of his verses now seem boring and unispired…Jay-Z is my second favorite rapper but even I know that he should let go of the mic….His Go Hard Remix was horrible, His verses on D.O.A. were simple and mediocre, his verses on Run this Town were really mediocre and the rest of the Blueprint 3 was just a bunch mediocre verses…I mean people say Jay-Z bodied Drake and Rick Ross on their own track but he didn’t body shit….He was the same level as Drake on Light Up and Rick Ross killed Jay-Z on Freemasons….I’m sorry but HOV should just stick to being a business man now…he’s not inspired anymore…He has no more quotables…Kanye killed him on his own track, Swagga Like Us and on Go Hard which shows how much he’s fallen off…T.I. and Rick Ross killed him, who’s next??? Oh wait J. Cole killed him…see if this was the old Jay-Z then he would have never let Ye, Officer Ricky or T.I. kill him…remember his amazing verses on Never Let Me Down or the Diamonds Remix??? How about his songs The Blueprint??? All Jay-Z has now is hot beats…I mean people liked the D.O.A. and Freemason for their concepts not because they were lyrical…making a song about the death of auto-tune was an easy way to win over his fans and doubters…everybody hated auto-tune at the time so he made a song about…but was Jay-Z in his prime on the song??? HELL NO!

  • 106

    ^ damn u got a whole paragraph. Blueprint 3 was the best album out in the last year how you can say that shit was boring and uninspired. It ruins your credibality. I give you run this town but go hard jay went in I’m on star for newborn stars??? Jay just over your head nobody doing it better.

  • Belize

    FOH niiga aint been hot since 2002

  • UltraKid

    Nah my dude if you really think Jay-Z is still killing it on the mic than you’re delusional…I remember when I first noticed Jay fell I denied it for awhile but then I came too my senses and admitted it—Jay is not as good as he used to be…The Blueprint 3 was only hot because some of it’s production was hot…it had nothing to the way Jay himself.

    A Star is Born is just Jay name droppin’ and simple rhymes…
    “they come they go,
    some real some foe,
    some friends some hoes
    but no i goes nowhere this Hov”

    Let’s check breakdown his other songs”
    Already Home
    “I taught ’em about fish scale they want me to fish for them
    They want me to catch clean, then cook up a dish for them
    All of this just for them, or they got a diss for him
    They want me to disappear, like it’s gonna SHIFT for them
    They say that I’m in the way, they want me to sit with them
    But what they admitting is, they ain’t got shit for him”

    He’s not even rhyming there.

    D.O.A.(Death of Auto-Tune)
    “stop your bloodclot crying, the kid, the dog everybody dying, no lying”

    Simple, simple, simple

    What We Talkin’ About
    “I’m talking about real sh-t, real people playin,
    what is you talking bout, i dunno what ya’ll sayin,
    people keep talking about “Hov take it back”!
    I’m doing better than before why would I do that?”

    “Peace out Medusa,
    welcome to da Blue ah Print ah trey piece,
    Jay-Z your tutor, tooter of my own horn, beep beep,
    Move ya rassclat ass, maneuver come through with da roof off,
    so I can see the sky, cos everybody talking Hov,
    I think we know why”

    No quotables like back in the day…Jay is just rapping a bunch of weak lines…he hasn’t had a memorable line in years.

  • 106

    He still flowing and everything he rap about is true. That is what makes it so I’ll. Found time to sign Cole yall just don’t like jay. American gangsta was great also. History Brooklyn go hard was whack? You the one bugging black album came out in ’03 foh Belize dumbo. Everything jay rap has a meaning or is true nobody doing it better.

    I’m in the hall already
    On the wall already
    I’m a work of art I’m a Warhol already
    Quotable and true

    Grown men want me to sit them on my lap
    But I don’t have a beard a Santa clause ain’t black
    Quotable and true

    I’m one of one
    Can’t you see how far I’ve come
    Clap for him he went from
    Moving that corner to
    This corner office so enormous
    Quotable and true

    Open your eyes this is the best we ever seen all the dots connect.

    Applaud him and stfu.

  • 106

    All bloggers with mind freeze
    Line up please Lets see if we can cure
    Your amnesia by the time I leave
    Quotable and true

  • UltraKid

    “I’m in the hall already
    On the wall already
    I’m a work of art I’m a Warhol already”

    You just proved my point…Look he’s not even rhyming there…his rhymes used to be complex and now hos rhymes are simple and sometimes he’s not rhyming at all…Today his verses are either wack or mediocre….He’s pretty much average now…How many times will he let himself get killed by another rapper before he realizes he needs to put the mic down???

    I don’t hate Jay infact I love Jay…He’s my second favorite rapper…I’m just speaking the truth…Jay is NOWHERE near as good as he used to be.

  • UltraKid


    This is when Jay was at his prime…remember these lines???
    “Hospital days, reflectin when my man laid up
    On the Uptown high block he got his side sprayed up
    I saw his life slippin, this is a minor set back
    Yo, still in all we livin, just dream about the get back
    That made him smile though his eyes said, “Pray for me”
    I’ll do you one better and slay these niggaz faithfully”

    “What’s up to my Miami and St. Thomas connects
    I’ll never mention your name, I promise respect
    Death before dishonor correct
    That’s what you promised me, since the bama league
    Along with, if we stay strong
    We can get paper longer than Pippen’s arms
    Plead the fifth when it comes to the fam
    I’m like a dog – I never speak, but I understand
    Where my dogs at? Where my soldiers at war?
    Where your balls at? Whoa, gotta pause that – whoa
    Lost 92 bricks had to fall back
    Knocked a nigga off his feet, but I crawled back
    Had A-1 credit, got more crack
    From the first to the fifth, gave it all back
    If, I’m not a hustler what you call that?
    This is before rap, this is all fact”

  • JP

    Can’t wait for the album. That snippet was dope!!!

  • Vee

    The problem with hip hop claimers is they say Jay is at his best when he talks about drugs but at his worst when he school them… Listen to Venus versus Mars… for the Panzi scheme, damnnn shorty just made off… only if you smart you would know what that is…

    Listen to the whole album, the inrto just tells you that I cant keep spoon feeding people, then the second track tells you Im thankful, then track 3 says get off that already, then 4 tells you I run this here, 5 tells you My state of mind is New York, then 6 tells you I got your back, 7 tells you im moving on, 8 tells you I am off my old rhymes, old tracks, old clothing, get off my with that you have to rhyme like RD, just buy RD, you wanna hear RD buy RD, 9 he tells you that we have role models born everywhere daily, then 10 Venus versus mars tells you about the deception of a woman who wont have your back, 11 Already home says Im comfortable where Im at, then 12 Hater tells you that you keep hating on me like I aint the best but the only reason you hate is you wish you were me… then Reminder takes you back to tell you im that dude… So ambitious schools you, tells you dont let nobody tell you, you cant do it, then Forever young tells you, growing is a state of mind, you can be young forever by doing what makes you feel young…

    you guys forced Jay to talk about drugs on American gangster, but now its time you all move on with the times, we cant keep adressing the same issue on one man, he is growing… he aint no Eminem cos obviously he respects his mother, loves Beyonce and dont have achild yet so he cant give you songs that say kill you to his mother, cant give you songs like puke for Mariah Carey, he cant diss women who are close to his heart, his last album didnt adress women as bitches, instead it addressed them as woman and told them wanna be a lady or???

    You cant be in Tribeca talking about a street in Brooklyn like you there daily, like you still move coke, sometimes all it takes is understanding where you are and then say Im in Tribeca, let me teach these people how to live here, let me tell them to own the trade centre, let me show them that investng is good… we have few black man doing this, KRS one should be far, LL Cool J should be far., Snoop should be far, DMX should be far… their problem is, either they dont wanna get off the street creds that they keep having problems with the law or Snoop has another sex movie…

    Jay is a better body of work than many of your rappers because he respects his hustle, and nobody can knock that… respect what God gave you and you will see how far God take you with it…

  • UltraKid

    It has nothing to do with the subject matter…it has to do with his rhymes being simple, dull and uninspired…Jay has been rapping about himself and his drug dealing days for years but he made it interesting now his rhymes are dull as fuck so I could care less about him rhymes and let the beat ride over him…

  • UltraKid

    Let’s be honest…J. Cole should have gotten Blu, Lupe Fiasco or Diggy Simmons to be one of the only features on his albums…Diggy would be nice because he would be gettin’ a chance to shine like AZ on Illmatic, Blu would be nice cuz I know we all want to see him collab with Cole, and were waitin’ patiently on a Lupe/Cole collab so it would have been nice for him to be the only feature as well.

  • Vee

    Ultra iv me a song that he fell off in your word, even a remix or feature and i will break it down for you it be ur fav in 5mins… goooo….

    as for who J.Cole should feature, Im sure he worked it out like this, you can either win fans who will stay with you beyond your first album by giving them the best of you or you can be Drake, give the ans the best of others, they buy ur album, play it for 2weeks and go like nah he sings too much…

    Jay z has a million fans, how do i know that, look at all his albums, first 2weeks they sell a million… he aint falling off, they aint letting him down, why, he built up on his first albums fans now he has fans for life… 50 cents first album sells 10mil then his latest cant sell 600k first week, why? easy, if you hype people up, they want the hype u, once u change a bit they leave… people have die hard fan and have i like ur album fans and have i like who u featured fans and have let me try u fans… if they dont get u from the word go, they are the word go

  • UltraKid

    I dig Drake but I have problems with his rapping too…

    His rhymes are simple and uninspired…you can break down as much as you want but he’s know where near as good as he used to be and if you think he is then your delusional and sales don’t mean shit.
    “I’m a bad M-a-r-c-y P-r-o-j-e-c-t
    Ain’t no other mother ****** in the rap game harder than me
    I go hard and get it in like a porn star
    Follow my moves you wanna make it to the top im on star
    For new born stars”

    Star, star, star…again he’s not even rhyming

    Fuckin’ wack ass hell…he’s lyrics these days are just lame…Kanye, T.I., J. Cole and Rick Ross have all killed him already…If Jay was in his prime he would have never let that happen.

    “Where you at Duval?
    Ima go harder than you all
    Harder than New York
    Turn the pro tunes in the booth off
    Ima go harder than Ye go
    And Ye go hard
    That’s baby bro”

    Come on, Lil’ Wayne is more complex than this…

    “So either I go the hardest
    Or I could just call this a night
    on dark nights its like I see better
    on Dark Knights I’m like Heath Ledger
    Even if I overdose on drugs
    Motherfuckers can’t kill my buzz”

    Lame….Kanye outshined him check out it
    “i aint ever been scurred
    never been a type to bite my words
    when i came up ya’ll gave me shit
    now im gunna make ya’ll eat them terds
    always said what the f**k i felt
    gon head spit that murder i wrote
    man i dont care what what you felt f**k you nigga i know im dope ”

    On Swagga Like Us T.I. takes down HOV, Kanye & Lil’ Wayne.
    “(Yea….You think?)You go see Weezy for the wordplay
    Jeezy for the birdplay
    Kan-yeezy for diversity and me for controversy
    All my verses picture perfect only spit to serve a purpose
    You ain’t living what you kickin’ and you worthless
    Looking from the surface it may seem that I got reason to be nervous
    Then observe my work and see that my adversity was worth it
    Verses autobiographical, absolutely classical
    Last thing I’m worried ’bout is what another rapper do
    Ain’t nobody hot as me…
    Even if they rap they ass off, blast off and have outstanding qualities
    Sell alotta records I respect and salute that
    But spitting real life on hot beats…
    I’m the truth at, you kick it like me no exaggeration necessary
    Living revolutionary, nothing less than legendary
    Gangsta shit hereditary, got it from my dad
    Flow colder than February with extraordinary swag”

    Hov’s verse is right under Kanye and T.I.’s verse.

    HOV’s raps today are soooooooooooo average…nothing special, nothing complex, just simple rhymes that you can propably hear from an 17 year old aspiring rapper.

    Light Up
    “I don’t do to much blogging, I just run the town, I don’t do to much jogging”

    “Uhh, and ive seen it all done it all
    That’s why none of these dum dums could done him off”


    Run this Town
    “We are
    Yeah I said it
    We are
    This is Roc Nation
    Pledge your allegiance
    Get y’all black tees on
    All black everything
    Black cards, black cars
    All black everything”

    “We are
    Yeah I said it
    We are
    You can call me Cesar
    In a dark Czar
    Please follow the leader
    So Eric B. we are
    Microphone fiend
    It’s the return of the god
    Peace god…”

    Lame…I could have wrote these rhymes my dude.

    Under Pressure
    “Dre, I think I need my sponsor
    I’m just outta contro-o-ol
    Maybe I got hoes, every little city I go, like Paco
    We tryna grow, but I just can’t seen her
    I’m havin’ trouble cleanin’ up, I’m like FEMA
    All these little haters got me back with the nina
    Got me bringin’ guns to work, Gilbert Arenas”


    “Unh, I don’t know if it’s the Goose talkin’
    But you know they say the liquor get your truth talkin’
    Maybe I should be somewhere in the group talkin’”

    No rhymes here…again

    “I’m in this party, I’m up to no good
    And I should be duckin’ these clubs, Tiger Woods”

    lame. lame. lame…how does line seperate him from Drake or Big Sean?

  • 106

    Funny thing ultra those verses are fire just over your head. Your name is ultra kid so it explains your mind state. Every single word don’t have to rhyme just like the verses you posted from rd. Funny thing is you know all the verses and still can’t understand them.

  • Vee

    Ultra you mean u still dont see a genious at work there???

    okay Go hard, dude if you know who the Ledger line is for and how he died then u would get that… Dark knights is a movie with him as well… man if u goharder like a pornstar a bitch comes and the rhyme comes… and aint he a bad marcy project ?

    106 am I watsing my time with Solja boy’s fan???

  • Vee

    and on Swagger like us… every other guy stopped wearing skinny jeans so he can say my nuts dont fit… dude come on… what do u expect from Hov, drugs, i shot him, i walk the street… dude nigga on Vecay… dodging raindrops…

  • UltraKid


    Are you serious??? I know who Ledger and I know what he’s talking about…the line was fucking corny…you are seriously delusional…listen to Jay-Z’s old tracks and open your ears…Jay-Z has fallen off…He’s not even lyrical anymore….He’s talking out of ass…there’s points were he’s not even rhyming andwhich you seemed to ignored when I showed it like 5 times…I’m not saying his rhymes don’t make sense but that his rhymes are simple as fuck…and some times corny to the point where he’s starts using words like dum dum….There’s no complexity, no quotables and nothing special or interesting about his rhymes anymore…on The Blueprint 3 the beats rode Jay not the other way around.

    Oh great now you’re assuming I’m a Soulja Boy fan because I said Jay-Z has fallen off as a lyricist??? How ignorant….I broke down his horrible lines and bars….He’s already been killed by Kanye, T.I., J. Cole, and Officer Ricky which you still haven’t addressed….Let’s see how many goddamn times’ he’ll get renegade before you realize Jay-Z has fallen off…

    I don’t except anything from Jay besides good rhymes…he’s been rapping about himself, his drug dealing years and his wealth for years but the difference between 2007-2010 Jay and 1996-2005 Jay is that 2005 he used to have sick rhymes that made it interesting….It’s what Eminem does….Eminem’s subject has been the same for years but his rhymes are still sick.

  • UltraKid

    @Vee ,
    Swagga Like Us didn’t stop shit…Niggaz still wear skinny jeans…now you’re just giving Jay-Z too much credit….Jay-Z can talk about whatever he wants as long as his rhymes are tight but unfortunely his lines are wack….Somembody even came to me{{when I was talking about him}} and said Jay-Z was wack and I asked why and then he broke down some of his latest rhymes and I was like Jay may be wack now back in the day he was the greatest…I showed him Dead Presidents II and Never Let Me Down and he was blown away.

    If Kanye was my favorite rapper{{I like him for different reasons}} then Jay-Z would be number one…I love Jay and his classics to death…I’ve played Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint amd The Black Album to death and if anybody is a REAL fan of Jay and Hip Hop they would notice and admit that he’s fallen off as a lyricist…Remember back in the day where he never gave Kanye the chance to kill him??? He demolished Kanye two times and now Kanye has demolished him 3 times…then T.I. killed, his protege J. Cole had outshined him and finally Officer Ricky went in and killed him on Freemasons…I honestly want to keeping gettin’ killed now so you and the rest of delusional stans can realize Jay-Z has fallen off…let’s get Nas, Eminem or Jay Electronica on a track so they can finish him off…or we can just let J. Cole kill Jay once again…How about that??? Let’s all hear J. Cole kick his mentors ass once again?

  • 106

    @Vee dont respond to this fool no more.

  • Son

    Damn, Ultra Kid made some good points and the only argument made back was: “Must be a Souja Boy fan” or “Don’t respond”…Jay fans always make me laugh, most of em are more naive than a Soulja Boy fan…. Back to the topic, J. Cole should have an amazing album, Jay WILL have the only bad verse on the album.

  • 106

    @son that’s what u took from the whole debate? You must be ultra kid posting under a different name. Nobody is that dumb.

  • UltraKid

    “Jay fans always make me laugh, most of em are more naive than a Soulja Boy fan”
    Co-sign….I’m a big Jay-Z but one thing I am not is a delusional Jay-Z fan.

  • Vee

    Ultrakid, seriously dude? you are serious? Seriously Em is sick? I have Em’s albums, he is one of my fav, I have Jay’s albums, he is my fav, I have Nas, he is dope, I have Ludacriss one of my fav, TI, Lil Wayne and many others, Jay says Smart things, dont worry when you over 16 you will understand

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