R.Kelly At The Shrine In Chicago

Kellz got out the Chocolate Factory last Friday night and made an appearance at a party hosted by 106 & Park‘s Rocsi. Kellz hopped on the mic and belted out tunes like “Bump & Grind” and “It Seems Like You’re Ready”.  In the current issue of XXL, Robert said that he’s working on three new albums: Epic, Love Letter and Zodiac. He said Epic is “made up of five brand new inspirational songs” while Love Letter will be merger of Happy People and TP2.com. I presume the latter will be the haymaker he promised last year.

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    Let me ask you a question. How is it that this grown nigga molests/pissess all over a little girl and video tapes it, and still gets promo/shows/support from the hip hop community?

  • mac DIESEL



  • yepANDnope

    ^^because most people aren’t fans of Robert Kelly. They are fans of R. Kelly. So regardless of what the nigga does in his PERSONAL life (emphasis on PERSONAL), his music is TIMELESS! If we “the fans” followed our artists/actors/rappers/singers/performers etc. personal lives, than we wouldn’t have ANYONE OR ANYTHING to be fans of because 95% of these kats have done, or will do some f8***d up s**t.

  • yepANDnope

    that being said,

    f**k that corny lightskinned nigga to Kellz’ left. If you don’t know the song sitcho drunk ass down and stop tryin so damn hard to be in the moment, cuz ur ignorance only ruins it.

  • yepANDnope

    oh, and i left out sports stars, politicians, writers, directors, and pretty much every damn body else. lol. There are just people and people are subject to be f****d up in some way so be fans of their work not their personal s**t.

  • cain

    man it’s good to see a livin legend



    I dont really understand your point because, as a man with principles, i cannot co-sign or support any type of nigga who molests children, regardless of the talent the nigga has. Your right,people do fucked up things all the time, Pissing on a kid isnt just a fuck up, that shit is sick and disgusting and premeditated. Had this nigga not been able to sing, he’d be out diddling kids daily. If he was any nigga around the block, that man woulda caught a bullet by now. As far as im concerned that nigga deserves a bullet, or jail in general population where real niggas can show him what happens when you touch a child. His personal life is no ones business, no doubt, but that nigga molested/pissed on a child on video which makes it a public issue. Bottom line You niggas supporting Kellz are supporting Robert Kelly the child molester, And basically saying its cool to fuck with kids.

  • tDoThIPpy


  • NickeyBlack is not feeling Kanye!

    RKelly is another true musical legend who’s scandal is outshining his talents but im a loyal fan.

  • NickeyBlack is not feeling Kanye!

    if i was Kels, Rocsi would have came back to Thugz Mansion with me ….lolo

  • yepANDnope

    I’mma man with morals and principals too. If you wanna be “all the way real” about it like your pretending to be, than we should all just be like my grandparents and pay ZERO attention and give ZERO credit to ALL OF THESE ARTISTS who use profanity, degrade women and call them out of their names, promote drug use/selling, promiscuity, violence, prolific use of epithets like “nigga” and “cracker,” disrespect to our fellow man, ETC. But in order to do that you would have to stop listening to pretty much EVERY SINGLE artist ever posted on this site right? lol.

    R. Kelly didn’t drag some girl into a room and rape and piss on her which is how it sounds like your painting the portrait. NO! He took some sluttish barely under age hoe who snuck into an adult night club with fake i.d. and had albeit freakish and crazy, WILLING AND CONSENTING sex with her. For all we know, R. Kelly was doing his private s**t with what he thought was an “of age” girl (which is what ANY AND EVERY MAN would think if she was in the grown ass club, especially considering the fact that you’re drunk and that’s what you WANT to think anyway).

    So yeah, if the 100% truth was that R. Kelly blatantly raped some little girl and this pissed on her, i would be right with you by saying the man deserves to have his dick chopped off and him buried alive, but since that’s not the case, who the f**k are we to pass judgement.

    lmao. I think that noone discusses this issue better than Riley from that one episode of “The Boondocks.”

  • yepANDnope

    and i repeat….NO ONE is saying “it’s okay” to molest children? thats sick and disgusting. But to paint the picture so black and white and as HEINOUSLY as you did is not only negligent and irresponsible….its f****g sad. You took every single thing that happened waaaaaaay out of context and described it like an episode of law and order instead of how it all really went down?

    I mean it’s obvious by how you typed it that you would RATHER believe that he’s some disgusting animal who goes out raping children when that couldn’t be farther from what allegedly happened?

  • dallasfever

    Wasn’t Kellz…If it was, he sure fooled the whiteman. With that being said… no one should be saying anything about Kellz. You didn’t do any forensics investigations and saw a bootleg that had been copied about million times before you saw it on dvd or the internet. If Kellz and the law say its not him, why would you speak out like a dummy and say “yes it is”…Any way it goes……. hiphop will always support legends especially the ones that are found “not guilty”

  • Belize

    R&B Radar. -_-

  • Nickey Black

    @Yep&nope…. Cosign

  • yeahandyomomma

    uh oh… pretty sure rocsi got pissed on THAT night…
    i dont know who’s worse….
    wait a minute… yeah, i do.



    You cant compare cursing, selling drugs violence or promiscuity to raping children. The fuck is wrong with you, Hustlers sell drugs, Gangster are violent, none of’em fuc with children. Even criminals have morals nigga, if you ever been around a real nigga they would tell you this. Children are off limits regardless. And ya bruh, that shit was black and white, he pissed on a little girl and videotaped, how much more black and white does it have to be before its not alright to you. Marrying Aaliyah when she was 15, Black and white enough?

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  • pretty girl

    i feel kellz, should have just stayed home and worked on his albums instead of embarrasing himself!