Pastor Troy Speaks On ESPN Deal

With football season right around the corner, Pastor Troy’s hitting the ground running. In an interview with Ozone, PT discusses scoring ESPN’s NFL Live. We ready!

I heard your doing the soundtrack for Sportscenter or something like that?
I messed around with ESPN for football season for the show “NFL Live.” We got some licensing deals and stuff like that and that shit is stoopid! I’m just getting into all these endorsement deals and stuff, because rap is so big now you just gotta find your niche and keep grindin’ it out. That ESPN joint opened up a lot of doors though. So when you watchin’ Sportscenter and you hear that “Murder Man,” don’t think your TV goin’ crazy, baby! It’s me!

How did that ESPN deal come about?
Just working man, I’m more into the sports industry than I am in the music industry. I ain’t got a lot of music industry friends, I got a lot of sports industry friends, so just hookin’ up with those boys we kickin’, trying to blow this shit out of proportion.

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  • Can

    “i heard your doing”

    seriously? a national publication? and y’all let “your/””you’re” get through? damn, ozone.

  • YoYo

    ^^That is pretty ridiculous.

  • zachisghandi

    Is it me or does this guy look just like larry fitgerald???

  • Really?

    Southern legend. Props to PT. BTW Troy didn’t do that song We Ready. That was Archie Eversole

  • dmhtfld

    he actually did a song called we ready

  • Bryan

    ^^^ Different We Ready

  • Bryan

    Oops. He beat me too it

  • mac DIESEL



  • Belize

    Rap isn’t that big anymore.
    What IS big is that Hip-POP shit (Drake, Gayne, Jay-Z’s last few hits).

  • ptfan

    pt has the orignal we ready

  • Dotdot

    Hip hop isn’t drake. He’s on some singing shit. That is NOT hip hop. hip hop died a long time ago.. All they put out is rap. Not even quality rap either lol.

    I’m sitting here wondering how they’re gonna censor all the songs LOL